Friday, November 30, 2012

Tigers chase Son

Two Tigers were chasing my son. He was running to the car and I knew I would have to open the door to let him in when he got close. I also knew the tiger could possibly get in, but would have to take the chance. His father was outside the car and would possibly block him from getting to safety. I yelled at him to move out of the way ... I woke up


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All Women's Club except Matt

I was going to this house for a meeting of all women. I went with my friend Jasmine. She was a member and I was thinking of joining. While there we heard a car horn and no one had a phone to call and let the people in so I ran to where they where. I ran pretty far and while running I was like in between a lot of trees and fog. I felt really good running. I remember smiling and running really fast. When I got there to let the people in there was like 15 women so they all followed me back. Then when we got back I was leaving with my friend Matt who was there all of a sudden. I ran to him and jumped on him and he carried me for a bit. Then there was this song playing and I didn't' like it and he loved it I said to him, "I hate you music Matt but don't' worry I still love you. " He asked me who I came with and I said this women's name and I describing her. He asked me if she was the ugly one and I said yes. He then puked like 3 times. The puke was so memorable it was really gross. He stuck his entire head on the ground and puked so much he was gargling in it. I then was thinking maybe he was drunk, but he said no she was that ugly. Just then we where back getting ready to go into my dorm and the lady who held the meeting (I've seen her from a couple classes her name is Colin) she was handing out really pretty necklaces and bibles and everyone got one. Then I went up to get mine and she glared at me, so I just said well thanks bye. And she just kept staring with a I want to kill you look!

I've never done this so I don't' know if I am suppose to type anything else. But um Matt is a really Metrosexualy acting guy. He is a friend, but we don't' get along very well. I thought that might help.


Monday, November 26, 2012


Okay... um I really can't remember from the beginning. The first dream was kinda different. anyway here it goes, this is all I remember.

Okay I'm in a restaurant with some people from my school. A guy who used to go to our school was talking to my best friend. Her boyfriend was there with us, but he was talking to someone while the guy was talking to her and I was just looking around. So... she came up to me and said I told the guy I was gay and that you were my girlfriend. I just stood there and looked at her like "WHAT". Then I finally spoke and said, why did you do that? she said, I don't know just pretend we'll dating. Then I said your boyfriend is here, why didn't just say you had one. Then she says, oh I didn't think of that. So as we were in the restaurant I did what she ask me to anyway. The only thing I did was just put my arms around her, no kissing.

Pooh Pooh

Friday, November 23, 2012

This is a Supermarket?


I had this dream: I walked out of my mum's house to go to the supermarket (Vons) and when I got there it was someone else's place with all of my dad's friends in it. And I used their printer to print out a lot of guitar tabs. They started talking to me so I set them aside on the bed for a minute and sat down as well. They said that's a lot of guitar tabs. I'm glad you're doing it. Then this girl that's sitting next to me says she broke up with a guy cause she slept with another, (her relations weren't with anyone I knew, just some guys names) and I said "good job slut." She said did you just call me a slut? Then I said it's another word for promiscuous, it's exactly what you did. Then, she turns into a cat! I didn't realize this until I had my hands on her, fighting. She got offended, and I thought it was hilarious. Like she couldn't deal with what she was. She didn't do anything, but I could feel the claws on my skin-she didn't scratch me, just got all pissy. So then I got my guitar tabs, and left. Odd part...I don't think all of my dad's friends really noticed this girl?


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Swimming in the Street

I walk out in the street in a residential neighbourhood nearby to my home with a female friend, but the streets have been flooded and have turned into a river, which flows, but only slowly and in no particular direction. The water is clear and beautiful and is bright turquoise. There are the normal amount of people around for a quiet residential neighbourhood (very few), but there is no panic in response to this altered state of the world. The few people we see go about their business as if everything were normal, and even my friend and I do not comment on the unusual situation. We are comfortable, but are having a deep discussion.

