Friday, December 30, 2011


After I wrote you about my other dream I haven't dreamt of that since. I not sure what that means.

One dream has stuck out in my mind. I've tried to interpret them but I still don't understand them. The other dream I dreamt that me and my sister had gone flying. We fly over two huge oceans. The sky was the clearest blue I'd ever seen. Then we stopped at an island. It stank of something dead. it was the most terrible smell.

Then a decaying dinosaur skeleton came alive. She, the dinosaur, came alive. She taught us a life lesson. I can't remember what it was. After she gave each of us, there were more people now, a little reminder. I told her I didn't want it. She told me I must take it.

After refusing several times I finally took it. But I had put it in a little white box like one you get from a jewelry store. I said thank you but I won't ever look into the box. She told that I must, we cry then and rock back and forth. I again told her I won't look into the box. She fracitly told that me that I must and I will some day look into that box.

After leaving the island, I am getting ready to go to a friend's house. This friend I haven't seen in a long time. Just as I am going into her house I look inside the box. It wasn't was I expect and thought to my self how could I have been so afraid of the contents. Why was I afraid of this little thing?

I shrug and go on into the house. There was this very cute guy there. My friend introduce us. He was tall, kind of built, dark hair, pale with blue eyes. He had a very beautiful voice, I remember that. Then he started to act as if we were old friends. I came on to him and he back away. I asked him if that bothered him, he shrugged, then laid on me. I started to rub this left shoulder. He leaned further into me.

I then noticed my hand. It was very lovely, my nails long and beautiful. He then cried out. I asked him if i had hurt him, he shook his head. I kept rubbing his back. Then I wake up.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Disturbing and Disjointed

The dream opened sometime at midday I assume, with myself and the general populace of my band (I'm in a High School marching band)and I working to basically restore this old building to a usable condition. I can't remember exactly why we needed to restore this place, but it seems to me now that it was going to be used as a place of meeting. I had arrived somewhat late and most everyone else was busy with some task or other. I entered the building, exchanging simple pleasantries with friends and acquaintances as I went.

Upon entering the building, I noted that the overall atmosphere was dreary.. It actually reminded me of one huge basement, but it had an upstairs and a downstairs to it. Lighting there was generally dim, consisting mostly of those lightbulbs in the single light socket with the pull cord.

Despite the unpleasing conditions, I was at ease.. At least until I took the full magnitude of the scene around me. Every corner, every wall, and generally every space in view was occupied by a spider. They existed in every form, shape, and size imaginable. There was no distinct genre or species. I immediately didn't like the place any more.. Mostly due to the fact that I've harbored a dread of spiders and all their like for as long as I can remember. I managed to keep my wits about me and remain at least semi-calm and moved to assist a friend of mine with some random task.. Always wary of the spiders that surrounded me.

At some point, as I was carrying a box full of a bunch of junk to the second floor, I stopped to say hi to a group of friends that had congregated nearby. One of them, a girl I've never been all that crazy about, was holding this bound leather book. I immediately assumed that it was a journal of some kind. She said she'd found it somewhere and I offered to keep it for her until later She agreed. I continued to work throughout the day, and eventually went home. I realized only when I arrived that I had forgotten to give the journal back to her. Since I had it, I decided to read some of it. I opened it, and found a series of newspaper clippings inside the cover. I don't recall their significance at the moment, but they were all somehow related.

While I puzzled over the clippings, I neglected to notice the entry of someone else into the room. The person made their prescence known, and I looked over to see that it was a girl I've known since middle school. I've never liked her much.. She has a tendency even now to be an extreme annoyance, but I've always tried to remain civil to her nonetheless. We exchanged greeting as is customary. She then surprised me by asking if she could stay at my house that night. I agreed, seeing no harm in it.. Surely I had the patience and restraint to deal with the situation. I placed the journal on my dresser, and readied myself for sleep.

At all odd times during the night, I was awoken by the sound of water running inside my closet. I thought it odd, but ignored it at the time.. Being very intent upon sleep. The next morning, I awoke again to the sound of the water running in my closet. I saw the girl standing in my doorway staring blankly, and decided to ask her if she heard the water too. She gave me this very chilling and somehow empty look and said something like, "I don't hear it, but I know you do." She was completely freaking me out.. I continued to ask her questions and she continued to reply in riddles and in the same dull, chilling manner.

I was really scared by now, and screamed "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" before kicking her as hard as I could. She doubled for a moment, then kicked me back.. I didn't feel it. Despite the fact that she was over twice my size, I was able to grab her and throw her to the floor. She disappeared a moment later. This is the first time I have ever assaulted anyone physically out of fear/anger in any of my dreams.

Still scared and very confused, I walked outside where a parade was going on. There was a woman on a ground crying, a number of other people had gathered around her. I ran over, and saw a dead baby on the ground. Apparently this woman had been walking in the parade, dropped the child, and it had been trampled by a horse and several other people.

Events like this have been recurring in my dreams lately.. Babies dying and such.. Any information you can give me on why I'd be having such disturbing dreams would be appreciated..

No name given

Monday, December 26, 2011

Piercing Warning

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream last night that I got my clit hood pierced but had no recollection of the piercing in my dream. I also remember there being traces of blood on my leg.

What could this mean?


Friday, December 23, 2011

Mall Spa


I had a peculiar dream last night that I am hoping you can help me to interpret. Here it goes:

I was on this class trip with all the people from my school, we went to this giant resort thing, the middle of it was a shopping mall, and in it they had regular stores and all, but there was also a Sea World, Big restaurants, Hotels, and water parks. After looking around a bit, my friend and I decided to go swimming. We were sitting on this rope against the wall in the pool, just relaxing, when I noticed the guy I like was on one of those floating chair rafts in the pool. Then my friend took the rope that was attached to the chair and looped it around my foot, in the dream I had my eyes closed, just relaxing in the sun, but I still saw what she did but didn't say anything. When the raft with the guy started floating away, it pulled me right off the rope, we both were like "Hey! What are you doing?"to my friend. Then she took me aside and said "Hey, I don't know why your afraid to make the first move on the guy in front of me", she then said he had 3 really good characteristics, and I asked her what they were,

She said "1. He's funny, 2. He has class, and 3. he likes Burger King or McDonald's" (or something like this, I don't really remember, I'm assuming it ws supposed to be something we had in common). She also said he wasn't that bad looking either. Then I agreed with her, saying that everything was true. At this point I woke up.

Thanks so much,


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stranger Outside


I'm 18 and I'm male. I used to live in a bungalow all my life until a year ago when I moved house and into a semi-detached house. Anyway when I was about 7 years old I was still living in the bungalow and I had this dream. The dream was as follows:

I was alone in my home, the bungalow, and it was night time so it was dark outside. It was also raining very heavily. I then went to a window and looked out. When I looked out I could see a figure standing in the rain. I couldn't see their face and didn't know who they were but I think it was a man anyway. For some reason this figure scared the hell out of me and I jump away from the window. I then close the curtains of the window and make sure the window is closed. After that I run around the house and make sure all the windows and curtains are closed. I then check that the door is securely locked. Nothing else happened but I was terrified that this person, whom I didn't know, would somehow get inside with me.

I have had this dream many times since then. I have even had this dream when I moved to my new house but I dreamt that I was still in my old house, in the bungalow. All the times I have had this dream I have never seen who this person is and the person has never got inside the house. I don't know what this means and it is the only dream that I have had more than once. Can you explain it?


Monday, December 19, 2011


I was standing near a bridge and it was quite a way up. I saw my cat over the other side & she jumped and hurt her leg. I then looked to my left and an old man in a blue coat was coming towards me, I thought he was a normal person but when he got nearer he started to shout things at me. I ran off but I couldn't run fast enough and he started to chase me. I saw an old lady with her grandson and went up to them & told them I was being followed by the man behind me. She grabbed my hand & we ran. We then came across a mechanic place, that fixed cars. I went up to the lady in there & said I was being followed and she said we could stay here until he had gone. Then my karate instructor came in and said, "You couldnt do it then, I saw you, I was over the other side of the bridge. You can do it next time." I then gave the woman in the mechanic place 3.50 for her trouble.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Can't We Live in Our House?

Dear Peregrin,

My husband and I live in a contemporary house that we built out in the woods. We have lived here now for about 8 years. My husband went through a divorce 12 years ago and to put things back together financially we moved in with his parents for a year to put money away to build the house.

Last year I began to have a dream with a recurring theme. In this dream my husband and I or sometimes just I am living in an apartment or with other people. Sometimes it is his parents but always a place that is too bleak and cramped. I slowly remember that we have a nice bright contemporary house and I wonder why we are not living there. When I ask my husband he tells me that we can't afford it or that it is too far out or the taxes are too high. Something. It never makes sense to me because we are paying for it - we are just not living in it. I long to return to the house and live there and I am frustrated by not being able to for reasons that make no sense.

I have no idea why I continue to have this dream. Thank you for any insight you may have.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homosexual Dreams


I'm sure you get these dreams often, but they're still disturbing (at least, to me). I would have dismissed this dream and what it means, but I have had two dreams now about it. Both my dreams involve my best friend and oral sex. I don't remember much about the first dream. There was no real background, no color, and it just concentrated on my friend and me as I performed oral sex on him.

