Monday, April 30, 2012

My Sister's Best Friend

There is this girl named Alexis, who happens to be one of my sister's best friends. We say hello etc, when we see each other, but beyond that, I barely know a thing about her.

But for a little over a few months now, she's always slipping into my thoughts subconsciously at the most random times.

And recently, I've even started to dream about her. In these dreams, I'm sometimes talking to my best friend online, only this friend turns out to be her. We talk about everyday things, and then she turns to me and asks me to kiss her.

In some other dreams, we're already in an established relationship, or working our way up there.

I admit that I used to have a small crush on her, but that has faded away by now. Only these dreams are starting to make me realize that maybe I haven't quite gotten over it.

Anyway, thank you for your help.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Lip Ring

I wanted my lip pierced like my friend Jesser's because she told me about it yesterday, so in my dream, I was at the mall, getting ready to get it pierced,. when I couldn't find a cool lip ring like Jesser's. so I went shopping around the mall all day and I couldn't find one. all the sudden, I appear in the middle of the desert, I see Kelly Osbourne, and she gives me her lip ring.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Missed Connections

I have been having the same dream for the past year. I will give you a brief background first.

I met a guy in college but we never seemed to get the timing right. I met another guy and he became my BF for four years but the guy and I still remained friends. Right before graduation I started to dream about this guy almost every night and the dreams lasted about a year or so. The dreams were ruining my relationship with my BF because I started acting funny (that along with his other issues). Finally I told my BF about the dreams and then they just stopped. I was glad because I thought there was no point in dreaming about someone I would never see again. Or so I thought.

My BF and I are now split up but most of the time we are good friends even though he harasses me for more, which I do not want right now. Out of the blue the guy who I have been dreaming about contacts me, we set up a date but it never comes about.

So I have been having a dream once a week (they started before he even popped back up but are happening more often now) that this guy and I are planning a getaway or rendezvous and we still can never get it right. In the first few dreams my X-BF tries to kill us every time he finds out. In every dream I am sneaking because I don't want him to know. I don't know why since I am not cheating in these dreams since we are not together. In the dreams I never feel bad about what I am doing. In the dream I had last night the guy and I were suppose to meet again and EVERYTHING you could think of was in our way, people, objects, situations. In one part he was at the top of the stairs and the stairs was blocked. It is not like I think that this guy and I even have a chance. He travels a lot and I have a hectic work schedule, there are also other things that would keep us from working out. I wished that one of our plans would have come through but oh well that is life. I have come to realize that if a person is really interested they will make an effort. If they don't make one I take me hint from there. SO what I am trying to figure out is what is the dream telling me that I don't already know. Oh in the dream I also screamed something about making everyone else happy before myself. Where that came from I don't know.

Hope I didn't confuse you

Thanks a lot


Monday, April 23, 2012


In my dream I'm walking around with one of my best friends at school, and she keeps talking about the guy we both fancy. She is closer to him in real life but closer still in my dream. She will just not stop talking about him, then he walks past and she starts saying how gorgeous he is. I suddenly stand up and punch her really hard in the face. I then take off my shoes and put them to one side. I then wonder around with no shoes on. I go into science and even thought I don't realise it I'm actually sitting next to my best friend that I punched. What does this mean? It's weird because I am jealous in reality.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Speaking Spanish

For everyday for a whole week I dreamt about a guy that I have a crush on, last time I dreamt that he was talking to me in Spanish telling me that he knew how to talk Spanish, but I could only see his mouth and not the rest of his face but I recognized his voice, after I woke up I felt really happy


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Torn Apart

Ok, well a little background first...

My grandmother passed away not too long ago. Her house was the only place I could ever come home to. Since she died, I've had several dreams that have taken place in her home. This one however struck me as strange.

I enter the house with my boyfriend. However, I walk straight through the house and leave him inside. Instead of just walking to her room, i proceed to walk out the back door and walk down the gangway. I go to her bedroom window and two of my best friends are there. One I have known since I was six and the other who i fell in love with and left my boyfriend of three years for. However, like in the dream, we are back together. Anyway, I walk to the window and I find it open and the friend of mine who I had fallen in love with extends his hand to me. I grab his hand and my dream focuses in on our embraced hands. However, something is trying to pul us apart, however we don't break the embrace.

Now I have analyzed this dreams by looking through several dream symbol books. However, I did not find them satisfactory. I am wondering if there are any hidden meanings or strange significances in this dream.

DreaminOf You

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cruise Camera

I am single (seperated, not divorced) work hard and like my job, have 2 great kids


I am on a cruise ship, on an upper deck, the waves are huge and the water is rough, the waves come over the boat getting the people below me wet, there is a group of about 5 or 6 people who want me to take a Polaroid picture, I take the picture, then one of my co workers ask for the camera, I give it to her, a nice looking dark haired man walks around the corner, says something to me about his marriage not working, we walk and sit on 2 lounge chairs, there is a connection between us, we hold hands and snuggle close, I tell him people are gonna be mad and not talk to me when they know we are together.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Panic and Rescue

Hi Peregrin

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me interpret a few dreams
that I have. I will try my best to relate them to you as soon as possible.

