Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In MY Bed!

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream last night when I went to bed after talking to my boyfriend, Jay. I was asking him if his ex was at his house,(which his ex was) and if he was in his bed. I asked if they sleep together, he said yeah, but we're not intimate at all. He says all they do is fight and argue and that I should be patient and give him time so he can get all this crap straight. I don't know if he's lying or whatever. I don't understand why he can't let his ex go. Anyways...the dream I had last night...

I was at home outside standing beside my backporch doing something (I think I may have been feeding my puppies) and I saw my bf and his ex (not really his ex, I just found out the other day how he ex look and the guy in my dream didn't look like him) this guy was very big and muscular.

Anyways, this was during the daytime and my bf and his little "friend" came up on my backporch. Jay(bf) had his back turned against me. Then my mom let them both into the house. So I went into the house, and my mom was just in there to be in there. (She really served no purpose in the dream I guess) I went into the house and into my bedroom. There's an iron board next to my bed. I go into my room, and the side I SLEEP on at night was where my bf and his little friend was kissing and groping etc. Jay was like on top of his friend and they were just kissing. Then I woke up.

That's all I can remember from the dream. The dream sorta had me confused from jumping scenes etc. but I do remember the general happenings in my dream.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Unsettling Dreams


I've been having various very disturbing dreams recently - the storyline is always different but the effect is the same feeling of fear and discomfort which lasts most of the next day. Usually the dreams have realistic subjects - last night I dreamed I was four months pregnant and that a baby would be a complete disaster to my life (as it would be in real life at the moment... tho I'm not in a relationship so it's not exactly something I'm consciously worried about), the night before I dreamed I lost my handbag which contained my phone and credit cards - again, this would be quite a pain in real life and was a total disaster in the dream. There are some which are less naturalistic - I thought I awoke from my dream last night, but was actually dreaming - and saw the plant that grows in my bedroom growing at an alarming rate towards me. I had to switch the light on when I finally actually awoke to check the plant was normal! These are really unsettling dreams and I'd like to be able to find the cause - and ideally to stop them.

I'm having a slightly dissatisfying time at the moment - I'm a freelance theatre director and work is pretty thin on the ground at the moment, and I've met a guy I like but I'm not sure how he feels about me and I fear I've made a bit of a fool of myself - but nothing so very awful as to seem to justify such a consistently nasty sense of loss and hopelessness in my dreams.

I'd be really very greatful for any insight.

Many thanks,


Friday, June 24, 2011

Smurfs vs Godzilla

Dear Peregrin,

A recurring childhood dream where I'm Papa Smurf's father or grandather or something, and I can use magic. and Gargamel, the dude with the cat, is attacking, right? so I'm fighting them off with magic, and they run off cuz I'm a badarse. then Godzilla comes around, and I have this long drawn out fight with godzilla, finally killing him and saving all of smurfdom.

The Dude

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bowser in the Night

Dear Peregrin,

I had a nightmare once when I was little that was recurring, in it I fell asleep at the nintendo, wake up in the middle of the night and the t.v.'s showing ant wars, and I go downstairs for some water.I get to the kitchen and Bowser is next to the sink, so I start running, and he chases me around the little kitchen island. finally I run out the door and across the street to my house (the house with the nintendo was my grandparents, and we actually did live literally, across the street from each other. the driveways were directly opposite one another)so anyway, I run in the door, see my parents and a family friend standing at the doorway of my sisters room chatting (it's like 4 am in the dream) so I start yelling at them to save me, and they ignore me like I'm not I run into my sisters room and hide under the bed, and bowser barges into the house, comes into my sisters room and stomps around looking for me

The Dude

Monday, June 20, 2011

Smell the Roses

Dear Peregrin,

An unusual dream I had last week was that it was night time and I was looking out the window, the window was opened and I could see outside. Well,this guy I've been seeing(we both claim we have feelings for each other,which I know I do for him)was dressed up and walking out the house with a black suit on and a flower and some cards in his hand. So he was heading to his car, and I said out the window, are those for me? He said "yeah" then he came over to the window and let me smell the flowers, but didn't let me read the card that went w/ the flower. He didn't give me the flower after I had smelled them, and then he walked off and went on about his business.

