Friday, August 31, 2012


Okay I'm hoping you can help...

About 2 months ago I broke up with the guy I'd been with for about a year. I loved him and all but wasn't terribly heartbroken when we broke up. I guess kuz there was no closure -- he moved and we just kinda... stopped talking.

Anyway, in the beginning, I never dreamt of him. I never did when we were together either. I mean maybe he'd walk past me in a dream, but never anything significant. But as of about a week ago, suddenly I'm dreaming about him all the time.

In a lot of dreams he comes up to me because he wants to talk, and he's angry with me. And there was another dream where he called me into a room and he was holding this picture in a frame... he told me his ex-girlfriend's tires had been slashed, like he was accusing me. Then he said his sister had done it.

I don't understand why he's suddenly popping up in my dreams. Any advice?

Thanks so much :)


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brad Pitt and Smelly Feet

Dear Peregrin,

You must constantly get the weirdest subject headings!

OK, last night I had a dream that I saw someone I used to be involved with, am still in love with, but haven't seen for a year. I had just moved back to NY and saw him. He made a football-maneuver style chart of where I was living and where he is living and said, "Yes, this could work." His hair was longer, he wasn't really showing any love towards me, just being practical (in real life he had trouble showing emotion). In the dream, I kind of just watched him and walked away, but I think I may have still loved him.

Then I was in a living room watching TV at Brad Pitt's house, and I was walking towards the patio. He said, "Why don't you have socks on? There is a reason people keep their socks on." Then he sat me down, told me to fold up a napkin on top of my feet, put licorice underneath that, and put the fire from a lighter on it -- I guess this would stop my feet from smelling or something. He said "rinse and repeat, if necessary" and I said, "Is it that bad?" He said "no" but still I didn't like him for it. I was never attracted to him, in my dream he had one red eye.

Anyway, the only thing wrong with my feet in real life is the back of one foot is completely bleeding from walking so much and wearing new shoes.

I hope this makes sense to you. Thank you!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Instant Replay

I dreamed I was in a car with my boyfriend (who is a policeman and tells me awful things he has seen) we were driving down a long country road near by my house & we drove past a man walking a dog. The dream then re-played itself, but this time we stopped and found the man dead.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Demon Murder

Well...I can't remember the whole thing, but I remember this bit, and you'll see why in a minute.

I was in this room. This kind of candle lit room, with beige walls, a lot of it was wooden I think. There were two people with me. One was an old man, slumped on the floor. He had a long beard, and wore dim white robes. He was old and weak. The other...person, was strong looking, had dark purple skin, and a tail. I call him the demon from now on. He was very active in the dream, and frequently ran about saying angry things. The old man would try and defend things. Like people. He said something like 'don't hurt them' and the demon said 'they must all die!', running around. I remember standing there, the old man not far in front of me, and hearing the demon's angry rant from all directions. I looked around but couldn't see him.

Then he came back. And he was just as angry as before. There was a woman, dressed in a kind of simple dim white robe like the man. The demon approached her, and lifted his arm as if strained. The woman rose up. He swiftly moved his arm toward a wall, and she flew into it hard. He moved his arm toward another wall, and she flew into that. Into wall after wall after wall. Then he pinned her against a wall, and her face was bloodstained, and she was screaming and crying. The demon then had a knife in his hand. He ran the blade across the palm of his hand, and clenched his fist as he did so. Blood ran between his fingers and his fist shook. He suddenly opened his hand, and the woman's throat slit, bled out and she fell to the floor and died.

I then remember being in a room with about ten other people, where the demon used his power to punch certain people in the face. I think the old man was there. But powerless to help. I don't remember any more. I then woke up.

(Sigh)...I usually get vivid dreams, and have been tempted to email you before, but this time I was a little disturbed.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Church Door

Dear Peregrin,

I hope you can answer my confusion. I had a dream a few nights ago that has been bothering me. I can't remember all the details, it has something to do with being a spy and failing a mission.

I was in a line with other spies who did not succeed in a very important mission. We were following each other up a narrow stairway next to the doors of a church sanctuary. The doors to the sanctuary was open, but no one inside. I followed the line upstairs, but by the time I reach the floor, I lost the line. There were several little spiral staircases with a closed door that we are to choose from. Because we failed, we were to be killed behind the door that we decide to go in. I remembered waiting for a friend that were a 2-3 person behind me and I went into the same door as she. I remember that there were other people in the room, but were invisible because they didn't want us to know each other. We were served a meal of our choice and suppose to kill one another. I somehow escaped and I was standing outside the church waiting for dawn to arrive. I went inside and noticed that the sanctuary doors were closed. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't open. As I wait by the doors, on the stairs that I previous walked up, two people walked up to the doors and the doors opened automatically. I thought that the doors were locked, so I went to the doors and looked inside through the glass. There were a lot of people inside: mothers with babies, children running around. Then I understood that I was so full of sin that the sanctuary doors will never open for me.

