Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Romance Novel


The dream started off and felt like it was in the 1980s especially 1986 because I was like in my late teens. Now I am in my late 20s.

We were at the lobby of a very high-class hotel and it was my brother's wedding or someone very close who seemed like my brother. Though my brother is already very happily married. He married two years back.

It seemed like we knew everyone and downstairs in the lobby there was a section for our family and guests only. There were a lot of volunteers to help and they were ironically only men. They were all standing behind what seemed like cubicles made of white marble. There were 5-6 guys in each cubicle. I introduced my mom to everyone. One cubicle by cubicle and whispered in her ear to say thank you to all for helping out so much. Everyone was smiling, happy to help out and when I introduced them to my mom by name, they kind of smiled and nodded to her though then in the middle of the introduction when reaching the middle cubicle I started to forget peoples names which was kind of an embarrassment to me.

While all this was going on, we our family were waiting by the elevator to go up for the wedding. Everybody had gone and it was my turn I was talking to some friends in one of the cubicles.

Then suddenly someone comes for the wedding and he is a very good looking prominent man whom everyone knows including me as a friend. Though I notice him because of the cologne he is wearing which is very captivating. Anyway, I turn to my other male friends who are in the cubicle and tell them wow what a guy he looks and even smells rich. In the dream I am not interested in this rich guy rather it feels that I am trying to make jealous one of the guys already present in the cubicles and who is overhearing my conversation with my friends and fuming silently at my comments.

Anyway, to make this fellow more jealous in the dream I deliberately follow this rich guy up whom I cannot see the face just the rich clothes he is wearing and the wonderful rich smelling cologne he has on.

I see myself following this rich guy up the elevator and also feels like the person whom I am interested in is becoming more jealous.

Then suddenly the scenario changes.

When I depart from the elevator, at the top floor, I am the only one left in the elevator and enter a big waiting like room area and now I am in plush surrounding apartments which also looks somewhat like the hotel but more personal and luxurious and comfortable, rich but lived in by me.

Anyway, on the right side of the elevator is a waiting area with rich sofas, plush carpet, a hand crafted wooden table with white decorations on it, with white/yellow top lamp placed on it. There are glass sliding doors, opened on the right side, which are leading to the balcony with beautiful view and all this waiting area is for my appt guest only as there is only one appt which I can see and it seems to belong to me as there is only one wooden door which enters to the appt and there are no other doors around only one. On the left side is a yellow/white cemented wall.

The funny thing is when I open the door, the appt itself is pretty small but richly furnished and opened into the bedroom????????

On the left side there was nothing, but I guess a wall? It was also dark like it was evening time now and I seemed a bit older now.

In the center of the room was the bed. On the right side the living and dining room and on the left side of the living room and dining room the small kitchen. From the dining room there are glass sliding doors opened on the right side leading to a balcony.

Anyway, the person whom I was trying to make jealous entered the room as supposedly he also had a key? This time I could see him. In my previous dreams I have been unable to as his face has always been a blur. In my previous dreams I could only feel that he was handsome young man with dark straight hair.

I see a person who is about 6feet with blondish to brown curly hair. Can't see the face features. Though he has boyish features he is probably 35 years old. He is wearing all leather either dark dark brown in color or black. I can see the sleekness shine on his long coat. Probably a trench coat.

He comes in we have a heated discussion and make love then wake up and both of us go to the balcony because the lights have gone off and there is a type of sofa swing on he balcony. We are lying in each others' arms on the swing.

Anyway, when the lights do come on he thinks I am sleep but am really pretending to be sleep. He gets up, kisses my forehead and whispers that we cannot be together because of something which I cannot understand. Then leaves.

Then all of a sudden the lights come on and I feel like there is still time to stop him and not make him leave my life forever.

So I rush to the elevator where now there is a small table near the elevator with an intercom phone to call downstairs to the lobby. This was not there before.

I am in a desperate need to contact him. I call the person at the lobby counter to stop the man coming from my room they say sorry he just passed us buy we will try to stop him.

They can't so I call someone else at the lobby reception and this time it's a young girl and she says "don't worry my name is Afsheen and I know how much you want to stop him and talk to him, I will try to do my best to stop him, you stop fretting".

After me being and feeling very much in desperation, and feeling like so much of time has gone by, of trying to locate him, he comes up and we have a discussion.

He tells me that he can't marry me because he can't have any children. I tell him that is not important and we can always adopt.

Then I don't see us getting married like husband or wife but I do see ourselves with three children 2 boys and one girl.

I swear to you that before this dream I did not see any TV or movies or read any romance novels.

Though with my previous dreams I see myself making love to a man whom I cannot identify myself with but with this one I could and when I woke up I had a very good feeling inside a happy feeling and my whole evening went very well. I had this dream in the afternoon.

Usually my dreams are not that long but this one was and I remember it accurately.

Do other people remember their dreams so accurately and are there dreams also so lengthy?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes.


Good morning, MJ.

To answer your last question first, yes, people often have detailed dreams. It seems to startle them when they remember their dreams so clearly, though.

I believe when you say that you didn't read any romance novels prior to this dream, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn that many such novels were based upon dreams like this.
Sometimes we dream about things just because we want to; these reflect our desires. Even these dreams have some meaning, though.

I'm getting an impression here that this dream is a retrospective look at yourself, because of the date. You see someone that you care about undertaking marriage, which can represent any long term commitment. In this setting, you are oriented more upon helping with that endeavor.
Forgetting names is a minor social blunder, reflecting a slight fear of social interaction. This is reinforced by your dream actions, flirting with the rich guy to make someone else jealous - an avoidance of direct contact. It seems to work for you, though - your way of handling social situations.

Your richly furnished apartment indicates a well-rounded personality, and a lot of experience packed into a short life. The single door seems to me as if it's saying, there's only one way into your heart - and of course the young man in the dream has the key.

I really can't tell whether the dream is saying that he's in your near future, or whether he's still just a desire at this point. Even though you cannot see the facial features clearly, you may be getting a better idea of who you're looking for. I suspect that someone you work with is likely, considering the cubicles clue. This could also be a way of "grouping" guys that you know, labelling them into types.

In the following scenes you seem to be getting your priorities straight in your own mind, deciding what you want from a relationship and what you can do without. It also contains a warning about the importance of clear communication in any relationship.

The name "Afsheen" doesn't mean anything to me. Sounds a little like "machine" - could this be a computer, making the relevant communication electronic (i.e., email)?

Well, that's what I have for you. I hope it was of some use.

Pleasant dreams,


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