The second dream involved situationally forced oral sex, where my friend and I were at his place and an armed robber (dressed up like a old western bank robber) forced his way into the apartment and eventually made us take all our clothes off. He then tied us up together in a 69 position and left us to... well, you can figure it out.

I'm heterosexual and have no interest in my friend. Why does a person have a dream of sexual interest about someone or thing s/he has no interest in real life?


Monday, December 12, 2011

Why So Sad?


Yesterday night I had this very strange dream. I dreamt that I was having the time of my life with this really sweet girl. I really enjoyed being with her. But in my dream I walk into a pizza shop to see my friends and they're all sad. I ask why and then my ex-girlfriend (real life exgirlfriend) shows up and says "This isn't good, I'm angry with you."

I remember vividly that I was sitting and she was up. My back was to her while I sat and only my friends could see her but they had a sad face when they realized it was her behind me. Then I wake up.

The dream is so strange because I don't speak to my ex. It has been a long while since we have because we ended on very bad terms.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Delivering a Baby

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream a couple weeks ago that was so vivid that I woke up believing I Had a was very real to me! I gave birth to a little boy with bright blue eyes and light brown hair. He looked to have been around 7lbs

I was in labor in our living room. I couldnt get to the phone to call my husband, and I started delivering him by myself. I felt the pain of labor went through everything I wasnt scared but very relieved and happy to hold him.

The dream also went in sequence, although the rest is a little fuzzy. People were giviing us gifts and I also went shopping with him. I just kept looking at him admiring how beautiful he was.

When I woke up the baby was crying in the dream, so I woke up searching for him in the bed, but realized that the phone was ringing and there was no baby. It took me a good 5mintues to realize I did not have a child.

Was curious what this dream meant?



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Newborn Children

I dreamed I was at my home, but not the one I have now. There were people there, like a party was going on. I dreamed I was holding newborn babies, both caucasian and black children. I also seemed very tired.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Did This Happen

I awoke from sleeping last night and at first had no recollection of even having a dream. After being awake for about an hour I suddenly remembered what I had dream and it made me feel disgusted and sick. I had dreamed that my mother was practicing sexual acts on me. In the dream I was horrified but when I awoke I felt ill. What does this mean??


Friday, December 2, 2011

Mysterious Woman

Its hard to convey what exactly happened in this dream, but I will try.

It began with myself as a point of view in a low lit room looking at an old wooden desk with a VERY attractive young Asian woman standing over it (She may have been wearing white).

I could see on this desk that there where maybe five antique figurines of various height and color. I couldn't make out what these figurines where but I could tell that they where of high importance to myself somehow.

Looking from over her shoulder I could see her rearranging them into order Smallest(On far left) to largest(Far Right).

The scene quickly changed and I was now looking at an electrical outlet. Somehow this woman created, psychokinetically, some kind of shield (Dark Blue) around all the electrical outlets in the room.

I felt like this woman is an important part of me, but I've never seen her.

I remember thinking that this woman was an absolute genius after she had created the shields.

Its also important to note that it was if the woman acted like I wasn't there, but knew I was.

Mr. Isabella

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bomb in the Toilet

I was talking to my best friend in high school (in my dreams). She said she went to Japan from 1994 to 1997 then went back to our homeland, but then, she went to China in 1998. I told her that I went to China several times from 1997 to 1998. I asked her why she didn't reply to my mail which I sent to her home address but I know it's a lie because I never wrote to her because I know she's out of the country and I don't know where she lives now. She said she isn't married but living with a partner (but in reality I know she civilly married a Japanese man) I asked myself (in my dreams) why I am dreaming of her? Then, next scene I saw her in a restaurant full of many busy people. I wanted to be with her and talk to her but she is too busy. I suspect her husband or partner put a bomb in a toilet. There was a sudden explosion or blast in the restaurant. I was not hurt but I don't know if she's hurt.


Monday, November 28, 2011


Me and my family had rented out this massive house and all I remember was looking around and seeing all the rooms, the corridors, thinking it was fantastic! When we went outside the woman came & said we couldn't rent it after all and there were lots of people outside.

We went to the car but it wasn't where we left it, I ran over to someone and said "Have you seen a dark blue Audi at all?" They said "Yes it went that way," pointing to a hill. We started to walk up a hill and as we did so these four Japanese men started following my mum, trying to steal her handbag. As I do martial arts I wasn't afraid to confront them. I punched one in the face but it didn't seem to take effect and I became aggressive as I really want to do well at martial arts but my punches were weak, so my dad came to help me & they became stronger.

All together we manage to beat them and left them lying on the floor in agony. We still couldn't find our car at the end of the dream, so we continued walking.


Friday, November 25, 2011

My Hair?

I dreamt school had started and I went there and saw some teachers back from 8th grade. One of them that used to yell at me a lot did again in the dream. I left the school and went to the store with three people I knew, just not very well. I looked around for hours trying to find some cds I wanted and they got mad at me because I took too long but I wasn't leaving until I had those cds. They left and ran and ditched me and the store manager laughed at me because my "friends" ran off on me. I pretended like I thought It was funny but was pissed and it took me 20 minutes to find my shoes but once I did I ran out. I couldn't find any of these people but I found Sara's house. (She was one of the 3 people). I went inside her house and no one was there. I went in her bathroom and saw my old haircut lying on the floor (like a wig) and put it over my current haircut and looked in the mirror. I thought it was disgusting, I never liked it anyway, and threw it on the floor.

Thank you,


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Batch

Hi Peregrin,

I recently had 3 different dreams in one night, but they seemed to come one after the other. I'll try to explain them the best I can: -

#1: I was in a garden, standing next to a barbeque. I was just about to light the coal, when suddenly, loads of thumb-sized black spider-like bugs appeared on the coal, moving about. I lit my match, put it to one of the bugs, and they quickly turned to ash and disappeared. END OF DREAM 1.

#2: I was with a friend (I didn't recognize him, but I felt he was someone I knew) outside next to some houses. We found a bag, opened it, and inside were bundles of cash. We both started to count it, then I said, "We need to find the owner of this." My friend said, "No, let's just run!" We saw an old woman walking near by, and I decided to take the bag over to here, and ask if it was hers. My friend was pulling me backing saying, "No, come on lets go!!". END OF DREAM 2.

#3: My friends (both male) and I were riding our bikes near a supermarket (this time I recognized the faces. One of them was someone who I use to go to school with, and hadn't seen for about 1 year. The other was another school friend, but I hadn't seen him for about 8 or 9 years). We got off our bikes, walked into the supermarket and went to buy some sandwiches. This supermarket is the same one I work at. As I was getting my food, I saw one of my work friends (female), and hid from them (maybe because I was shy, or I just didn't want them to see me, I don't know). END OF DREAM 3.

Now these dreams were very weird...not much sound in them.

A little bit about what's going on in my life: -
I am a 21 year old male, I'm in my last year at university, living in London with my Mum and Sister. My Dad passed away suddenly last September. My Sister recently got engaged, but the wedding was called off. Also my Grandma (my Dads Mum) passed away in June this year.

I hope this is decent enough information!

From Arvind

Good morning, Arvind.

The meaning of the charcoal spiders depends partly upon your emotional reaction to them, just prior to all of them turning to ash. They seem (to me) to represent a minor panic situation, a problem which you solve rather easily.

Your second dream looks like a fairly straightforward conflict between your own conscience and peer pressure. You have a strong desire to do the right thing despite all detractors.

The third dream speaks of a wish to keep your past hidden. You hide from your coworker but don't know why - I conjecture that it is because you are there with old school friends - elements of your past.

If these dreams tie in together, I don't see how. None of it seems to have any bearing upon the parts of your life that you described.

Pleasant dreams,


Monday, November 21, 2011

School Again

I dreamt that we were all back at school and I hadn't done my coursework and we had to go to Mrs. Sides classroom to get our planners for the new year.

While I was standing in the que Troy brushed past me, my crush, and sat down next to the table Mrs Sides (our teacher) was at. It was my turn to get my planner and I found myself trying to get my hair all neat and tidy although my hair had other plans it ended up all over the place. I turned to round to look at my crush and he was looking at me.

My hair suddenly went into a ponytail all nice and tidy without me doing anything. Everything went into slow motion after that, I picked up my planner and has I walked away Troy grabbed my arm and we walked out of the classroom together. All my coursework worries were out the window, it was like when I was with him everything didn't matter anymore.

It then ended with us walking into the school office.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Batch of Dreams

Hello I was wondering if you could interpret these dreams for me:

1) I am normal, at home, at the school, whatever and suddenly, while talking with someone else, my teeth start to become loose and they fall...... I mean I notice they get weak and I touch them so they fall more easily. usually only two or three of them fall, so I panic (somehow I know I have dreamed about it before) and wake up.