That was the dream. I think about this guy all the time. He came over my house last Sun. and left Monday morning, told me that he would call me that night. He never did. So I left him an offline message. Tues. I saw him online, and I sent him a message,no response. Then Wed. I called him on his phone,his phone was off. Then I called back like 20 minutes later and left him a message to call me. He finally calls yesterday morning after a week had passed. I don't know if the dream had any relevance to him or what. But we have split up for a week because he claims he still has feelings for the ex. I even caught the ex at his house one time. Long story to go with that, but maybe another time...can you help me analyze this dream?


Friday, June 17, 2011

Lottery Ticket

hi there.

Yesterday I had a dream that I scratched off a lotto ticket..(it was an orange/red colored type ticket) you know how when you win, there are letters on the ticket that spell out the amount you won in the abbrevated form? Well it said ..F O U R T Y T H O U S ...It was strange, I had to use a key to enter it into a door? And when the key lit up, in the door, it was an indication that I had in fact won the 'fourty thousand' dollars...

Here comes the good part, lol.. I had threw a party and I lost the ticket!! I searched the house up and down and inside and out for it with no success..I remember hiding it in a hockey stick..*shakes head* lol but when I went back to it, it was gone.. It felt so real.. I was so upset..and then I woke up after kicking everyone out .. I'm sorry for the length of this, but what could this possibly mean?

From what I am assuming, its telling me not to put so much dependability of hitting it big one day in order to get ahead in life.. For the past couple of weeks I've been kind of hoping that I'd win something big..but like I said, this is just an assumption of what it could possibly mean... What do you think?



Good morning, Sherrie.

Oh, can I ever sympathise with your feelings, before, during, and after this dream. We could all use some kind of windfall in such troubled times.

This is what I feel triggered the dream, and you are probably correct that one of the messages is to not depend upon a windfall to get ahead. But it's also telling you to be more careful with what you have. By hiding the ticket in a hockey stick - a piece of sporting equipment that seems to you now to be such a ludicrous hiding place - you were very careless with the opportunity that you had been given - and made matters worse by depending upon it to finance your party. No wonder you were upset with all your guests!

It gets worse. If you didn't forget where you put the ticket, but it's not there later, then obviously one of your party guests took it. This suggests an aquaintance - someone that you have let into your life - is not trustworthy.

The unusual way that you had to discover your good fortune suggests that opportunities exist for you to get what you want, but they may not take the form that you expect.

To recap, the three messages that I can glean from this dream are:

  1. Don't depend upon a windfall (you got this one on your own).
  2. Keep your eyes open for unusual opportunities - and guard them carefully when you do get them.
  3. Be careful whom you trust.

Pleasant dreams (and good fortune),


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dream Girl

Dear Peregrin,

For the past few nights, I have been having dreams with a girl (possibly a girlfriend) in them. I can't recognize who the girl is and she never speaks, but we are always in a girlfriend/boyfriend situation. In the most recent dream, last night, I was with my family driving up north to go camping and she was with us. We were all talking in the car, the two of us in the back seat with her in the middle and my 12yr old brother on the far side, and when she leaned forward to get something off the floor, I reached behind her to wrap my arm around her stomach, pulling her closer to me. That is when I awoke from the dream. I can't remember the past two night's dreams with her in them, but they are the only dreams I have had in a while. Like I said, for the past three nights, 'she' has been in my dreams and I don't even know who it is.

For a little background, an old friend and myself had been testing to waters to see if we wanted to date, and that ended with her ex-boyfriend coming back into the picture. I don't know if that has anything to do with the dreams or not. But I do know that in the dreams this 'girl' is exactly the type of girl I picture myself dating. She is just what I am looking for (only not in a dream). Thank you for whatever you can make of this dream.


Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Balcony

Hi Peregrin

I am standing on a large white stone balcony over looking a sea inlet or large lake. I can see mountain ranges to left and right of the water. In the foreground lush green foliage is dancing in the warm scented breeze. This is a place of much beauty and I feel contentment and peace here. Standing before me on the balcony, two men are facing each other with less than a foot between them in length. I sense these men feel no animosity towards each other.

The older man is Caucasian with long flowing white hair. He is wearing a long white flowing gown. The younger man is a middle aged Negroid. His hair is closely shorn. He is bare-chested and is wearing some sort of animal skin round his lower torso. Both men are the same height. I have feelings of comfort with both men.

