Monday, July 30, 2012

When Firemen Attack

Dear Peregrin,

First I have to say that dreams for me are extremely rare.

In this one I was in a fire hall at first and not sure why. I was then outside seeing several building burning. But none of them that I could recognize and I mean even in shapes (i.e. a house or warehouse?). Moments later I was like attacked by a fire truck on fire it self. For some reason after this I ended-up hiding with my two sons, with me in some bushes, from what it looks like the fireman that walked out of the burning fire truck that tried to run me over.

It was really strange. Especially, like I said, I never dream. Or if I do, I do not remember them.

Thanks for your time!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Trying to Reach it

I was laying down. Feet faced North, head faced south against a wall to my left... it seemed cream, but hard to tell because it was dark in the room. I was stationary. I could move my arms and lean, but the rest of my body wouldn't move.

I saw in front of me a pole...about an inch in circumference. I tried reaching for it...and I felt this unknown energy surging through me that disabled me to reach any further. And than I realized I was in the dream...I was conscious! I could look around and see in front of me, but nothing else.

Then all of a sudden I heard something. It was like a sigh, a deep breath... and I realized it was myself breathing. I tested it out. I breathed in, and after 1 second in count I breathed in reality (like as I'm awake now reality)...and than I realized that I was out of my body...I rationally thought this.

I tried leaning over and grabbing the pole....but the energy was so was unbelievable strong. All of a sudden I felt rushes of energy pass by when I keeled over from exhaustion. I was paralyzed by this energy...I couldn't see it, but I knew it was there. It came from the right of me, but it was darker than in front of me. I struggled....I need to wake up, I need to wake up!

I started getting scared and wondered if I'd come back as I am know. I said loudly...In Jesus name, let me out, let me out in Jesus name....and then I was shushed by something....I don't know what it was...but I realized that Jesus' name wasn't the releaser. I stayed, laying down, looking over the covers in awe wondering what's going to happen...and then I heard something...a strange language....I couldn't understand it. It seemed almost Latin, but not so....then I remember looking up...and the pole was really high....and another voice said, after an image of a female came down partly and disappeared "they do this to impress one another"

What the poo does that mean, "they do this to impress one another"? And I was finally able to wake up.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yellow Parachute

Dear Peregrin Walker,

I had another strange dream last week and have suddenly remembered it entirely.

I was back in my old house and walking into the basement with my sister. When I got there, the basement was huge, very bright (sunlight coming in from the sliding glass doors)-but unfinished (the walls were drywall and the floor was pure cement-we fixed our basement in 1989), and with very soft cobwebs and dustballs all over the floor. I went over to the sliding glass door and watched a man in a yellow lycra suit come down into my backyard on a large yellow parachute. Then I slid back the door and stepped outside, it was windy and there were many letters (mail) flying in the air before dropping on the patio. Then I turned around and my ex-boyfriend stood watching me from over the next door neighbour's white picket fence (in real life it's wire) and I pulled my head back because he seemed hostile. He was standing there with a male figure.

What does this mean?

Thank you.


Monday, July 23, 2012

French Lodge

I think that I had a fairly typical dream last night but it was unusual for me for a number of reasons. I had a sex dream about an ex-boyfriend. It's not unusual for me to dream about him--that's happened for years. However, we just talk in those dreams...and we usually have very good conversations about what's happening in our lives (lots of symbolism too). It's also not usual for me to have a sex dream about anyone. I dream quite vividly, very colorfully, just not usually about that subject.

What I remember is that we were with a group of people, perhaps at some kind of retreat (it has a lodge feel), and my ex and I were not together at the beginning of the trip (he may have been with someone else). Then, we went into this French White, antique filled, shabby chic bedroom and started our relationship again. I was worried about what others would think but I enjoyed being with him.

In real life, I recently moved halfway across the country to start a new job and it's not working out well at all. I haven't been in contact with my ex in six years but he was married with a son. We have not dated in twelve years. I am single, never married. My career has taken up much of my time.