2) I have a girlfriend, and lately, I have a dream about she's cheating on me. I have dreams too about I am cheating on her (it's almost always with the same girl, but I don't know her). So even in different dreams I cheat on my girlfriend with the same unknown girl.

3) Sometimes I have dreams that I'm eating something but I leave some food. Suddenly, the food I saved is gone.

4) Sometimes I know I'm having a dream and somehow I know I can make anything to happen in that dream, like "it's my dream I control anything". The thing is that for every thing I wish for, some sort of "energy" is used. That energy is my "sleep time" so when the energy is over I always wake up. It only happens when I'm really really tired (full of "energy") and then I can't sleep........

Thanks a lot for your help. Sorry if those are really weird.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Do All These Ants Want?

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt it was the first day of school, but I ditched school and stayed home. Ants were in my entire house and all over everything. I would try to move something to get it away from the ants and realized they were in the space I had moved it to so it did no use.

My brother had a friend over so I went into his room and talked to the two of them and his friend was staring at my lip piercings. So I left his room and went into the living room and saw someone I knew very well, he used to be my step brother. Except he was like 4 feet tall in the dream, in reality he is a lot taller than me. He was gawking at me because he was so small and he said "wow you got so big."

So I left there and got medicine from the doctor. He told me to take it correctly and if I dont its not his fault. I went to go take the medicine and realized I had taken it incorrectly and started spitting in the sink and washing my mouth out. I have no idea what the medicine was for.

This is really baffling to me, I would like any thoughts on it

Thank you again


Monday, November 14, 2011


I was at school and I had won an award, I don't know for, but I had to make a speech. I made my speech and everybody clapped.

A few days later I won another award and one of my ex's (Kyle) was in the audience. When I tried to make my speech it all went wrong and every 'booed'. I was so humiliated I ran off the stage and Kyle followed me.

I don't know what winning two awards has to do with anything though.


Friday, November 11, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I had another question regarding dreams I keep having. Why do I dream about snakes (I hate snakes). I am confused at to whether this has anything to do with my relationship with Randy, if you remember my previous dream I asked you about. Or if this is something with me?



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spilling the Beans

Hi there.

I hope you can help. I saw a coffee beans spilling into an area of more coffee beans. With the coffee beans, I saw a music scroll turning.

I believe I am trying to find my passion in life.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Depp Reality TV

Hello, Peregrin.

I have had 2 dreams back to back in one night. I guess first of all i should tell u that i am in love with David, but I don't think the lady who he has feelings for is me. :( We are very good friends tho. Anyway, here's the first dream.

David and I are looking at this old style house circa early 1900's. We walk into the living room of this house with a male real estate agent. We were dressed in clothes from the 1940's tho. anyway, the room was very spacious, mahogany floors, a high ceiling, and gleaming white walls. There was also a fireplace in the front of the room and an unusually large paned window. A few minutes later, David and I were on the floor making love on this white bear skinned rug under the large window and it was raining outside. I guess we bought the house. *shrugs*

Here's the second dream:
I was on a reality tv show that was untelevised but had a live studio audience. there were 5 or 6 women on stage including myself waiting for the announcer to come on stage. We were given a drink something like wine and a wooden flat box to hold(each side was 36 inches) and told to drink the wine. In a matter of minutes the box became Johnny Depp, who I adore. All of the women were trying to get Johnny's attention, to get him to court attention to only one. the audience was laughing because some of the women were using all kind of tactics to get his attention, myself included. I was a little embarrassed about it after I sobered up.

I know these two dreams are related, i just don't know how. Anything you can tell me will be helpful. thank you.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Wet Dreams

Hi Peregrin.

I was wanting to know if you could help me with this dream. Ok well this is a little embarrassing, but since we don't know each other it really doesn't matter. Ok, well first off I have only ever had two "wet dreams" in my life,but they have both been dreams about the same girl. She is nobody imparticularly special to me. She is my good friends sister, but I was wondering if these dreams meant something more because they were about the same person or what. The first dream all I can remember is that I was making love to her in a unique position, and that was about it I woke up in the morning and I was a little surprised as you can imagine. That happened about nine months to a year ago.

The second time was last night, and I was asking her to show me some kind of dance move for some reason and the next thing I know we started dancing closer and closer, until all of a sudden we were once again making love but still standing up and dancing.

Oh and one more thing which I would think has nothing at all to do with it, but I just though I should put it in, neither of the times this happened was I sleeping in my own bed. The first time I was sleeping on my couch in the living room,
and the second time (last nigh) I was sleeping in the guest bedroom.

I would appreciate any help you could give me on this. Whether it meant something because it was the same person both times, or whether it was something completly natural. Once again I thank you for your help.



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Angels Talking To Me?

I have a question in regards to dreams I keep having. perhaps you can help:

I have been involved with a gentleman off and on for a few years. because of issues in his life he is having to deal with, we cannot be together the way we would like to be, and sometimes it is weeks before we can even talk. The dreams I have are in relation to him, and this situation. But mostly it is like I feel he is there in my dreams, talking to me, telling me not to give up on him, or us. Sometimes, it is like he is really there, with me, in bed.

I have been told in the past that my dreams are telling me something, about us, that it is my angels talking to me, trying to give me strength.

I know this man loves me with all his heart--I have not doubts there. But what i am curious too is it really my dreams trying to tell me something, or is it wishful thinking, on my part. And is it possible Randy, this gentleman, is really there, talking to me.



Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Hair Day

I dreamt that we were all back at school and I hadn't done my coursework and we had to go to Mrs. Sides classroom to get our planners for the new year. While I was standing in the que Troy brushed past me, my crush, and sat down next to the table Mrs. Sides (our teacher) was at.

It was my turn to get my planner and I found myself trying to get my hair all neat and tidy although my hair had other plans it ended up all over the place. I turned to round to look at my crush and he was lookng at me my hair suddenly went into a ponytail all nice and tidy without me doing anything.

Everything went into slow motion after that, I picked up my planner and as I walked away Troy grabbed my arm and we walked out of the classroom together. All my coursework worries were out the window, it was like when I was with him everything didn't matter anymore. it then ended with us walking into the school office.


Friday, October 28, 2011

8 Mile

Dear Peregrin.

In waking life something like this happened, but I knew all about what was going to go down. I was the one that pushed it to happen. There is a reason why I did. Stupid me, regret that now and so does he. Which now the relationship is on an up and down (but it is doing a bit better). Long story though, but thought I add that to see if it changes the dream interpretation. The situation did not happen like in the dream. That situation happened a week ago. It involves his ex by the way.

This is the first dream: Last night, (August 1) I had a dream that I walked into my bathroom. The shower curtain was drawn closed, but I heard noises. It was a white shower curtain, but I was able to see the skin of the people in the tub. There was no water or shower running. When I drew open the curtain, my boyfriend was having sex with another woman. My boyfriend had a "flushed" (best way I can put it) look on his face, but at the same time it almost looked apologetic.

The dream then changes and I'm lying on the kitchen floor of my parent's apartment waiting for him to call me, which he never did. In my head (thoughts of how the conversation would probably go when he called me) I am having a conversation. I'd hear him and me talking. He was telling me that "It was not what I thought" and I was saying to him "OK, whatever!" That is when I woke up.

I had a dream this morning (August 5) I woke up crying from, but you will see why. I had this same dream years ago for the exception of the start of the dream, but I will tell you when the dream I had years ago is taking place. The dream starts with me standing in front of 2 very tall men in business suits. I am also there with another girl. I cannot see her face or theirs. I have a feeling (in the dream) that they want to make us 'prostitutes' and we don't want to. I manage to have a knife that I throw at one of the men. I think it stabs him in the left hand. While he is focused on the stab, I run. I come to this white metal door with a keyhole. I try to open it, but I can't. I push, I run into the door, but nothing. At the same time, fearing that if I do not open the door, the man will catch me.

Then I hear my boyfriend's voice saying 'kick the door!' So on the first kick it opens. When the door opens there are staircases, one going up and one going down. I think to myself if I go up, he will catch me on the roof. I take the stairs going down.

I then find myself embracing with my boyfriend. I feel that in the dream my boyfriend is a homicide detective. While I am embracing him, I look to his right and see the girl that was with me in the beginning of the dream standing and getting some kind of red liquid poured over her. It almost looked heavy enough to be spaghetti pasta sauce. I felt that she was being transformed into something, while she had this liquid being poured over her she was screaming. I feel that this girl is my boyfriend's ex. For some reason, my boyfriend did not pay no mind to her. He was only focused on me.

This is when the dream I had many years ago begins. While we are embracing, I look at him and say, "You know, I had this dream before and you were the man in my dream." He then looks at me and says to me, "cause I am the man of your dreams." He then smiles at me and we kiss.

Then this short Hispanic guy with brown complexion shows up in the dream. He is dressed in typical detective clothing. He is my boyfriend's partner. He is speaking back to another cop and telling him that he was going to get 3 burgers and that we were going with him. We walk over to his car and his car is white, it almost looks like a convertible. The backseat of the car, you have to pull out of the car it is very weird. You have to pull them up as you would with a sofa bed. I hope you can picture what I am trying to say. My boyfriend is the one trying to get the seat up by the way.