My friend and I are talking and walk/swimming slowly up the street, but I can't remember the topic we were discussing, and a young man (20s) swims by, quickly, smoothly and mer-man-like, as though he has always lived in water. He stops once he's passed and turns around and looks at me. He smiles and throws me a bar of soap he said he'd been using to bath himself in the water. I take the soap, but I am not sure what to do with it. Bathing seems like a good idea, but inappropriate in the street. As I stand with the soap, he begins to pleasure me in sexual ways from under the water and I look toward my friend, embarrassed, but she is no longer there. Looking to where she was, the sun blinds my eyes and I give in and go under the water with the man. I cannot see anything under the water, but I feel love, pleasure and peace. I wake up at this point.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Penn & Teller, DDS

I had a dream last night that my crowns (2 front) were breaking apart and that fillings were falling out as well. Some blood, not a lot! The weird thing about the dream was that the dentists were two men that were similar to "Pen and Teller" (comedian magicians that are now dentists) I didn't get this. The dream also had me driving in different directions trying to get somewhere and then I would end up back at the dentist trying to fix my tooth. I also remember the dentists telling me that it would be done in 10 minutes, but in the dream, it took a lot longer. Seemed as though days passed. There were people in the dream, who were suppose to be good friends of mine, whom I did not recognize at all in real life. The dream ended with me leaving the dentist with perfect crowns again, but also telling my REAL- LIFE dentist that I didn't go to him for the repair because I wasn't happy with the original crowns and that if they were already crumbling after 7 months that he obviously didn't do a good job.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Thrown Ice

Was on a boat with someone I used to know well. It was docked then I started steering it then it halted all of a sudden, so I steered it back to the dock. Then the person that used to be my friend is drinking a cup of water full of ice and just throws the cup across the boat, making the ice fly everywhere. We laughed but the whole time I thought what in the hell are you doing?

Thanks this baffles me


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who, What?

Just before the certainty of actual sleep, a large eye, enough to cause me to jump. Next, a youngish woman looking back at me as if through a car mirror. What does that suggest? No idea who!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Fix my AC

Dear Peregrin,

I had this dream over the weekend where I was in a "fancy" restaurant with another girl, who was obviously a friend but I never identified who she was.

Then these 2 guys came up to us and asked us to dance (I had no idea who they were, but I felt very comfortable with them). My friend was "fast" dancing with 1 guy, but I only wanted to "slow" dance, so the other guy and I just slow danced to the fast music. Next, the guy and I sat down at a table and there were all these little triangle shaped cards with little "fortunes" written on them (kind of like the sayings you find in a magic 8 ball). He was reading them, and we were laughing having a good time (but my friend and the other guy were not there anymore).

The next thing I remember is I was at my house all alone, and the heater or the air-conditioner was broken, so I called the guy and asked him to come over with intentions of him fixing it, but he thought that I wanted him to come over to sleep with him, and he said "no I can't do that to you", but I explained and he came over in the middle of the night to fix it. When he got there, I showed him into the basement and he climbed through this little hole in the wall to fix it. Then I woke up.

Thank you very much,


Friday, November 9, 2012

Running in the Snow

I was running in the snow, everything around me was white. except for a black cat, who I was running with. the cat was very spunky and was kind of with me. it was full of energy. I am not sure of where we were going, but we just kept running. there was a cut on my leg that was bleeding the entire time.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marriage and Babies

The setting was in early 1900's , it was all in black and white. I dreamt that I got married to a dark skin man and we had 30 babies at once. Also his mother didn't like the way I was taking care of the babes.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ghost Bus

I dreamt I was riding on this bus. At first the bus was crowded. I fell asleep and when I awoke the bus was empty. I looked out the window to see if I had missed my stop, nothing seemed familiar. I asked the bus driver if we had passed my street he told me he never heard of my street. I said in a almost panicky voice, let me off this bus right now. The bus driver opened the bus door. I got off and started walking. It started to get dark. At first I walked slowly, then I began to pick up speed. It was really dark now and except for this one light that seemed to follow me as I walked. Then I woke.

Can you interpret my dream for me thanks


Friday, November 2, 2012

Long Foamy Teeth

Dear Peregrin Walker,

I had a dream last night where I was looking in a mirror with my mouth open, and I had a enormous number of extra teeth-some large- in my lower mouth-they looked almost grotesque, they were extending into the area underneath my tongue, a very soft white and yellow and there seemed to be a very soft white foam covering some of them. I was touching them lightly with my finger and they seemed to move. Then I was flipping through a photo album with an unidentified blonde woman and looked at many black and white photos of myself where I looked great and happy. Then I came to the only color photograph in the album which was of my ex-boyfriend, wearing a shirt that he had at the time we were together, and I tried to hide the photograph but after I did give it to the woman to look at. What does this mean?

Thank you very much,