Friday, August 19, 2011

Bags on Sale

Dear Peregrin,

The other night I was dreaming that I was at a store buying bags that were on sale. I picked up a large black duffle bag, a medium-sized white carry-on bag, and a small carry-on bag that had a Christmas theme on it of green leaves.

That is all I remember.


Good morning, Joan.

Bags such as the type you describe are used mainly to pack for travel. Duffels are associated with ocean voyages, and carry-on bags with air travel.

They also can be associated with storage, which is to say, saving. The three bags can refer to three types of savings accounts. The bags you buy are on sale, so we have a "saving money" theme started already.

To tie them both into one, however, my guess would be that you have travel on your mind and should begin planning for it, possibly to occur over the Christmas holiday because of the theme on the smallest bag, but maybe not limited to that time.

Pleasant dreams,


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