While we are talking this guy comes over and my boyfriend's partner (as well as I can remember how the conversation went) tells my boyfriend that what the guy is holding is some kind of new drug called '8 mile' or 'Mile 8.' Suddenly there is commotion and a man with a gun shows up. I think his name is Steve; at least this is the name that comes to mind or that I hear I am not sure I remember correctly. He is about 30-50 feet away from us. He starts shooting, to make it short, my boyfriend gets shot, but I cannot remember if he got shot trying to save me or if he just got shot by a bullet because it was aiming at him, I'm not sure.

Suddenly everything goes very slow, my boyfriend falls forward; I manage to put my arms under him and manage to turn him over. My boyfriend looked like he was already going into shock from the bullet wound. I did not see any blood on him so I did not see where he was shot. All I knew is that he was dying in my arms. I started screaming, 'No, no, no!' and crying.

I then woke up crying and saying 'No, no, no!' My boyfriend was in bed when I woke up. I hugged him really tight. Since waking up from the dream, I never realized how much I love him and need him in my life. Now I fear for his life even more now since he works as a bouncer and he may run into these dangers.

This part of the dream I am about to tell you was not in my original dream. My boyfriend, my boyfriend's homicide partner, and a friend of my boyfriend (in waking life) and me are on a boardwalk. I looked towards the ocean and see a big, giant ferris wheel in the ocean. Where I live the amusement park is called Deno's Wonder Wheel Park. The Wonder Wheel is the name of the giant ferris wheel, which is the one that was in the ocean. It is sea green with the outer edges and the letters 'Wonder Wheel' in red. People were within it and were trying to roll it themselves in the water. They were far into the ocean. For some reason, I did not find it abnormal, so I paid no mind to it. Then focused my attention back on what I was doing before I noticed the ferris wheel. I feel that this part of the dream was like the 'intermission' before the final curtain call is the best way I can put it.

I've been told that when you dream of someone getting killed, it usually means that the person will live a long life. The dream concerns my boyfriend since I had it many years ago before I knew him; I dreamt with him and now that I know him, I dreamt it again the same way.

I would really appreciate your feedback on this. I am afraid of this dream coming true. I know this is long, but I wanted to be as detailed as I can be.

Thank you.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hi, all I remember from my dream is a guitar on my mom's kitchen table, what do you think it means? I play guitar.



Monday, October 24, 2011

Why We Dream

I have one simple question on why dream comes into being and other interesting question is what I dreamed sometimes becomes real in the future--same conditions happen in the future which have been existed in my dream at the past. Many friends told me the same experience, I am very curious about it, can you give me an explantion?


Friday, October 21, 2011

I Think I'm Scared

Dear Peregrin,

The first part, I was going to church and looking for a rosary to take and use. I had several to choose from and wanted my favorite. The one I chose had a big Madonna on it. Some sort of smooth blue stone. I chose it over a heart shaped center one. (Also blue center) I got to the church late (I usually dream of being late) and saw an open seat next to a high school friend. I saw a seat next to my parents as well, but chose to go in the pew next to the high school chum, and remember feeling, "oh no, now I can't say the rosary without being embarrassed" Yet, I didn't really care, I wanted to sit next to her. Everyone was watching me, the church was crowded, but I didn't feel upset about it, which is sort of out of character for me. (To not be nervous or upset)

Then I went outside to smoke and came back in and sat in a different area with other friends, one being an old co-worker. We laughed and had a good time, talking about how we used to smoke in the workplace and drink lots of coffee, and were wired up having a good time. I believe, but am not completely sure, that this co-worker died a couple years ago. I really do not remember. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. My high school chum joined us. Then a cousin of mine.

Somehow, I jumped from the church to my place of physical therapy where I watched everyone else in the pool, I didn't join in. I don't feel any strong feelings about that.

I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow and thinking that I may have talked to a possibly deceased person may be a bad sign. LOL! What do you think?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video Games Are Boring

Dear Peregrin,

Last night I had an interesting dream. :)

I was spending the night at my friends house, and we were hanging out in her living room. I didn't care much about anything in the dream, but I was sitting on the couch eating starbursts from a bowl next to the couch. My friend was playing a Mario video game and would do anything to beat it. She kept trying so hard and I didn't care and shed always go "damn I was so close too" and I would be like sure whatever its just a dumb game and eat another starburst. Then I realized this wasn't her house it is my school. But it was still somehow her house because it looked like it and her dad was home doing random things in the house. Somehow we were timed how long we could play the video game, kind of like a lunch break. When the "bell rang'" she said she couldn't beat it and said lets go up to the office and ask for one that is beaten. I didn't care and said ok and grabbed a whole bunch of starburst from the bowl and made sure her dad wasn't looking at me (hehe)

My friend in the dream does not go to the same school as me in reality.

That's it, I was pondering what this might mean if you can help thatd be great.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Nothing is Right

Dear Peregrin,

Last night I had a horrible set of dreams. I dreamt that I kept visiting this restaurant with mean people that worked there. There was a restroom located in the center of the room and it was open for all to see. I kept walking in and out of the restaurant. Then I was in my house when a woman who was my childhood babysitter came to visit. She walked in, said "hi" all cheerful, then walked right past me. The next time I saw her she was drunk. Her drunk boyfriend came over later with a bottle of alcohol and a gun. He didn't use the gun but he had it.

Can you make anything out of this mess?


Friday, October 14, 2011

Unpaid Bill

Dear Peregrin,

I am a 35 year old woman. Last nite, I had a dream that I was a teenage boy with 2 younger sisters and a mother. There was no father around. I do have 2 younger sisters in reality and my mother was a single mother, but I didn't recognize the faces in the dream to be my mother or sisters. This dream was so embarrassing because I think I was going thru puberty. I kept having erections and kept masturbating. It was so real. I would have to keep excusing myself in front of others to go and 'relieve' myself. (embarrassed) I was never with a female, which was a relief to me.

Anyway, I remember being in my childhood home in this dream. and I kept feeling that I was overwhelmed with female energy. Always gettin used by women/ females. After the episodes of self stimulation, I remember giving my mother some money to help with the bills. some of that money was to be used to pay a cell phone bill. My "mom" pays the bill but doesn't pay my cell phone bill because she says that the company understands. Instead, she buys herself new clothes. She manipulated me into thinking that what she did was alright. I felt emasculated and angry by this. I wake up.

Please see if you can deciper this weird dream for me? I would definitely appreciate it.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I was walking along and I saw a few people gathered around a car. I went over to have a look I went round to the drivers side and Jake my ex boyfriend was sitting in it. He asked how I was and said that i looked nice. I said thanks and asked him if he could take me for a spin, but we didnt we went for a walk instead. As we were walking he put his arm around me and I could really feel myself getting nervous because I still really like him.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Dream before surgery

Dear Peregrin,

The first part, I was going to church and looking for a rosary to take and use. I had several to choose from and wanted my favorite. The one I chose had a big Madonna on it. Some sort of smooth blue stone. I chose it over a heart shaped center one. (Also blue center) I got to the church late (I usually dream of being late) and saw an open seat next to a high school friend. I saw a seat next to my parents as well, but chose to go in the pew next to the high school chum, and remember feeling, "oh no, now I can't say the rosary without being embarrassed" Yet, I didn't really care, I wanted to sit next to her. Everyone was watching me, the church was crowded, but I didn't feel upset about it, which is sort of out of character for me. (To not be nervous or upset)

Then I went outside to smoke and came back in and sat in a different area with other friends, one being an old co-worker. We laughed and had a good time, talking about how we used to smoke in the workplace and drink lots of coffee, and were wired up having a good time. I believe, but am not completely sure, that this co-worker died a couple years ago. I really do not remember. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. My high school chum joined us. Then a cousin of mine.

Somehow, I jumped from the church to my place of physical therapy where I watched everyone else in the pool, I didn't join in. I don't feel any strong feelings about that.

I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow and thinking that I may have talked to a possibly deceased person may be a bad sign. LOL! What do you think?


Friday, October 7, 2011


I had a rather disturbing dream last night. I was in my apartment, although it wasn't my real apartment. It was at night and my blinds were drawn up, two guys walked by, one looked at me, but they kept walking.

Later I found myself crouching behind a countertop while one of the guys was peering through the window on my door while jiggling the handle trying to get in. In my dream I went to sleep and woke up and found that my window had been opened, but no one was in my apartment. I went to a neighbors, who actually happens to be a real neighbor of mine, and we called the police. When the police showed up they didn't seem to care that someone tried to / achieved their goal of breaking in and the police drove off. I was sitting in my neighbors apartment when he asked me if the two guys were short, at that point.. a chubby little boy burst into his apartment. His mother was behind him and apologized. I was freaked out at what had happened and had yelled at the mother, she reached over as to slap me or something and I woke up out of the dream. I was quite shaken and was worried that someone might break in. I slept with the lights on and would drift off, but would re-wake up thinking someone was in the room with me.

