Friday, July 29, 2011

Desert Animals

Dear Peregrin,

A kangaroo, an emu, a wild black cat (large, not housecat), a fox and three people (me, my boyfriend and another person i don't know who) are in the desert. We are traveling south. we reach a convenience store. we stand in front. It is dusk with a pink sky. An older man joins us. He has a shotgun. He aims and shoots toward where the animals are (north of us). We are nervous he might hurt one of our animals. The kangaroo and emu and the black cat join us. We laugh that they know immediately to come stand with us where they will not get shot. Then i pet the emu.

From the south comes a very large running fullgrown male tiger. He is not one of our animal friend and there is immediate danger. We all run inside. I try to lure the emu inside but it won't come. It is running around startled. I am very worried for all our animals. I feel anxiety. We stand in the 711 and see the kangaroo and the emu get eaten. I keep looking away. I can't take how easy it is for him to tear away their limbs - it is like when you see someone eating chicken. We worry for the fox but I remember then that foxes are very smart and swift. Then I sense there is another animal of ours out there with the fox and am even worried for it.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kittens and a Kiss

Hi Peregrin,

I had two dreams earlier this morning that I would like to relate to you. May I explain, I asked for dreams in answer my questions concerning moving and a real life puzzle.

I want to move. This move will start a completely different way of life. A part of me is holding back. I feel that I am on my own in many ways and yet somehow I ask and I receive perhaps not in the way I expected. I want to know the reason for my lack of motivation to move at this moment in time. Also a totally unrelated question was asked to solve a puzzle of almost three years. The details are long and drawn out and I could probably write a book.

I have given you some background although not in any detail. Here are the dreams I remember this morning

In first dream I am a female child and also a mother and I switch characters.

As a child the home is not know to me but I feel comfort and happy. I am watching a black cat. The cat is acting in a strange manner as though she does not know what to do with herself. Eventually the cat enters a large dust bin filled with garbage. She lays down on top of the rubbish. I call to my mother, 'I think this cat is going to have kittens."

As the mother I take a brief look at the cat, dismissing the child's comment with, "hmmm, no she is not" The reason for the hesitation is I know that child is probably right. As the mother I leave the house to go shopping.

The child looks at the cat and watches the birth of the first kitten. This kitten is very strong, so strong that it walks over the edge of the bin and up the garden path and into the wilderness beyond. As the child I had the inkling to pick the kitten up returning him/her to the place of birth with the mother, but I thought this is where the kitten should be as I watched the kitten disappear. I did have some concern that this kitten may not survive, but I let the kitten go. Turning back to the bin the cat had six more kittens and then a few more were born.

As the mother I shopped for normal groceries while looking around the supermarket for a large cat bed. End of dream (eod)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Numb Inside

Hi I had a confusing dream which I wanted your advice on.

So here goes.

I am 30 years old now. In my dream I was 28-27 and very much in a relationship with a person of blond hair, medium built messy hair and blue eyes.

We were students. Then suddenly, something happens, I do not remember what but something bad like a tragic occurrence in my personal life happens and this person whom I trusted to be by my side abandons me. I get the feeling of being abandoned but in a very sharp edge like feeling and one of amazement that it happened to me so suddenly and fast. At this time both myself and my partner were students but mature students like in a college or university. I see myself standing alone by an empty ground floor apartment with wind blowing and me just staring into space.

Now I see myself a bit mature like I am 32 or 35 but I look younger, healthier, and confident but am silent. I am quite inside kind of like when you are younger you have dreams and hope and now I am in reality with no dreams but portray myself to the world as a confident, young go getter. Though inside I do not know what I am feeling because inside I am numb.

Then I see myself as an educator a speaker to students, and funny they kind of look like medical students? Because they are all wearing white coats and smiling at me in a very friendly way. Anyway, I am welcomed in an auditorium full of students and am greeting everyone as they seem to know me and me knowing them. Kind of like they are my students but this cannot be because they are not that much younger to me only 3 years or so.

Then I go up to the podium and then suddenly the dream comes back to the person who abandoned me and I see him holding me from the shoulders and gently shaking me and telling me that I did not want to leave it was just necessary but I had faith in you and I am just staring at him blankly and daydreaming.

What could this mean? By the way I work in a teaching hospital may be all this is just getting to me and I am having crazy dreams about the place at which I am working.


Though the weird thing was that sometimes you can actually feel in a dream and when I woke up from this dream emotionally I was drained and exhausted.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Ant Attack

I have this coach that I really like. Even though I go to a high school, I was at my old middle school and he was there. There was a huge pile of ants, probably four feet tall in the center of a T-shaped intersection in the hall. Someone threw a football, and it landed in the ant pile, throwing ants all over me. They attacked me, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs and trying to knock them off of me. I got back up, and this coach came running. He had been attacked as well. Everyone was trying to help us out and someone brought a blanket over for us. You know how you get really cold if you're stung or bit really bad? We were both shivering, and we sat down in the hall away from the ants and I was crying. He got me in his arms and I remember feeling so good because he was there taking care of me. Everyone else seemed to disappear.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Good morning, Dreamers.

This is my own dream, presented so my readers will have a shot at "dreamwalking" me. Click on "comments", or send an email, to have a go.

