Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kittens and a Kiss

Hi Peregrin,

I had two dreams earlier this morning that I would like to relate to you. May I explain, I asked for dreams in answer my questions concerning moving and a real life puzzle.

I want to move. This move will start a completely different way of life. A part of me is holding back. I feel that I am on my own in many ways and yet somehow I ask and I receive perhaps not in the way I expected. I want to know the reason for my lack of motivation to move at this moment in time. Also a totally unrelated question was asked to solve a puzzle of almost three years. The details are long and drawn out and I could probably write a book.

I have given you some background although not in any detail. Here are the dreams I remember this morning

In first dream I am a female child and also a mother and I switch characters.

As a child the home is not know to me but I feel comfort and happy. I am watching a black cat. The cat is acting in a strange manner as though she does not know what to do with herself. Eventually the cat enters a large dust bin filled with garbage. She lays down on top of the rubbish. I call to my mother, 'I think this cat is going to have kittens."

As the mother I take a brief look at the cat, dismissing the child's comment with, "hmmm, no she is not" The reason for the hesitation is I know that child is probably right. As the mother I leave the house to go shopping.

The child looks at the cat and watches the birth of the first kitten. This kitten is very strong, so strong that it walks over the edge of the bin and up the garden path and into the wilderness beyond. As the child I had the inkling to pick the kitten up returning him/her to the place of birth with the mother, but I thought this is where the kitten should be as I watched the kitten disappear. I did have some concern that this kitten may not survive, but I let the kitten go. Turning back to the bin the cat had six more kittens and then a few more were born.

As the mother I shopped for normal groceries while looking around the supermarket for a large cat bed. End of dream (eod)


Good morning, Sophia.

Your first dream does seem to indicate that you are of two minds about something. Switching characters in a dream setting is one way to try on differing points of view, or to literally be two places at once. The dichotomy fits well with your stated issue at hand - wanting to move but not being able to convince yourself to do it.

One interesting point here is that the more responsible persona - the mother - only outwardly disagrees with the more impulsive one - the child. Inwardly she agrees. I don't see the reason for the automatic disagreement here. In spite of it, though, as part of her responsible duties (acquiring for the family - it can be equated with your job, possibly), she shops for a large cat bed. The coming birth is known for a fact and the responsible persona is making plans for the event. It could be that there is less internal disagreement over your plans than you think.

Meanwhile, one of those new responsibilities, represented by the firstborn kitten, has proven strong enough to strike out on its own. I can see where this fits your question if one of the reasons for staying is "personal responsibilities." At least one of your current obligations probably will do all right without you to "mother" it. This doesn't mean that you have no duties to fulfill, as the cat has quite a litter remaining, but it does indicate that you should look at them more objectively.

On the flip side of this argument, the kittens could represent "reasons for going" versus "reasons for staying." The latter seem to greatly outnumber, but I can't help but think of the child's feeling that the errant kitten "belongs out there." On the whole, it seems to me that the message here is to follow your heart, just do it responsibly.


Your second dream is a bit more disturbing. In general terms, you seem to be making decisions based upon fear - you give in to the intruder's will, fearful of possible consequences if you resist. He may be an element of your career, based upon your impression that he's in business. Or he could represent someone you've had to do business with, but not by choice. I'm sure that it is significant that he is Persian, but can't think how.

Beebo is playing both the parts of your intuition (she doesn't like him, this is your first impression as well), and and your personal interests (she's trying to do something else and he is only annoying her). Once her own interests no longer require her to put up with this man, she leaves the room. This tells me that he is something that you would prefer to ignore.

Fortunately, you are rescued - surprisingly enough, your chief rescuer is a dark man, usually representing one's baser or darker emotions. Spurred by anger, perhaps, and definitely with other interests outnumbering the business interest, you finally escape the unwanted attentions.
From this dream, I suspect that a job or unpleasant business dealing is encroaching upon your personal life. You are afraid to make a stand until you lose your temper.

I do hope that this was of some help to you.

Pleasant dreams,


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