Monday, September 12, 2011

I can pull my teeth out!

Last night I had a strange dream: I dreamt I went back to my school (its summer vacation currently). I went to the field and recognized a few people there. We were Just kind of standing around. I had holes in my lip and my teeth were falling out. I could reach in my mouth and pull my teeth out and put them back in. It was my four bottom teeth. I have been wanting two lip piercings for about 4 months but my mother wont let me. Maybe that has something to do with the holes in my lip? Well I headed into the bathroom to fix my hair and I noticed it was bleached (a white color). I was surprised in the dream but didn't care because it looked good so I fixed my hair and headed out. I remember in the dream a friend from school told me I have holes in my lip and I said I know, but im going to put a piercing through them so it doesnt matter. I remember something like being at a party and for some reason I took a needle and shoved it through my lip about 4 times in different places.

Do you have any idea? it is so vivid! and i cant forget it. If it has any meaning please let me know, and thank you very much


Good morning, Jesser.

I agree that your dream is related to your mother forbidding you to pierce your lip, and here is why:

Teeth coming out in a dream means many different things, but the one that I feel applies in this situation is "losing face" -- i.e., being embarrassed. You've wanted to get this done for four months, and in your dream you have four holes in your lip - but no jewelry - and four teeth come out. I think that, when you decided that you wanted to get this done, you told your friends, and because your mother won't allow it, you have "lost face" with your peers.

Fortunately, this is a temporary situation - we can tell because you are able to put your teeth back in. Either your mother will relent, or you will find some other way of uniquely expressing yourself which is equally stylish - this is the white hair in your dream.

Pleasant dreams,


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