Monday, September 19, 2011

Portal of Blood

Dear Peregrin,

I should tell you this in advanced, I not suicidal. That's the only thing people can think of when they hear the word blood. Also I don't know if this will help but, this was a progressive daydream. The first day I saw this I only saw the beginning and each time the dream got longer. It was a couple months before fully ended. Well it starts with me on my knees curled up into a fetal position, and I'm crying. Than I stand up and puke blood. Than the tears from my eyes turn to blood. Next I look at my wrists and vertical slits open up and blood starts to pour out of them. I then focus onto the pool of blood and it starts to rise. All of a sudden it busts into and some type of portal was made. I then can see my face and I smile. I walk towards the portal and put my arm in it. And that's it. I have one theory about what it means, but I want someone else's opinion. If you could figure it out I'd be grateful.


Good morning, Kent.

The images you describe certainly can spur thoughts of suicidal depression, so I'm glad you cleared that up.

Blood is a fluid of life, and in most mystical belief systems it is laden with magical power as well. This fluid emerges from your body in every possible way. The portal, then, can represent a life journey - having paid a blood price, you are ready to move on.

As this is a daydream, I suspect that you are in a better position than I to find meaning - I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter as well.

Pleasant dreams,


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