I interned in a Criminal Defense office this summer, so maybe I'm reacting to "defending" criminals who do this sort of thing.. but I've had dreams before about people trying to break into my apartment before I started my internship, which luckily ended today.

Any help would be greatily appreciated.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Could you please tell me about a letter I wrote to a TV minister on 7-10-02 ?

Now, let me tell you an unusual and true story involving the minister & this letter. Last year, I wrote a TV minister a letter on 7-10-02. It wasn't a love letter, though--- just plain fan mail.. After writing that letter, I often had several non-sexual/non-romantic dreams about him that either involved me meeting him, seeing him on TV, or just seeing his picture. One of the dreams involved him reading my letter in the prescence of me and my mom. This year, I still dream about him.

Could you tell me what does these dreams mean and whether the dreams and letter has something to do with my life?

Thank you,


Monday, October 3, 2011

Maintenance Man


This may be an odd dream. My dream started with me walking down the sidewalk with my parents on move in day back to college (I'm going into my junior year). So we're walking to where I need to register (get my new dorm key, financial aid stuff) and a maintenance man who works there is walking right behind me. I sense his presence but don't turn around. He somehow gets ahead of my family and I in order to hold the door even though his hands are full with a box of some type. He manages to hold the door even though I tell him it's not necessary and I will hold the door. My impression in the dream was that he was trying to impress my parents.

In life right now, I am friends with this maintenance man (I met him the first day of school in freshmen year) and over time, I developed feelings for him. I think he has feelings for me but is afraid to act on them.



Friday, September 30, 2011

Can't Breathe

Dear Peregrin,

I have had a recurring dream now for years. I must say it comes at least once every two months or so and quite frightening.

It is like someone is trying to harm me with their presence. I feel them quite strongly and I cannot breathe and my first reaction is to block them - in the dream - it just doesn't feel like a dream if you know what I mean.

When this person "comes" I feel them and my whole body tenses up - especially my face and of course as I said I cannot breathe - but I have found that once I start praying they eventually go away. I don't know how I learned to pray during a dream - but I do. It is a very strange feeling.

I don't know what to do about this. I would be grateful if you have an explanation for it all.

Thanks alot for your help.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Romance Novel


Your answers make sense to me so I just had another dream and thought about asking you about it.

I shyly asked a psychic about the dreams and guess what she said that "he is seeking you too". What the heck does that mean? I asked her and she the psychic did not answer me back. What do you think seeking you too means.

How funny. First I have dreams about my grandparents passing over and now some stranger. All started in the last 6 months. Before that I was NORMAL.

In the dream the time period was before 80s and after 60s. We were both in the police corps. I was his head. I saw him wearing blue type of uniform. Though I was always in normal clothing.

We hit it off instantly. I tried to ignore him because I was married with 2 kids. He lived in a beautiful home on the Alps as I kept seeing mountains covered with snow. Once due to the heavy weather we could not go on an assignment and had to take shelter in his home.

He was the only person there. He lived with his mother but she was visiting someone and was not there.

His home was beautiful. Before I just kept seeing his bedroom. Then I saw like a virtual tour in the dream of his home. His bedroom was well furnished. Then there was the living room and right behind it was the kitchen with stools right behind the living room sofas. Right in front of the sofas was an open space about 2 rooms worth of space just open where you could see the greenery and the apls. On the left side was the dining room.

Anyway, he tired very much to get my attention but I would not scum to his pressure but at the end I did and we made love numerous times. Twice in his house and once in my office at different occasions.

Then when I realized that I already had a husband (who never came into the picture) but the two children did, I told him that it could not go on and it had to end. At the same time his mom introduced him to a beautiful girl. He rejected her and I could see both of them in his home and her saying do you know who I am. You can't reject me no one does. But he did and his mom also did not like this.

Then at this point I realized that I can't live without him and got a divorced. The only sad part of the dream was at the end when I had to leave my previous 2 children for him to make a new family as he did not let me have them.

From him I had 3 children. The last scene was the whole new family happy but me a little sad as I was wondering to myself that many years had gone by and how my other children would be doing. I saw all of us near a snow lift waiting for a ride.

Though when I woke up from the dream I was very happy.

Thanks once again.

Here is what i got of him: He had an occupation that required him to wear a uniform.

He was strong willed, orderly, passionate, intelligent and action-minded. Easily distracted. Possibly law enforcement or trained in the military.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Still no trust

Ok,I met this guy back in Feb. and he told me he was single. We talked, and started seeing each other in early April. I went to his house unexpectedly and caught his ex there. He lives w/ his ex. So he calls me every now and then (about a week,no longer than a week and a half)and we talk for like 3 min. His ex,somehow,ended up living back w/ him again. He pretty much still has feelings for him and swears up and down he has feelings for me. Anyways,I just wanted to give u a bit of info. as to the reality situation that's going on.


I had a dream a couple weeks ago that I was outside in a car(it was my car,but not really my car)and I was sitting outside of what seem to be a university(white) Well, Jay comes down the steps from the university and tells me that I can come and visit him today if I wanted to. It was daytime but it seem a bit whitish-black daylight. Later on in my dream, I finally decide to go to his room. I open the door, he's on top of some other guy..humping him..(having intercourse,btw the guy isn't his ex, or didn't look like him)so the guy get's up and grabs his clothes and Jay tries to explain to me what happens. Then I'm awoke. Can you help me w/this dream?


Friday, September 23, 2011

Wrong Sport


I forget what I was doing exactly but I know that I was participating in some sort of vehicle race with some sort of camp. As I was leaving and in a smal 'exit' room, I remember someone telling me that Roger Clemens was there. There were two men in front of me who looked exactly alike, so I asked one of them if he was Roger Clemens, he pointed to the man next to him. So I asked the man next to him for his autograph. I realized that I had no blank paper on me, so I had him sign a picture of a car I drew (I used to draw them alot when I was much younger.) Instead of signing his name, he signed the number '36' or '32' (I don't remember exactly) as if he was becoming a race car driver.

Please help me figure this one out, I've been trying for a while.



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School Day

It was a normal day at school then it came to french and me and my friends decided not to go to english next lesson but to stay in that classroom and do coursework but one of the teachers came and told us to get out and go to our normal class. On the way to this class I saw the boy that I really like and we said hello and exchanged smiles. After that lesson me and four of my mates went out onto the field where we met up with my crush. Me and my crush had a really long and nice conversation about coursework and how we didn't want to leave school. My dream ended with us saying goodbye and me running off to my classroom in a realy happy mood!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Portal of Blood

Dear Peregrin,

I should tell you this in advanced, I not suicidal. That's the only thing people can think of when they hear the word blood. Also I don't know if this will help but, this was a progressive daydream. The first day I saw this I only saw the beginning and each time the dream got longer. It was a couple months before fully ended. Well it starts with me on my knees curled up into a fetal position, and I'm crying. Than I stand up and puke blood. Than the tears from my eyes turn to blood. Next I look at my wrists and vertical slits open up and blood starts to pour out of them. I then focus onto the pool of blood and it starts to rise. All of a sudden it busts into and some type of portal was made. I then can see my face and I smile. I walk towards the portal and put my arm in it. And that's it. I have one theory about what it means, but I want someone else's opinion. If you could figure it out I'd be grateful.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Which Pizza?

Hi Peregrin,

I had a very odd dream a couple of nights ago but in the dream it seemed to have some big *significance.

I dreamed that there were two pepperoni pizzas sitting on my counter. One pizza had really big slices but had very little pepperoni while the other pizza had small slices but had lots of pepperoni. This at the time seemed to be some VERY VERY important decision..almost felt like a life or death kinda thing..haha but anyways, I decided on the smaller slice with a lot of pepperoni because I really like pepperoni..In the dream it seemed like i debated on this for a while trying to weigh whether or not the pepperoni or the size of the pizza was the most important. I know this sounds odd but what do you think that it could mean?

Well it says in your instructions to include a little about waht's going on in my life that might help. Well i'll be 16 in a lil less than a month and I'm having doubts about mine and my boyfriend's new relationship. I'm about to go to the fair with my best friend for a week where there's a guy that i met last year that i really would like something to be going on with us and i'm really not sure what to do about it all. I think that maybe my guy situation could have something to do with this dream. The only other thing that it could possibly be about is that lately i've been trying to figure out how far exactly physically i'll let my boyfriend go with me and what i'm ok with.

It'd be great if you could help me figure this dream out...I

also had a very disturbing nightmare last night about a man trying to kill me and the man happened to be in my boyfriend's car! There was a handsome guy i seemed to really care for me comforting me through this other dream.

well anyways, thank u

Have a good day!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glimpse of the Future

The dream started with me getting off some kind of bus holding a briefcase that stopped in front of an average sized house. I walked along the grass on the side of the house and entered the backyard. There stood a woman that was probably in her 30s. She was blonde, ok looking, and I've never seen her before. There was also a kid there. I woke up as I was kissing this woman.

I am 15 years old, please tell me what this dream means.


Monday, September 12, 2011

I can pull my teeth out!