The older man informed the younger man, "I pass her over to you, but you must look after her and not hurt her."

I wake up feeling a great sense of relief.

I thank you for you time and attention.

Sweet dreams,


Friday, June 10, 2011

Inner Child

Dear Peregrin,

In the past few years I have become aware of a number of inner personalities. One of them, I call Janny, started out being a "bully". Slowly, as I got to know him, he changed into a very lonely little boy, who may have been sexually molested between ages 4 and 6 (there is no real proof of this event/s.) He seems to respond to cuddling and hugging a great deal. I had a dream last week in which I was holding and massaging him. Slowly his genetalia became a woman's I have no idea what to make of this, for him or me.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teaching My Kids

Good morning, Dreamers.

I'm going to try something different here at DreamWalker: Occasionally, I will allow my readers to take a crack at translating on of my dream. Just click on the "comments", or open an email, and fire away!

Pleasant dreams,


Monday, June 6, 2011

Drugged KoolAid

Dear Peregrin,

I woke from a strange dream that I couldn't forget about or put aside, so I thought I'd put it to print and see what you thought about it.

In my dream, my family and I were moving into a new house. Nothing really strange about that, except that during the process, my father died. (My father had been dead for several years now). I think because we were moving etc. that funeral and burial arrangements were put off for some reason. The other thing was that there was my grandmother too. She was dead, but had been dead for years. I am not sure why she was there. We had them each laid out on a table, like in a morgue but they were in the house.

They kept moving around and trying to wake up like. Trying to say something, trying to look around etc. I was aware of this, and would go over and hold them against the tables they were on. They were no threat, but I wished they would just stay quiet and still like dead people were supposed to do. I also knew that they were starting to deteriate, and that was gross to me. I didn't want to have to be touching them.

I talked to my mother about it and she said that they had made arrangements to bury them finally, and that it would not be long now. They were to be burried in the back yard of the new place. I threw a fit about that. For some reason, I did not want graves to be in the back yard of this new place.

I tired of arguing with my mother about it, went to sit on the back porch with my other sibs. While sitting there, a young man walked around from the side of the house, and I made him go to the front of the house and knock on the front door. I explained to him that if he met our mother and she let him in, that he could walk through the house and come out here with us, but that he first had to pass my mothers inspection. Sure enough in a few moments, he came through the back door onto the porch with us.

Sitting there, I noticed a tree with a tree house in it, and I climbed up there, and found in the tree house a small box, kind of like a cigar box. I was curious, and opened it up. I found crayons, a spoon, a plastic bag with sugar crystals in it, candles, six dollars, and some other odd items. I figured that the spoon and sugar were the remains of some kids koolaid making items from his school lunch. I took some of the crystals out of the bag and placed them in my cheek. They did not taste sweet though. I kept sucking on it thinking that it would something must be wrong with my taste, but finally, I figured that it was not going to taste like sugar, and it may not even be sugar after all. I spit it out.

I was sitting in the tree house looking down at the ground, and was still spitting because the taste was still in my mouth. I noticed that my spit had taken on the consistancy of mercury... thick and slow moving, bouncing off branches on it's way down, jiggling and wiggling but staying together.

It then hit me that I was drugged, and that the crystals must have been crack cocain. I also remembered seeing that the kid had written on the lid of the box. "I love my coke". Niave as I am , I thought it meant cola.

I started calling to my sister and her new friend to help me down out of the tree. I wanted to take these things to the authorities. I knew there were things in the box that would identify the kid that it belonged to.

I woke up from this dream while on my way down from the tree.

As a last note, in the dream, I was not a child, nor was I the age I am now. I was probably in my late teens.




Friday, June 3, 2011

Grammie Rose

Dear Peregrin,

I have experienced a recurring dream for many years.

I am dreaming that I am in bed asleep, and my Grandmother [who died 2 yrs before my birth] through thoughts is asking me to let her in to my soul. I reply to her though telepathy that "I love my Gramma Rosie very much and any love and guidance she could offer now would be honored. She again asks to come in . I tell her she may not cross over but I am here to communicate with any time. She again asks to come in. I tell her no [ I feel by now that this is not my Grandmother.] She asks again I tell her to go away she is trying to trick me.