I am very upset that the church doors won't open for me. I like to know if this means anything. Thank you for your time and I hope you can help understand.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Math for Engineers

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream a few weeks back that I was in college again (I'm ten years out of college), and I'm taking an advance math course. I am usually confident in math, but when I realized that I didn't understand a word the teachers and other students were saying, I knew I was in over my head and probably in the wrong class. I realized in the end that I took a class for electrical engineers and dropped out. What do you think this could mean?


Friday, August 17, 2012

Burning Hair


I hope that you will be able to answer my question. I had this dream about 4 days ago, I don't remember what happened that day, seems like a normal day I think. Something that is happening now is that 1) problems with girl friend's family members, their inacceptable of me being not rich and/or holding back the future of their daughter. 2) And school just started. 3) Not liking my roommate. I think that is the current event that may have something to do with it.

Here is the problem. The dream started out as I was in the middle of a flood where I was driving some kind of vehicle (don't know what). As I kept driving, all the sudden I came to a house. There were some people in there that I don't recall (blur). I then somehow left that place to another place I think. At there, I met a person (unclear male or female, but seems like a male), shortly after, I started burning off that person's hair. I mean little by little, creating a pattern such as a cheetah skin. It was so vivid where I can smell the burning hair in my dream (telling me that I am smelling it). Then after that, I left and somehow got myself back into the flood. I don't remember if I ever did get out again since I woke up about then.

Please let me know what this might mean. Thank You.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Calm for Once

Dear Peregrin,

I am living in Kerala, India. I dreamt of myself in a distant place, northeastern part of India, where I had been before until the age of 16. I can't remember specifically the places name but I am sure I had been there before. I was excited by the place which was so different and silent than the place I live currently. Although there were hustle in these places, it had a silence which cannot be described. I ran along with my brother to a place were there was a temple or a monument of a sort and I commented to him how beautiful it was. Some time later I find my brother fishing near a lake and I join him there and say how nice place it is. I along with my parents and brother go through a market place and quite surprisingly I get a pack of cigarette from the shop nearby in front of my parents which is very unusual if it took place in real life. I am not sure whether they even know that I smoke in real life. But in the dream, they don't react. We reach a living room, possibly of the place there where we live and I take a newspaper and start reading it. I see there are fewer TV channels over there and tell this to my parents and also say it is a nice place to stay back but they just nod and don't speak as such. Then the villagers over there have a game of a sort in a locally built gallery and we all watch what is happening. It seems to me there is a fight going to take place which would be watched by us.

But here I woke up and could not complete the dream

I am an engineer working in a reputed firm. I have a brother who is married. My parents are staying at a place 200kms from my place and I visit them once in 3 weeks. I am trying to make an extra income from the net and am a little gloomy about my career but not fed up actually. I am searching for marriage proposals right now and my parents are a little insistent about my marrying soon and I have absolutely no different opinion. My father's health is not up to the mark and I am a little worried about


Monday, August 13, 2012

Harry Potter and Britney Spears


I've asked you about a dream before and you were so great that I had to come back to you. Well I had two very vivid dreams last night.

The first one was pretty weird. It was as if I was in the movie Harry Potter. Harry had been killed and I was the most powerful person now. I had taken on Harry's role. I walked into the dining area and the most evil kid and my enemy, Malfoy, said something about Harry's death. He said hahha Harry's dead what will you do now. I was so angry with him. The girl next to him joined in his banter and I went over to them and banged her head hard on the table and walked away. Then there was a big car that turns into a spaceship. I got into it and left.

The other dream I had took place at a Britney Spears concert. Me and my roommate had 3rd row tickets and we were dressed up like her. She was late and did not want to wear the outfit. I forced her to. She finally arrived and we ended up in the front row. Because of our outfits we got to go backstage. We had won a contest and had to perform at a local elementary school. I thought we'd get to meet Britney but we didn't
I know this is alot but I just started dating my now boyfriend 2 months ago and he's my first boyfriend. My parents are really strict and I am not allowed to date. I have dreams of him being at my house (which in real life would never happen) and it being ok. I've also had dreams of him hanging out with my parents. Yet he has dreams of me being mean to him or mad at him. I don't know if any of this means anything but I figured I'd ask.