There is this man. Let's call him "SC". He is not a friend and he doesn't
know me. He is just somebody I know from afar. I know him is because he is
in the same profession that I am trying to get know what I mean?
The thing is, I do not care for his existence, as in , I do not have
anything against him at's just that I view him the same as I feel
for most people - neutral.
Strange thing is I started to have dreams about him. Which is weird,
considering I never thought of him at all before. I have a total of about
5 dreams of him and I will try my best to relate them.

First dream) I was on a moving bus and I was standing up. All around me,
were people I knew and hated in the past. I was extremely uncomfortable
and I pressed the "stop" button, ready to get off the bus, all the while
wishing I had a friend and the people I love would rescue me right now.
Suddenly, I turned my head and seated at the back of the bus was SC and he
gave me a small smile and patted the empty seat next to him and motioned
me to sit beside him.

I woke up, not paying any attention to it...just surprised that it was SC,
of all people. After a few months...

second dream) I was just walking around on the street when I saw a funeral
taking place and again a lot of people I hated from the past were
surrounding me. I was in a frantic panic because it was a really awful
situation. I think I was half crying and half wishing to myself that the
people that I love will take me away right now and all of a sudden, I saw
SC again. He was walking by himself and I followed him. It was because of
me following him that he led me straight up a hill and all of a sudden, I
felt my both arms being raised up and when I looked up, the man I admire
and respect most in the professional world, was holding my hand up in
victory and his girlfriend was holding my other hand and all around me,
people were cheering for us.

Again, I found it weird that it was SC again but I did not pay any
attention to it at all.

third dream) I was on a moving bus again and it was a emotionally
traumatic experience because I think I dreamt of my dead grandmother
talking to me and I was feeling slightly disturbed about it and all around
me, I think there were demons and monsters. Suddenly, the bus came to a
crash. I got out and knew I escaped without a scratch but immediately I
wondered about the people I love and how their situation is. The first
person I saw was SC and he was walking well, implying that he was all
right and I saw the other people that I love too, walking around without a

4) I was in a darkened room, no idea where I was. It looked like I was in
some sort of a gathering or a party. I looked around and saw the people
that I hoped to work with next time were there. They were all laughing,
having a good time and standing around. I looked up and suddenly, in front
of me, stood SC. I was really surprised. SC was smiling and smiling at me
and all I could see was how blue his eyes were. I kept saying to him/to
myself "Oh my goodness, Your eyes are so blue. Your eyes are so blue". (At
that time, in real life, I didn't even know what his eye colour was
because I had never talked to him before or went to him up close) He just
stood there smiling at me and I remembered feeling touched in the dream
because I was feeling slightly out of place and he was the first one that
came up to me. He went away for a while and a woman (I couldn't see her,
don't know who she is) told me that "SC is such a nice and charming man.
All the girls have crushes on him. Look at Molly." Sure enough, I looked
at this woman named Molly and I saw her looking longingly at SC. SC was
talking to her in a platonic way but still, he turned around to smile at
me and I saw Molly looking from him to me and from me to him again.

fifth dream) I was in the doctor's office and I was holding a baby boy.
(In real life, I am neither pregnant nor married nor do I have any kids).
In my dream, I know this child was mine and all I kept saying to the baby
boy was "You are angel. You are an angel. AN ANGEL. Don't worry, SC will
help. We just tell SC. He will help."

I want to say that after some time had passed, I found out that SC's eyes
were indeed blue. Why did the answer came to me in the dream? Because it's
not as if I cared about his eyes being blue. I am in fact in love with
someone else but I do not understand why SC had been appearing in my
dreams. Is there a message somewhere I should take note of? and why of all
people did it come in the form of SC? Can you help to interpret these
dreams for me? I really hope I am clear in what i am trying to express
here. I have to say again that when I dreamt of SC, it was really
surprising because I had never thought of him before and all my thoughts
were on my career and another man whom I am in love with.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What About Her Boyfriend?

Hi I recently had a dream and it was very very vivid...I even woke up in tears and lots of the dream one of my best friends had died in her sleep. I remember talking to her mother and crying about it, also talking to our other best friend who told me that our other best friend had shortness of breath and got real hot and wanted to lay down and ten minutes later she had died in her sleep. I also remember thinking bout her boyfriend and cried harder. When I woke up I cried even more cause it was soo scary and so real. I was wondering information you can tell me on this dream and what it interprets or what it refers to in my life???

