Friday, September 23, 2011

Wrong Sport


I forget what I was doing exactly but I know that I was participating in some sort of vehicle race with some sort of camp. As I was leaving and in a smal 'exit' room, I remember someone telling me that Roger Clemens was there. There were two men in front of me who looked exactly alike, so I asked one of them if he was Roger Clemens, he pointed to the man next to him. So I asked the man next to him for his autograph. I realized that I had no blank paper on me, so I had him sign a picture of a car I drew (I used to draw them alot when I was much younger.) Instead of signing his name, he signed the number '36' or '32' (I don't remember exactly) as if he was becoming a race car driver.

Please help me figure this one out, I've been trying for a while.



Good morning, Jerry.

One repeating theme in your dream seems to be a confusion of identity. You can't tell which of the identical men is the baseball player, and when he autographs your paper it seems as if he's in a different sport altogether. This theme suggests that things are not as they may seem in your life - you may be pursuing one goal (represented by the race) when you should be (or would rather be) pursuing another.

It is possible that you have re-awakened your interest in art (the car drawing) and are dissatisfied with your current career choice.

Pleasant dreams,


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