Well thank you for your time.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby Spiders

Hi Peregrin,

Last night I had a very bizarre dream. I felt a little irritation on my upper arm and lifted my sleeve to see if I had been bitten by something. There was a large red area with many little bumps on it. As I looked more closely I saw that the bumps were moving...something was under my skin. A fairly large spider crawled out of my arm, followed by thousands of baby spiders. Surprisingly, I was not very alarmed by this!! I picked up a paper towel and gently pushed them off of me, but I was trying not to crush them and I remained calm.

That's all I can remember. Any ideas???

Thanks for your time as always!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Creepy Library

Hi Peregrin,

I had a dream last night that was extremely freaky to me, and I'd like to know if you can help me interpret it. Here is what happened in the dream.

My fiance and I were in a library. We kept hearing bells in a room upstairs and as I am asking the librarian about them, I see my fiance with a book in his hand going up the stairs. The librarian and I follow him and he goes into a room with a light on at the top if the stairs with a lot of shelves of books. I am standing in the doorway to the room, and tell my fiance that I'll be right there and turn to speak to the librarian when the door starts to close by itself. I start to lightly push against it to stop it and it keeps shutting like someone is behind it pushing it closed. I start to put my foot in the door but something warns me that it would be crushed if I did, so I don't and the last thing I see as the door shuts, locks, and the light turns off is my fiance looking at me questioningly. The librarian tells me to open the door but I can't, and for some reason I don't dare to look at the window in the door and see what is happening in the darkened room or who or what might be looking back out at me. I woke up shivering with fear.

I've checked out a lot of dream dictionaries online, but for some reason I can get the main theme or meaning of this dream.

If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance,


Monday, August 6, 2012

Dreams of Houses

Dear Peregrin,

I don't have a dream I want interpreted, but I have a question regarding symbols in dreams. I have had several dreams about an aunts house, and a house I used to live in. They are both trailers actually. They are on the same land not too far from each other in New Hampshire. The one I lived in is no longer there though. The dreams are always different.

I was wondering if there could be any symbology as to why I am dreaming of those two places? Nothing has ever happened in real life that happens in the dreams. I have had at least two dreams a week in the past 5 months (give or take) that have these two places in them. I live in Florida now, and I have been thinking about going back for a visit. But I have thought about going back to visit for longer than 5 months, so I'm not sure if they are just representing me missing that part of my life. I was wondering if you think that they have some "base" kind of symbolism?

Thank you.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Jeep Flips

Dear Peregrin,

In my dream, I was riding with one of my best guy friends in his jeep and I didn't have my seat belt on. Well, we went too sharp around a corner and turned over. I was so sure I was going to get hurt, but somehow I wasn't. I was just really upset. Then Kreig (my guy friend) all the sudden was my ex-boyfriend and he held me and told me everything was going to be ok and I had the biggest feeling of comfort. It seemed to be the feeling I remember the most out of the dream.

Later I dreamed that my best friend and I had went over to my ex's aunt's house and her boyfriend and my ex were suppose to come and spend the night. I waited forever and I was getting really mad. It started raining, so eventually he called and said he wasn't going to come over b'c it was really late. I was really mad because I had went through all this trouble to be with him and it was like he didn't even care. What all could this possibly mean?

umm...I thought that maybe telling you a little about what's going on in my life might help with interpreting the dream. The guy friend that was in my dream is a guy that likes me and we dated for a little while about a year ago. I only think of him as a friend but he still likes me. My ex that's in my dream is a guy that we just recently broke up. We dated for about 5 months. We broke up because he's really confused about his future and since he's graduating this year he wants to make sure he doesn't mess that up...We kept dating for about 2 weeks without being in a relationship before I told him this past weekend that we just couldn't be like this anymore. That once he gets ready for something serious then maybe we can try again. We are still friends, but I've been worried that maybe we'll drift apart. He is a very important person in my life.

Thank you,


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Snake Bite

Dear Peregrin,

For the last 2 weeks, most of my sleep time has been filled with dreams. I am usually getting 3-4 per night, and they are one right after the other. Usually I have a general idea of what they are about. However, I had this one that didn't contain a lot of information, nor was it very long in nature.

Basically, I was sitting down at a table, not really doing anything and this snake that was white with some black markings (randomly placed and random shapes)came up and bit me on the hand. I looked at it and just removed it and put it down. I was not angry or hurt at all in the dream, it was as if I had this no big deal attitude about it.

That was the end of the dream. Do you have any indication what the message was? Thanks for your time.