Friday, July 30, 2010

Enchanted Melody

Dear Peregrin,

I wake from a dream that I cannot remember, but I am left with a warm feeling throughout my body. I walk slowly down a long winding staircase. Then, I am no longer present. I can see the staircase still, but I am looking down on it from above and I am aware that I am not a part of this reality. I can hear the most beautiful melody in the world. A woman is singing in an extremely expressive language, which I do not understand. It causes me to cry softly. I feel the most amazing rush of emotion. Although I can remember hearing the song with vivid clarity, its tune escapes me. This memory is haunting me. I would give anything to hear it in waking life or even to have the dream once more. I have a dreadful feeling, though, that I will never again hear this piece of music that I believe means everything to my achieving a sort of peace that I had never before belied possible. Help!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Can't Play Rugby Like This!

Dear Peregrin,

I enter my dream staring at the deep, dry cuts in each of my hands. No blood is present, but I can see under the skin to the tendons, red muscle, and white bone of the openings in my hands. I am very calm in the dream, and strangely enough I am more upset at the thought that the cuts will keep me from my rugby game than the injuries to my person.


Monday, July 26, 2010

The Funeral

Dear Peregrin,

In my dream, one of my closest friend's husband Jayme died. I was sitting next to her and some of my other friends as the minister said a prayer for him. The casket was open and all of a sudden, Jayme rose from the coffin and began screaming and crying, "Please don't put my body in the ground, please!" He was twitching and my friends were crying. I was hysterical and began screaming. I woke up feeling very sad and scared.


Friday, July 23, 2010

The Dirty Church

Dear Peregrin,

Another Sanitarian and myself were inspecting a church for cleanliness. In the large auditorium, we began to mop the tile floors which were filthy. We noticed a mist beginning to rise. The pastor of the church watched us. He seemed very unconcerned and was casually, almost sloppily dressed.. We were aware a service was about to begin. People began to knock at the locked doors. We went outside and informed the parishoners the church was closed. They seemed to be in an ugly mood and began to throw rocks at the church. One shadowy figure began to threaten. I faced off with him and we began to struggle. Here the dream ended.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacation and Indians


I had a very strange dream last night.

I was going with my best friend to Brazil (I live in Argentina) to spend our vacations there. To get there we had to go trough a big field, but there were indians all around it. I saw many, many arrows coming our way, they were trying to attack us. Finally one arrow hit on my neck, and then I woke up.

What do you think this dream means?

Thank you for your answer!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Satan and Choices

Dear Peregrin,

Me and my family were in this hot humid cave and it was like we had just appeared there. No light, just dark, hot, humid! We stumbled around for hours trying to find the way out. Our clothes were drenched in sweat. We kept hearing this fire crackling in the cave but no light. We finally made it to a room in the cave. It was huge, with just enough light to see about 10 feet in front. Then we heard a boom and Satan appeared behind us. He told us that we could choose one person to stay there and the rest of us could go to heaven. He put a huge hourglass in front of us and sat there. Everything we said, he would say the bad that would come of it. After sitting there for hours trying to decide I woke up.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Cat Killer

Dear Peregrin,

My sister and her fiance, James, and I were over at my mother's house visiting. Sometime during the visit, James tried to kill one of my mother's three cats with an ax. Somehow, we were able to get to her (the cat) in time to take her to the vet before she died. James acted like he didn't know what had come over him and as if he saw little wrong with his actions. The cat did live and had these weird plastic things on her chest that we were required to keep there while she healed. My sister and mother seemed to see little wrong with his behavior also and I was the only one who was upset at all.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anyone for Curry?

Dear Peregrin,

I get up and go out to the kitchen for breakfast. There are lots of people there, and I'm surprised. What are they doing in my house? All the people are eating curry and rice. I hate curry so I grabbed a piece of fruit for my breakfast.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Herding Cats

Dear Peregrin,

Dream starts with one kitten. As dream progresses, more kittens appear. They seem to be strays interbred with pedigreed. Eventually there are hordes of kittens, some walking on branches outside the bedroom window, some feeding from mother cats on the bed. One kitten was grey with brick-red coloured spots.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Look Out, Dorothy

Dear Peregrin,

I've a question to ask. Just a little one. See, I keep having dreams about tornadoes. I have dreams about tornadoes on a regular basis. Does you have any insight as to what tornadoes mean in dreams? All I know is that I am deathly afraid of them, and I've never even seen a real one! Whenever there's a thunderstorm, I hide under the covers, thinking a tornado is going to hit my house, because of the dreams. Weird?