Last night I had a strange dream: I dreamt I went back to my school (its summer vacation currently). I went to the field and recognized a few people there. We were Just kind of standing around. I had holes in my lip and my teeth were falling out. I could reach in my mouth and pull my teeth out and put them back in. It was my four bottom teeth. I have been wanting two lip piercings for about 4 months but my mother wont let me. Maybe that has something to do with the holes in my lip? Well I headed into the bathroom to fix my hair and I noticed it was bleached (a white color). I was surprised in the dream but didn't care because it looked good so I fixed my hair and headed out. I remember in the dream a friend from school told me I have holes in my lip and I said I know, but im going to put a piercing through them so it doesnt matter. I remember something like being at a party and for some reason I took a needle and shoved it through my lip about 4 times in different places.

Do you have any idea? it is so vivid! and i cant forget it. If it has any meaning please let me know, and thank you very much


Friday, September 9, 2011

Where is my love?

Dear Peregrin,

Last night I dreamt a dream with very emotional feelings. If you could help I would appreciate it!

I'm at someones house of which I do not know of. It has stairs to get up to it. But there is a porch attached to it like ours. All my relatives are over for Easter. I don't feel like talking to anyone, I am sad and I stay out of the porch where they all hang and talk and eat. I can hear them laughing and having a good time. I miss my love throughout the entire dream. I saw people that weren't from my family. After a pretty long day in this house, it was finally time to leave. We headed out. My brother is rude to me. While we headed out to the car he spit on my sweater and my mother said shes calling the cops because that is illegal. He said fine go ahead then panicked as she headed back to the house to do so. She said Ive had enough and rushed to call the cops. My brother pleaded her but she wasn't about to stop. I waited in the house as she did so. I didn't care really, I just wanted whatever was to be done done so I could leave. I saw my neighbor sitting on the floor and a person from school which I am not friends with sitting next to him. They weren't talking or anything. My brother came over and saw the person I know from school and laughed at her shoes. (she does have torn up shoes in reality, she wears worn out osiris's). I wasn't laughing, I didn't care. In reality my brother likes to laugh at dumb things, I do too, but I didn't care in this dream. Then my neighbor said come here and for some strange reason I though it was my love so I knelt down and lifted him up a bit by his back and he kissed me 3 times on the neck and I did the same. After that I was very sad and realized that was my neighbor I had just kissed! I was extremely upset and had wished more than anything that that was my love. I went to the front room. I was waiting for my mother to finish calling the police so we could leave I didn't care much for this place. but I didn't plead my mother to leave. I knew this was Easter and a special occasion so I just waited. I saw A few guys and a few girls in the front room. Teenagers hanging out. I didn't know these people. I didn't start any conversation with them either. I was too sad to. Two girls were sitting next to each other, and another guy was on a chair and another guy was on a couch. One of the guys asked one of the girls with blonde braided hair wearing a red sweater "Jessica come sit by me". Her friend encouraged her so she did. I woke up.

My name is Jessica, but in the dream this young man wasn't talking to me. People call me Jesser anyhow.

Thank you so much. :D


Good morning, Jesser.

I'm not sure how you will take the impressions I get from this dream, so I want to warn you that I can easily be wrong. Ultimately you must judge for yourself.

There are a lot of strong emotions in this dream, but they all seem to focus upon dissatisfaction in your relationships. You feel alone in the midst of a crowd of people, left out, disrespected and at the same time over-protected.

You mistake your neighbor for your love and kiss him before you realize the mistake. This speaks of misplaced affections.

Easter is a time of rebirth.

These clues and several others make me think that you are not happy with your current relationship and desire a change.

The girl with your name, but not the one you normally use, indicates that your dissatisfaction extends to yourself, as well - you're not feeling as if you are the person you want to be, perhaps? Or is it that you would rather be in a relationship with someone new, who doesn't treat you the same as everyone else does? You don't know any of the people in the room - maybe what you want is an entire new crowd to hang with.

That's about all I can see in it. Good luck, and pleasant dreams.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

No, doctor, no!

Dear Peregrin,

I had this dream a few nights ago. I was lying in the hospital waiting for some sort of surgery. When the doctor was about to put the iv in my arm i got up and ran.

I was terrified in the dream.

Any ideas wil be appreciated


Friday, September 2, 2011


Walking with my mum in the city saw my ex boyfriend walk past and he looked at me. I walked in to a little doorway and went up some stairs and came to a hairdresser, carried on walking up and it turned into the 1950's scenery. There was a house above the hairdressers and I wanted to look for some baby clothes for my newborn and all the clothes were recent and fashionable. I came out and my ex was standing outside the door but he had a girl with him this time. I knew I couldnt have him back.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prom Fire

Dear Peregrin,

My high school was on fire, and every room was ablaze apart form the dining room, which was last. It was prom time, all my friends and I were wearing prom dresses and suits. I jumped into the sea as our school was floating on it & as I did so, I held my mobile phone above my head making sure it did not get wet. I then saw a floating restaurant and we all climbed on that. As I was sitting there, I was writing a letter to my ex- boyfriend.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Witch's Exorcism

Dear Peregrin,

I was in a school setting (probably a witch school), and all of us were in some kind of uniform - black bottoms and deep blue tops.

We were all getting ready for some kind of audition or interview, and I remember sharing my hair brush with the girls so they could straighten their hair.

I was doing my hair, (it's almost black, superlong with blonde streaks), and I noticed i had grey spots (not streaks) at the crown. I had one of the other girls look to confirm, and she said there were grey spots, like i went grey for a couple months, and then got my color back.

So I asked one of the more experienced witches at my school, and she asked me to come into a back room with her alone. She lit some incense and said it was Black Cherry. She told me to sit in a chair and meditate, so I did, and when the incense was almost burnt up, an incredible black smoke came from it like a bonfire and shot into the ceiling (kinda like the scene in the first poltergeist movie when the spirits came out of the tv and went into the house).

I started getting scared as she backed away to watch the smoke, and she dropped the incense on accident. The incense stick started to spin on the floor and spark. I started feeling like I was going to explode, and then the chair I was sitting on was starting to jump and slide. I was begging the lady witch to please come and hold my hand, and when she finally did, she pulled me out of the chair, and the chair also shot up to (and almost through) the acoustic ceiling.

I felt better, and she asked me what happened to me 6 months prior to my "exorcism", and I had no clue. She asked me if I had asked for any spells to be done that would make something/someone want to invade me like that, and I just didn't know.

We began to leave the school, and she was telling me things to do to protect myself, and we were walking outside (I'm assuming to the parking lot where her car was), and I saw what was invading me.


I saw it there on the side of the school building, in shadow form (looked like it was wearing a cloak). It appeared to stand about 15 feet tall, extra broad shoulders, and a tiny head. It growled when it saw me, and I started to run. I asked the lady witch to hold my hand again, but when she saw it, she ran much faster than I and just left me. I couldn't get away from it, and it subdued me again, and I felt it enter my body.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Till the Cow Comes Home

Dear Peregrin,

I have a cat missing. her name is Cow. she weighs 14 pounds....hence the name.

I just moved from all the way on the west boarder of indiana to the east boarder of ohio. Things were not as I was told they would be when I was asked to move here. It has been rough. but that is the past and things are getting better. On the day before I moved out of the house I moved to in Ohio, one of my cats went missing. I got up in the morning. She was there sitting in the window sill. I went to work and came home for lunch. She was gone. I have looked everywhere. Offered a reward. Told all the kids in the neighborhood. One kid has called me twice but it wasn't my cat. I moved to a different house in the same town as where the cat went missing, about 5 blocks away.

The other night I had a dream that I had met a man for the first time. We went out and then went to a house. In the dream it FELT like my house but I never actually saw it. I did see one of the cats I left back in Indiana. (at my mom's farm.....I didn't abandon them). He was born with one ear missing. He was in the sphinx position but has his front paws crossed, like he always did. In the dream I thought, "Wow this cat came 400 miles to me and Cow can't even come 5 blocks."

What do you think.....maybe a sign she will show up.....she's trying?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flock of Birds

Dear Peregrin

I had this strange dream last night, that has been really bugging me. I have a feeling it means something, but I just don't know what. I know that recently I've been concerned about a relationship issue I've been in. This is what I recall from the dream:

I was in some sort of parking lot, or a place that resembled a parking lot with a lot of cars surrounding me. I saw a flock of birds above me, I don't recall what type of birds, I want to say either pidgeons or seagulls or sparrows or something. There was a sound, and the next thing I know, some bird feces hits me in the head. I begin to run, and now it's showering bird feces everywhere and I'm trying to find my car and I can't. Then I try to stand still because I figured that since the birds are moving, that one spot would clear up as they passed by, and then I woke up.

I've never had a dream like this before, so I'm really thankful of any help you may have.