Thank you


Monday, April 9, 2012

Bus Ride

I went in the city with my best friend Taz and this other guy I don't know & his girlfriend came with us. We were in the shopping mall and another lad I don't know came over & started to annoy us all, so I pushed him 2 the floor and stamped on his head with my timberland boots, I know it sounds horrible but that it what I did. When I looked over my ex Jake (who I still have feelings for) was sitting with a bunch of his friends. As I walked past he looked at me. We all got the bus home & I saw Jake was on there. I sat next to him, as it was the only seat left. & after a while of sitting there & chatting he put his hand on my right knee & started to rub it. And as I still have feelings for him I out my hand on top of his & he turned his hand over & we held hands all the way home. We were the only ones left when we got off outside my house I said "we better be quick because Keane (my boyfriend) is over in his house across the street" so I told Jake he better let go of my hand. We ran over to my back yard gate & he hugged me & ran as fast as he could up the road, looking back lots of times as he did.

I'd like to know what this means as I still kinda have feelings 4 Jake, thanks


Friday, April 6, 2012

History Date


I had a dream the other night where I was sitting in my history class and this guy, Billy, who is really funny and his personality is great but I'm not sure if I really like him or not, and he is sitting in front of me, then he turns around and says "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out sometime like normal people do" then I said "sure, I'd love to". We smiled and the class started then a little while in to it he leans his head back (without turning around) and asks me a question about history, but the funny thing was that our heads touched, and he kept asking me questions but I didn't let my head get too close to his anymore because I thought it would look weird to others. The thing that strikes me most about this dream was how realistic it was, it was one of those dreams when I woke up I had to remind myself that it didn't really happen.

Thanks for your help,


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For Blood or For Wine

I'm having trouble interpreting the last leg of my dream. Could you help me understand this?

I am holding up money that looks fake because it has been printed on white paper. A guy is with me and wants the money but I tell him not to take it because it is important. He takes it anyway. On one of the bills, there was a ticket attached. The ticket had two small vials of red and blue liquid on it. The next scene, we are in Renaissance times (I'm guessing that because of clothing), and the guy that stole my money has changed appearance and clothing but it is still him. Someone else has challenged the thief to a duel, saying that they would fight "for blood or for wine."

Could you tell me what this might mean?



Monday, April 2, 2012

Long Distance Relationship


Last night I dreamed that I am on the beach on the see with my boy friend Daniel and his friend.There are the big waves on the see. We looked at tham and I can remmember if I try to swim on it.I know that I think at a moment that I will wait tham to pass. That friend who was with us at the beach has similar relationship like we have.He is in Montenegro and his girlfriend is on the Sicily and they see each other.Sometimes he goes in Italy or she comes in Montenegro

I have relationship with man who is maritime.He finished that faculty and work on boat. We met in the bus when we treveled to the see on a New years eve.He went to work on boat and he came in August.We spent time first in Belgrade ( in my town where his mother and sister live.After that we went to Kotor ( on the see) where he has some courses and exams to become 3rd officer ( for boat to have better job). We spent there 1 month and I beck to Belgrade to find the job becouse I finished an Architecture.Also I went to him last week and we spent 9 days.I love him very much and I think that he likes me.He has meny problems.His stepfather died and hi maintance his mother and sister.He has financial problems and becouse of that he sometimes is very ill-disposed also he has a guilty conscience becouse he has no money for us to go out.I said to him that isn,t problem.We spent beautiful time at home we talked wached fils and the other things and I think that he enjoy time with me.But when I am at Belgrade I fill that he is very sad and ill-disposed He has friends there but he fills alone meaby becouse of his problems. He wrote first time strange message: he loves me but it is hard for him becouse he fights with hundred other thingswhich are oposit of me! I didn,t understand that and I ask him to explain to me but he didn,t answer. He is so silent. Meaby I only think that is good in his life and the other thing are oposit of me. He will be back in Belgrade on the end of November when he will finish that courses.After that he must find company who will employ him.I fill that I should try to wait for him that year becouse we have high-quality time together.I was born 1971 on 21st oSeptember and he was born on 3rd of September 1976 (he is yanger than I ) I don,t fill difference between years he said he also doesn,t have problem becouse I am older than he is. We taleked abaut that and he said that meaby company will seek for him to stay at boat 1 year .He must to do that job to colect money to get on his feet and he said that I must think abaut everything.I would like to make family with him to get marriage and children with him.I know that distance between us becouse of his job is problem but I will try.

What is the meaning of this dream?

Sorry for a long e-mail.I want to explain situation to you. Also english isn,t my native language and meaby I have mistakes in orthography and grammar.

P.S.Boy before him ceated me and I broke that relationship.I have problem becouse I have no trust in people especialy in men.I always have fear of that.I start relationship with Daniel after 3 years pause becouse of that relationship before

Thanking in advance