Pleasant dreams,


Monday, July 18, 2011

Highway Plane Crash

I was driving down a very rainy/cloudy 2-lane highway about 30 miles from my home, and all of a sudden a large passenger airplane came out of nowhere, crashing on it's side hitting wires, sparks are present, but no explosion or fire, until full impact.... there is like a sudden silence, and i find myself jumping out of my truck, falling onto the pavement, and running away from the plane disaster because smoke/flames/debris was chasing me in the rain.

You know, in a dream where you find your self standing still trying to run, but you aren't moving anywhere? I have those all the time. Then sirens are everywhere, complete chaos a mayhem. What do you think that all means?

I seem to remember most of my dreams. A lot include buildings/houses/places with a lot of differant rooms with doors... or someone rescuing me.. before sept 11th i also have about 5-6 differant dreams with plane crashes... somehow some seem to almost predict the future in some way.. no kidding. It's creepy.

What do you think?


Friday, July 15, 2011

Tux and Sneakers


I dreamt that my ex had stolen money from me (a single bill that was very valuable, nevertheless).

I also saw the guy I like now. He was well dressed but his shoes were dissonant with the rest of his clothes (kind of like wearing a tuxedo with tennis shoes). He was wearing white shoes and they looked old and they were peeling.

Not long ago I had dreamt of the guy I liked. He was driving the car and I was sitting next to him. Then we parked, he fell asleep. I started caressing him but taking care of touching him lightly enough not to wake him up. I was afraid he would reject me cause I'm not sure if he likes me back.

What do you think?

Best to you,


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Orphan Trap

Dear Peregrin,

I tend to have very vivid dreams, and I tend to remember every last detail, down to what color eyes every person in my dream had. I'm sure a lot of it is my imagination "filling in the gaps" so-to-speak, after I wake up. The one I had last night disturbed me greatly and I just can't shake the feeling I got from it, and the feeling stayed with me all day and the next night, and I kept having flashes of it. Any help you can offer up would be greatly appreciated.

My husband, myself, and my two children, (ages 22 months old and 3 years old) are on a vacation and are driving down a road my grandmother lives on when I spot to our left a trailer (someone's residence) that has burned completely to the ground. Lying on top of the rubble are 3 bodies: a man, a woman, and a small child. They are completely nude and appear to have not been burned at all, yet they are dead. In the middle of all the ash and rubble stands a baby crib totally untouched by the fire with a baby around 15 months old just standing there, calm as can be. I call the police and ask them how long ago this happened and why the bodies are just lying there and tell them there's a baby there. They tell me it would be best if I just kept on driving. This happens all the time and it's a trap. (I later realize these are ghosts.) We take the baby to the hospital and subsequently (to make a long story short) begin the adoption process. I go back to the burn site to look for any photos of the family and feel like I am being watched the entire time. Any time that I am alone with this orphaned child, I feel like someone else is in the room. I also notice that strange things happen whenever I'm with the child, like the child has some kind of telekinetic powers.

I am so disturbed by this dream. Is it that I just watch too many movies and too much TV? What does each element of this dream? Or am I just completely crazy.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Fireship Pilot

Good morning, Dreamers.

Here is one of my own dreams, to give my readers a shot at dreamwalking me. Click on the "comments" link, or send an email, to try your hand.

Pleasant dreams,


Friday, July 8, 2011

Psychotic Coworker


I had an odd dream last week and I was hoping you could help me find some meaning in it. I walked into a room that appeared to be some sort of waiting room. There was a man in a straight-jacket sitting in one of the chairs. In the dream, I knew that I knew this man from work and that he had been arrested for murder. Looking back at the dream now, he didn't look familiar, but I knew his name to be "Dennis Linde". (I knew the name sounded familiar upon waking, and after checking it out, found that this is the man who wrote the Dixie Chick's "Goodbye Earl." I have no strong connections or anything to this song or to the group). Anyway, the man started telling me how much he hates me and that he will get me when he gets out of jail. He then fell off his chair, and I asked him if he needed help getting back up. As he was laying on the floor, I could see his fingers sticking out from the top of his straight-jacket, but for some reason I didn't think this was unusual. I helped him up, then just as I did, he breaks free from the straight-jacket. He starts to run from the building, then turns to say he'll be back to get me. He runs out and I yell for help. A policewoman comes in and I tell her who got away. She says that he's a murderer and she's not going after him by herself. She goes to find more help.

Then I wake up. I would appreciate any insight you could give me.

Thank you very much!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bloody Lake

can you help me on this?

i keep having reoccuring dreams of me being in a lake in the middle of no where, when i look down the water is bloody all around me and i freak out, as i am panicking a stillborn child rises up from the water and an angel comes down and says to me he didn't want to be here yet. i ask why and the angel laughs at me and i start to cry, while i am crying i fail to notice that there is something else in the water but what i don't know its some kind of mystical creature such as like the Loch Ness but it is not harmful to me it gently rubs across my legs with its nose and disappears into the lake then i hear a loud scream from the other side of the lake and i wake up. can you tell me what this means or am i just having a very interesting imagination, but how so when it is reoccuring.

thank you for your time ,


Monday, July 4, 2011

Super Friends

Good morning, Dreamers.

This is another of my own dreams, to give my readers a shot at me. Click on the "comments" link, or send an email, to walk this dream.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Love

HI Peregrin

i recently had a very intense dream about my boyfriend.i dreamt that we were making love. i could not believe that it was not real when i woke up. i dont understand how this dream could be so intense when we (he and i ) are having so many problems. i mean i am considering walking away from the realtionship. please tell me what you think

thanks in advance