Thank you.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Calendar and Clocks


I had this very interesting dream. Firstly since i just begun my fishtank my neighboor invite me to go in her place. She is an animal lover. Her and her husband are gone so i am alone in the house. I am left to stare at the clock on the wall and just beside the clock there is a calendar. It's one of those clock with a pendul. Then i deceide to go back to my place but then i find myself nude with only my underwear on. So i must run to my place like that. There is so car who pass in the street and laugh but nothing much. Then once in my place we take a convertible car to go to the novena. There is 3 people on the back seat with me and there is no belt for me. So i am left to hold on after the trunk. The novena is the place where two girl have begun to show their interest and felling for me last year. Then in the dream i am given the ingredient to do an incense to use in my magick spells. I don't remember all the ingredients but it was made basicly of trees smell such as pine,fir,birch. It was written with a blue bic pen in a sort of bible. Then i find myself near a store waiting to go in the car with my father. It seems that i picked up a pack of incense. On the back of the back it has a warning "with indulgence come problems". I know what that means. It means that when you use magick to attract things to you once they are there you have new responsability. In other words now that you have what you want you will have to deal with it. After that i find myself in a house where a blonde girl put my back of incense in a grand-father clock (sp?)

Yes this summer is out to be different for me. I am trying to be friend with the girls who smiled at me last year and in fact making friend with a couple of other girls from my village. Also i am trying to break into the entertainment industry and i have been given the address to send my demo tape to Lisa Lloyd the mother of Jake Lloyd and madison Lloyd from star wars episode 1. Could all these clocks and calendar means that it's just a matter of time now ? According to recent events in my life i really think that this dream was a way of telling me this summer is the good one. The one that everything will fall in place and starts to happen.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Bags on Sale

Dear Peregrin,

The other night I was dreaming that I was at a store buying bags that were on sale. I picked up a large black duffle bag, a medium-sized white carry-on bag, and a small carry-on bag that had a Christmas theme on it of green leaves.

That is all I remember.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stranded at the Rest Stop

Dear Peregrin,

I am not to sure where to start but I feel that I should give you a little background of what else is happening with me currently because I believe that it may have a lot to do with this dream.

I am currently engaged and to be married on July 12. My fiancee recently have talked about calling off the wedding and have temporarily separated. This happened on Sunday and last night I decided to come back and stay at the house because I had nowhere else to go. She was ok with me being there and said that she would be getting home later than me.

She did not show up before I got home and I could not get a hold of her so I went ahead and went to sleep. She was supposed to be home around midnight or a little later. She said she was going to take a friend to the hospital but I don't believe that's what she did.

While I was sleeping I had a dream that I was driving home from a bar (I think) and I was following a friend of mine back to the town we live in. It was mid afternoon. When we got outside of a larger city close to ours, (we could have went around the city {a bypass} or straight through it) I chose to go around and he continued through the city. While I continued driving I decided that I needed to stop and stopped at a rest area, that doesn't exist on that road. I walked up to this white building that reminded me of a turret or an old army arsenal. (round with a pointy roof and round wood things protruding through the walls out of the building near the roof)

I don't remember what I did inside of the building or going to the second floor. but I remember going down a flight of stairs that circled the outer walls of the building. When I came close to the bottom floor I could see the door and I noticed that it was already open and that the sun was shining in through it and that there were two beer cans at the bottom of the steps, one upright and on the last step and half full and the other on the landing empty and laying on its side.

I walked past them and went outside there was a police officer standing outside the door and he asked me if the beers were mine and I said no, but for some reason I knew they were mine. he let me go. When I turned around and started walking towards my car I realized that my car was blocked into its parking space by a big red truck and I couldn't leave the rest area and I remember being upset because I couldn't leave and I just sat there in my car.

That's when I woke up. I never wake up out of a sound sleep like that and rarely remember my dreams. That's why I believe that it is significant in meaning.

When I woke up I knew that she still hadn't come home and it was about 5-6 hours after she said she was going to the hospital and I was right in knowing she still wasn't there. She hadn't come home. She did get home a little later because I called her but I know that she was probably being dishonest with me about where she had been.

Hope that you might be able to help sort this out for me.


Monday, August 15, 2011

A New Life

Good morning, Dreamers.

Here is another of my own dreams. To take a shot at translating, just click on the "comments" link, or send an email, and fire away!

Pleasant dreams,


Friday, August 12, 2011

Spooky House Trilogy

I have had the following three dreams over the past few nights. They all involve the same house, at different points in time (from many years past to the present). I'll tell you a bit about myself after I explain my dreams:

Dream #1

I'm working as a maid in a big old mansion/castle many years/centuries ago. I'm carrying a silver pot of tea on a tray upstairs to the master bedroom to the owner of the house. Actually, another servant was carrying it up, but handed it over to me. It's storming really hard, and it is very dark. The man laying in the bed is very old and he has a huge window overlooking the sea. It's nighttime, and I notice the waves are pounding. He is very sad and starts talking to me about something I can't seem to remember, but I know he is sad.

Dream #2

It's present-day and a friend and I go to visit this same house for some reason. It's falling in, and looks spooky. We're the only ones there. In the basement, we find an apartment-type area that is modern - probably built for a former tenant? We also found a secret door somewhere in the house, but I can't remember where. It leads to another living area and bathroom. We put our things in the apartment area and go to check out the rest of the house. Almost immediately, we are surrounded by ghosts and bad spirits. The whole house is haunted, and we're terrified. I can't remember all that happened, but someone we couldn't see told us to go back to the apartment and we'd be safe. While running back downstairs, we saw this line of big men (also ghosts) hammering something on a worktable. They were working on something, and didn't notice us. They were also singing/chanting while they worked. Back in the apartment, there were no ghosts. We left the next morning.

Dream #3

I'm back at that same house, and I can't remember why. I don't know if it is present day, or in the past, but I'm staying there for a certain amount of time. An older lady and her daughter and granddaughter own the house now. I go to pick a bedroom and the two doors I try are locked. So I pick one downstairs (may have been the same basement apartment?) But I decide to claim the bathroom upstairs because it is so beautiful. It has a big claw-foot tub and stain glass everywhere. But the daughter whose room is beside the bathroom gets angry about this so I decide not to take a bath there. I also remember that the daughter's name is Natalie. Later, I am talking to the old woman and she says that she'd like to remodel a part of the house that is falling in, but she can't because of the bodies buried in the yard. I don't know what that had to do with remodeling the house, but that's what she said.

I don't really remember the feelings I got from these dreams. The one where it was haunted certainly terrified me. I remember a general tone of unfriendliness in all of the dreams also. Not necessarily meanness though. And it was always dark inside the house. I also remember that the house had a circular driveway, surrounding what used to be a pretty garden.

I can't figure out how this dream relates to my life. I haven't saw any movies or read anything that would cause this. I am currently happy and stable. There really isn't any stress in my life. However, I am planning a trip to Ireland in the fall. And for some reason I keep connecting this dream to that in my head. I have no idea why, or how the two are related.

Do you have any idea what these dreams mean? If you need any more information, let me know.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vampire Thieves

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream last night that I left my purse in an abandoned house inhabited by vampires. Once the vampires had gone I went back to the house to retrieve my purse and everything valuable was missing. My cellphone, car keys and most importantly, my wallet, had all been stolen. What does this indicate?


Monday, August 8, 2011

Crushed Skull


I had a crazy dream last night that has been bothering me. I dreamt of murder, two bodies..myself and my daughter. Our skulls were being crushed. I could feel my head being bashed in and i could hear my skull cracking. I got shot in my upper chest near my shoulder first. The people who did it were unclear and it felt like there was more then one person doing it. At the very end of the dream i saw a closeup of a skeletal face that still had flesh on it and
they kept repeating over and over again 'decipher' .. and thats how the dream ended =(

Can you please help me because the dream was so horrible.

thank you


Friday, August 5, 2011

Alone in the Dark

Good morning, Dreamers.

Here's another of my dreams. To try your hand at translation, click the "comments" link, or send an email, and fire away!

Pleasant dreams,


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Romance Novel


The dream started off and felt like it was in the 1980s especially 1986 because I was like in my late teens. Now I am in my late 20s.

We were at the lobby of a very high-class hotel and it was my brother's wedding or someone very close who seemed like my brother. Though my brother is already very happily married. He married two years back.

It seemed like we knew everyone and downstairs in the lobby there was a section for our family and guests only. There were a lot of volunteers to help and they were ironically only men. They were all standing behind what seemed like cubicles made of white marble. There were 5-6 guys in each cubicle. I introduced my mom to everyone. One cubicle by cubicle and whispered in her ear to say thank you to all for helping out so much. Everyone was smiling, happy to help out and when I introduced them to my mom by name, they kind of smiled and nodded to her though then in the middle of the introduction when reaching the middle cubicle I started to forget peoples names which was kind of an embarrassment to me.

While all this was going on, we our family were waiting by the elevator to go up for the wedding. Everybody had gone and it was my turn I was talking to some friends in one of the cubicles.

Then suddenly someone comes for the wedding and he is a very good looking prominent man whom everyone knows including me as a friend. Though I notice him because of the cologne he is wearing which is very captivating. Anyway, I turn to my other male friends who are in the cubicle and tell them wow what a guy he looks and even smells rich. In the dream I am not interested in this rich guy rather it feels that I am trying to make jealous one of the guys already present in the cubicles and who is overhearing my conversation with my friends and fuming silently at my comments.