Then I awake from my dream in the dream to what appears to be aliens around my bed wondering if I am going to be okay and if I will remember. Through this dream, in my consious state I am trying everything I can to wake. I have a feeling of being very scared. I am trying to flee something. I have woken on one occasion with self inflicted scratch marks down my arms.

These dreams occur during the happiest times of my life........I am totally confused about this. Evey time I dream this dream I remember a little more.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Evil Little Boy

Dear Peregrin,

I thought I might write down a dream I had some tyme ago. Things were getting a little slow so you all might enjoy this one. It is from the night of May 14, 1992. The following is a quote from my Dream Journal.

"I had a nightmare. I was staying with someone in a roomy place. I do not know if it was an apartment or a house. I went for a job through the complex so it must have been an aprtment. I started jogging from my stairs to the first turn and it was night. When I rounded the corner it was late morning. I felt very tired so I thought I had been running all night but I could not remember. There was this pond and it was stormcast so it appeared the silvery pond color. There was grass around and I ventured from the path out of curiousity. I was curious to see what was really out there. I met a little boy about nine years old. He called himself Karen. He had pitch black hair and black eyes.

He called to me and said that I was like the storm. I said that was my name. He looked at the sky and said that all storms live their day and come to pass, and no one remembers them but for how violent they were. I said that his meaning eluded me even though I do not think it did. He said that he thought it meant that people only remember the bad parts of storms. I asked him why he said this and he answered that he didn't know and that he remembered it from a poem. I was not inclined to believe him and then he smiled and evil smile.

I saw a car with my parents in it. The car was storm gray my favorite color. They were on the lane that lead to a parking section near us. They got out and called to me and asked me to come with them. I was intrigued with Karen so I asked if he would be here long. My parents were calling louder and I thought they were being rude. Karen said he was leaving soon and that I should go to my parents if I was inclined. I decided to go with him. He told me places are not as they seem and asked me where I was. He was quite intelligent for a nine year old. I told him that we were in an apartment complex. He gave me a patronizing look. I said okay then I am dreaming so this I could be anywhere and this could be anything. He commended my answer. He said each apartment was someone's dream; the reason I did not have an apartment was because I was sharing/using someone else's dream. I told him he was smart for a nine year old but he was gone.

I was in a lavish room with a lady working on a computer. She wore a crimson velevt robe. When I went into the next room I met a man exitting from a steam bath with a crimson robe. I was so afraid that I ran and the woman stopped me. She said she knew I was afraid but that if I must give the gold, if I do so and stay indoors he will not harm me. She then removed two gold coins from her robe and said for me to give it to him. I ran outside.

Two people ran into me and tried to give the woman their money. I ran across a playground when a vampire came for me. He was mostly bat, and I knew it was the man from the steam bath. We struggled for a moment and then I was in a house alone. I knew he had not bitten me and I was terribly afraid. Dani and Steve [The friends I was living with at the tyme] lived next door and Dani came out to see me. It was still dusk or dawn and I yelled through closed windows for her to go back inside. I prayed that the Gods would keep her safe and she was. Outside there was children playing on a giant copper green and rusted windchime. I looked for Karen but I did not see him. I tried to call Steve but I kept misdialing [Note to Moderator: The following number is fictional and was only a product of Dream] 356 or 361 when the number was 561 6086. I finally got through to him with a bad connection, there was a busy signal in the background. Steve said it was appropriate.

After some tyme Dani came inside the house. There was a long, impossibly long, dog in front of the house with ten legs and a cow pattern coat. The front legs were normal, the middle strange with two useless legs in each socket, and then normal rear legs. Dani was about to let it in and I screamed to her not to because the dog was evil. Dani said I was under stress and should relax, she let the dog in.

Then I saw a lady in the house that was hysterical, she had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was heavy set and wore a beige shirt and white pants. The dog was compacted, his boney body was a squashed w. He did not look comfortable but he was catatonic. Dani asked me why I was staring at the dog and to come help her. When started walking the woman slapped my left foot and shouted Shoo cat Shoo! I told Dani she was hurt me and Dani said that she knew the woman and to just go along with it. The woman grabbed my foot and I fell. She was going to bite into my calf but instead pushed her teeth against me. Dani was laughing, she said I was so amusing when I was scared. I forced myself awake."

So what's your input?

Storm Wolf