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Move Over, Jonah

Dear Peregrin,

I wanted to save little dog that felt into the water, a river. I was standing at the side of the river. At that moment a huge whale appeared, wanting to swallow me. I struggled hard with its teeth to avoid being eaten. I was frightened but I woke up.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Nothing To Give?

Dear Peregrin,

A group of people and I walk from one place to another. My husband and I walk together. I feel love and desire for him. We are seated around a large table and are being assigned various parts in a play, for we are a troupe of actors. It is a foregone conclusion that my husband will play the male lead. But I am ignored, and find myself seated farther and farther from him.

Another woman, who has also been overlooked in the casting snorts in exasperation, takes my hand, and leads me away. As we walk, I think about what a talented actress she is, and cannot understand why she was not given a part. As for myself, I think that if a part was something I could relate to in my actual life, I could probably read a line convincingly, but I know that I am not a good actress.

As I walk and think, I notice my pretty green dress and white shoes.

We arrive at a restaurant, and sit at a table outdoors. Before she sits, my companion goes to all the tables and gathers up all the people who are alone, and asks them to join us. I scoot my chair over to make room. There are several women, at least two men, and an older woman who at first objects to eating with us, saying "They are all Goyim." But she soon feels the warmth of the group, and settles happily, glad to be included.

To somebody who wonders why he or she was included, I say "Well, because you were dressed for it," because by seeming coincidence, we are all wearing clothing of a similar fabric, a delicate green, printed with small white flowers. The women are wearing pretty, summery dresses and the men have shirts in the same fabric.

We have a wonderful time, so when my companion says it is time we were getting back to the actor's group, somebody says "We should give each other something to remember this by." One of the people my friend has invited to the table wistfully says "Oh, you mean you want something from us." To reassure her, I say "Oh, no! We will give YOU something." but when I search my pockets, I have nothing to give. I feel sad that the connection with those people is now severed.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Picking Up The Pieces

Dear Peregrin,

One beautiful sunny afternoon I spontaneously volunteered to help out at a restaurant. A group of 5 people came in insisting to sit a particular table that was set for 8 people. My mother-in-law was to wait on them and I was to observe how it was done.

Being at such a large table I had difficulty hearing and I had to walk around the table whenever anyone spoke to me. The people were very nice but somewhat passive aggressive as I think on it now. They demanded a lot of attention with a variety of questions. One woman in particular seemed to be the leader of the group - early 50's, gregarious, shoulder length brown curly hair with 2 ears on the left side of her head.

In a relatively short time the restaurant had filled up and my mother-in-law excused herself leaving me with this group. I had to go to the kitchen often in order to get the answers to her various questions on fish and wine. At one point while in the kitchen I discovered her to be standing beside me as if that's where she belonged. I commented on the pretty young lady that was in her party and inquired as to whether she was ready to order yet. The lady made the comment that she wasn't so young and I said to me - she felt to be about 18 years old. The Lady said "Oh, So you're a feeler then, well I've always felt her to be 80 years old" and I accepted what she was saying as quite natural. She walked away and when I went back to the table to finish getting their orders, they had all left.

Under a glass was a small note saying that this had been a test and if I had any questions to call 342-0435. At that point I was close to tears and started cleaning off the table. It was nighttime now and the room was full of shadows making it difficult to see clearly.

A rock glass slipped from my left hand and my son suddenly appeared on his knees picking up the glass and before I could stop him he had cut his fingers and then he was gone. I retrieved a broom and dustpan to sweep it up but the little chunks stuck to the floor and so I knelt down and patiently picked up one piece at a time, carefully putting them in the dustpan - crying all the while because I felt like such a failure. That's when I woke up feeling very dejected and hurt and crying.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peregrin Walks Again

Good morning, dreamers.

My previous DreamWalker site was lost when the host quite suddenly went out of business.  I had less than 24 hours notice and couldn't back up all my files.  This was, as you might imagine, quite distressing, and for the last couple of years I didn't even feel like continuing. 

Now most of my backup files have been found, or can be re-created, so I'm back in business.  I will start publishing again from my archives, but will handle new analysis requests first.  Hopefully, I'll get back into a strong enough rhythm that I can re-enable my AllExperts account too.

Keep on dreaming!