Anyway, to make this fellow more jealous in the dream I deliberately follow this rich guy up whom I cannot see the face just the rich clothes he is wearing and the wonderful rich smelling cologne he has on.

I see myself following this rich guy up the elevator and also feels like the person whom I am interested in is becoming more jealous.

Then suddenly the scenario changes.

When I depart from the elevator, at the top floor, I am the only one left in the elevator and enter a big waiting like room area and now I am in plush surrounding apartments which also looks somewhat like the hotel but more personal and luxurious and comfortable, rich but lived in by me.

Anyway, on the right side of the elevator is a waiting area with rich sofas, plush carpet, a hand crafted wooden table with white decorations on it, with white/yellow top lamp placed on it. There are glass sliding doors, opened on the right side, which are leading to the balcony with beautiful view and all this waiting area is for my appt guest only as there is only one appt which I can see and it seems to belong to me as there is only one wooden door which enters to the appt and there are no other doors around only one. On the left side is a yellow/white cemented wall.

The funny thing is when I open the door, the appt itself is pretty small but richly furnished and opened into the bedroom????????

On the left side there was nothing, but I guess a wall? It was also dark like it was evening time now and I seemed a bit older now.

In the center of the room was the bed. On the right side the living and dining room and on the left side of the living room and dining room the small kitchen. From the dining room there are glass sliding doors opened on the right side leading to a balcony.

Anyway, the person whom I was trying to make jealous entered the room as supposedly he also had a key? This time I could see him. In my previous dreams I have been unable to as his face has always been a blur. In my previous dreams I could only feel that he was handsome young man with dark straight hair.

I see a person who is about 6feet with blondish to brown curly hair. Can't see the face features. Though he has boyish features he is probably 35 years old. He is wearing all leather either dark dark brown in color or black. I can see the sleekness shine on his long coat. Probably a trench coat.

He comes in we have a heated discussion and make love then wake up and both of us go to the balcony because the lights have gone off and there is a type of sofa swing on he balcony. We are lying in each others' arms on the swing.

Anyway, when the lights do come on he thinks I am sleep but am really pretending to be sleep. He gets up, kisses my forehead and whispers that we cannot be together because of something which I cannot understand. Then leaves.

Then all of a sudden the lights come on and I feel like there is still time to stop him and not make him leave my life forever.

So I rush to the elevator where now there is a small table near the elevator with an intercom phone to call downstairs to the lobby. This was not there before.

I am in a desperate need to contact him. I call the person at the lobby counter to stop the man coming from my room they say sorry he just passed us buy we will try to stop him.

They can't so I call someone else at the lobby reception and this time it's a young girl and she says "don't worry my name is Afsheen and I know how much you want to stop him and talk to him, I will try to do my best to stop him, you stop fretting".

After me being and feeling very much in desperation, and feeling like so much of time has gone by, of trying to locate him, he comes up and we have a discussion.

He tells me that he can't marry me because he can't have any children. I tell him that is not important and we can always adopt.

Then I don't see us getting married like husband or wife but I do see ourselves with three children 2 boys and one girl.

I swear to you that before this dream I did not see any TV or movies or read any romance novels.

Though with my previous dreams I see myself making love to a man whom I cannot identify myself with but with this one I could and when I woke up I had a very good feeling inside a happy feeling and my whole evening went very well. I had this dream in the afternoon.

Usually my dreams are not that long but this one was and I remember it accurately.

Do other people remember their dreams so accurately and are there dreams also so lengthy?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Old Friend?

Dear Peregrin,

One of my closest friends and I have grown apart. It was mostly my fault because I told her she was trying to act like someone else, and now we don't talk much. When we do, its usually a fight. Well, last night I had a dream about her. In the dream, she was graduating from high school and I was watching. She was standing at a podium and she started smoking a cigarette. This is a girl who won't even go near a cigarette by the way.. So I run up to the podium and pull the cigarette from her hand. She has the cigarettes and a lighter in her hand so lights another one. I take it and throw it, hug her, and start crying about lung cancer and that I'll never talk to her again and she can forget me if she just stops smoking. I found it weird knowing that we don't talk much anymore.. and I still really care about her.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Desert Animals

Dear Peregrin,

A kangaroo, an emu, a wild black cat (large, not housecat), a fox and three people (me, my boyfriend and another person i don't know who) are in the desert. We are traveling south. we reach a convenience store. we stand in front. It is dusk with a pink sky. An older man joins us. He has a shotgun. He aims and shoots toward where the animals are (north of us). We are nervous he might hurt one of our animals. The kangaroo and emu and the black cat join us. We laugh that they know immediately to come stand with us where they will not get shot. Then i pet the emu.

From the south comes a very large running fullgrown male tiger. He is not one of our animal friend and there is immediate danger. We all run inside. I try to lure the emu inside but it won't come. It is running around startled. I am very worried for all our animals. I feel anxiety. We stand in the 711 and see the kangaroo and the emu get eaten. I keep looking away. I can't take how easy it is for him to tear away their limbs - it is like when you see someone eating chicken. We worry for the fox but I remember then that foxes are very smart and swift. Then I sense there is another animal of ours out there with the fox and am even worried for it.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kittens and a Kiss

Hi Peregrin,

I had two dreams earlier this morning that I would like to relate to you. May I explain, I asked for dreams in answer my questions concerning moving and a real life puzzle.

I want to move. This move will start a completely different way of life. A part of me is holding back. I feel that I am on my own in many ways and yet somehow I ask and I receive perhaps not in the way I expected. I want to know the reason for my lack of motivation to move at this moment in time. Also a totally unrelated question was asked to solve a puzzle of almost three years. The details are long and drawn out and I could probably write a book.

I have given you some background although not in any detail. Here are the dreams I remember this morning

In first dream I am a female child and also a mother and I switch characters.

As a child the home is not know to me but I feel comfort and happy. I am watching a black cat. The cat is acting in a strange manner as though she does not know what to do with herself. Eventually the cat enters a large dust bin filled with garbage. She lays down on top of the rubbish. I call to my mother, 'I think this cat is going to have kittens."

As the mother I take a brief look at the cat, dismissing the child's comment with, "hmmm, no she is not" The reason for the hesitation is I know that child is probably right. As the mother I leave the house to go shopping.

The child looks at the cat and watches the birth of the first kitten. This kitten is very strong, so strong that it walks over the edge of the bin and up the garden path and into the wilderness beyond. As the child I had the inkling to pick the kitten up returning him/her to the place of birth with the mother, but I thought this is where the kitten should be as I watched the kitten disappear. I did have some concern that this kitten may not survive, but I let the kitten go. Turning back to the bin the cat had six more kittens and then a few more were born.

As the mother I shopped for normal groceries while looking around the supermarket for a large cat bed. End of dream (eod)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Numb Inside

Hi I had a confusing dream which I wanted your advice on.

So here goes.

I am 30 years old now. In my dream I was 28-27 and very much in a relationship with a person of blond hair, medium built messy hair and blue eyes.

We were students. Then suddenly, something happens, I do not remember what but something bad like a tragic occurrence in my personal life happens and this person whom I trusted to be by my side abandons me. I get the feeling of being abandoned but in a very sharp edge like feeling and one of amazement that it happened to me so suddenly and fast. At this time both myself and my partner were students but mature students like in a college or university. I see myself standing alone by an empty ground floor apartment with wind blowing and me just staring into space.

Now I see myself a bit mature like I am 32 or 35 but I look younger, healthier, and confident but am silent. I am quite inside kind of like when you are younger you have dreams and hope and now I am in reality with no dreams but portray myself to the world as a confident, young go getter. Though inside I do not know what I am feeling because inside I am numb.

Then I see myself as an educator a speaker to students, and funny they kind of look like medical students? Because they are all wearing white coats and smiling at me in a very friendly way. Anyway, I am welcomed in an auditorium full of students and am greeting everyone as they seem to know me and me knowing them. Kind of like they are my students but this cannot be because they are not that much younger to me only 3 years or so.

Then I go up to the podium and then suddenly the dream comes back to the person who abandoned me and I see him holding me from the shoulders and gently shaking me and telling me that I did not want to leave it was just necessary but I had faith in you and I am just staring at him blankly and daydreaming.

What could this mean? By the way I work in a teaching hospital may be all this is just getting to me and I am having crazy dreams about the place at which I am working.


Though the weird thing was that sometimes you can actually feel in a dream and when I woke up from this dream emotionally I was drained and exhausted.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Ant Attack

I have this coach that I really like. Even though I go to a high school, I was at my old middle school and he was there. There was a huge pile of ants, probably four feet tall in the center of a T-shaped intersection in the hall. Someone threw a football, and it landed in the ant pile, throwing ants all over me. They attacked me, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs and trying to knock them off of me. I got back up, and this coach came running. He had been attacked as well. Everyone was trying to help us out and someone brought a blanket over for us. You know how you get really cold if you're stung or bit really bad? We were both shivering, and we sat down in the hall away from the ants and I was crying. He got me in his arms and I remember feeling so good because he was there taking care of me. Everyone else seemed to disappear.