Friday, December 30, 2011


After I wrote you about my other dream I haven't dreamt of that since. I not sure what that means.

One dream has stuck out in my mind. I've tried to interpret them but I still don't understand them. The other dream I dreamt that me and my sister had gone flying. We fly over two huge oceans. The sky was the clearest blue I'd ever seen. Then we stopped at an island. It stank of something dead. it was the most terrible smell.

Then a decaying dinosaur skeleton came alive. She, the dinosaur, came alive. She taught us a life lesson. I can't remember what it was. After she gave each of us, there were more people now, a little reminder. I told her I didn't want it. She told me I must take it.

After refusing several times I finally took it. But I had put it in a little white box like one you get from a jewelry store. I said thank you but I won't ever look into the box. She told that I must, we cry then and rock back and forth. I again told her I won't look into the box. She fracitly told that me that I must and I will some day look into that box.

After leaving the island, I am getting ready to go to a friend's house. This friend I haven't seen in a long time. Just as I am going into her house I look inside the box. It wasn't was I expect and thought to my self how could I have been so afraid of the contents. Why was I afraid of this little thing?

I shrug and go on into the house. There was this very cute guy there. My friend introduce us. He was tall, kind of built, dark hair, pale with blue eyes. He had a very beautiful voice, I remember that. Then he started to act as if we were old friends. I came on to him and he back away. I asked him if that bothered him, he shrugged, then laid on me. I started to rub this left shoulder. He leaned further into me.

I then noticed my hand. It was very lovely, my nails long and beautiful. He then cried out. I asked him if i had hurt him, he shook his head. I kept rubbing his back. Then I wake up.


Good morning, Southfire.

Generally, a recurring dream will stop once we "get the message," so if your last dream hasn't come back since you asked about it, we can probably assume that we got it right.

This dream speaks directly of being afraid of something that you shouldn't be afraid of. The decaying dinosaur skeleton represents something from your past, something that you thought was long dead. The life lesson from this memory is most likely related to whatever is in the box. The only clue I get to these contents is what happens afterward - my guess is that the box contains love. You may have had a bad experience in the past, and thought that you would not love again (that it was extinct), and may have been afraid to try. After you open the box, you find yourself with a man whom you find attractive. You are not the same person as you are now. The hint - longer nails. Nails grow with time, indicating that some time in the future you will find love again.

Pleasant dreams,


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