When I've dreamt of him in the past, I have always had this feeling as if it were a real connection with both of us just needing a friend to talk to. That's why this one has thrown me for a loop!

Any advice you could give would be most welcomed.

Thank you,


Friday, July 20, 2012


Dear Peregrin,

Recently I have been have dreams, 2 or 3 times a week, about being raped. This particular dream I'm going to tell you keeps recurring. I'm at Burwood shopping centre with my friend. We are leaving through the car park when her older brother and his friend chase us both. She runs away and her brother grabs me and takes me to a park and he and his friend rape me. The security guards at the shopping centre see them grab me and hear me shout for help but nobody comes to my rescue. They continue to chase me until I come to my grandmother's car and seek safety in it.

I started dreaming these after our school broke up for holidays, a few weeks before Christmas and I have them about three times a week. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened in my life since my grandfather died in October. Mum and I have not been fighting as much as we used to but there have been a few disturbing events in my area, such as stabbings and kidnappings.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

God and His Horse

Dear Peregrin,

I was meeting with a very old man. I had never seen him before and we were sitting outside in a place that was very old and beautiful. The trees were big and old and hung over like they were trying to listen to our conversation. The old man had a kind face that I could only get small glimpses of and could never really see even though we were no more than 2 ft apart. He had white hair and long white robes on they were long and very clean. His aura seemed to glow a soft white hue faintly tinted by all the colours.

I don't remember what he was saying to me but I was asking if he was God. I remember only him smiling and then a white Horse sliding its face up beside mine. It was soft and he was very sweet. He was all white like the man and he nudged me I closed my eyes and rubbed his face as it pressed against mine. When I opened them the man and the horse were gone. Even though I was all alone I felt this amazing sense of calm and knowing that I had never had before. (not the dream).

My mother is an atheist, so I was never raised with an organized religion of any sort. In my childhood until now (early 20's) I have found and followed a pagan path choosing to somewhat reject the ideas of Christianity. My boyfriend is Catholic and the rest of my family is Christian or Anglican... I have recently been feeling lost, religiously, not knowing where my beliefs lie... I don't know if this dream is trying to tell me that I am on the right path, or that I am on the wrong path... or that maybe it was god in my dream... I have been feeling guilty for not believing in him or her the way that I should be (bible and whatnot) I believe there is a presence there always.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Man or Woman?

Dear Peregrin Walker,

I had a bizarre, unsettling dream last night: I was led into a motel room (which really seemed like a cave, with round warm coloured walls and lots of brightly, glowing light) by a fat woman with long dark curly hair who looked Italian. She fastened the gold deadbolt lock on the door and informed me that she was going to have intercourse with me. Although no penetration took place in the dream, and at one point I was above her and looking down at her penis which was small and red. Then suddenly she ejaculated onto the front of my white panties and I got up disgraced and ashamed, and tried to leave the room, afraid she would tell people (and that the man I like in reality would find out).

I remember feeling in the dream she was supposed to represent a man, and at the start of the dream believed/related to her as a man although she physically was not. I would like to say that this dream is 100% true and I am a heterosexual woman.

What does this mean?


Friday, July 13, 2012

Fear and Shame

Dear Peregrin,

Last night I dreamt a very strange dream. I was dreaming that I got mother of a healthy son. I called him David. But I was very confused about this situation because I was fearing this responsibility about the life of this child. Then I saw this boy of an age of about 5-6. My parents and one of my friends who I adore where helping me to handle it and I felt really ashamed that this guy who does everything for me is not the father of this boy.

In my real life I'm unemployed now and I try to break down with the life I was living until now. My intuition tells that this way is the best one. I have nothing to lose and I think that maybe it's a best way to try my luck somewhere else.

Could it have anything with it ?

Thank a lot for your help


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Can't Eat That

Dear Peregrin,

My recent dream that I can remember was about dogs old and ready to be put to death. My husband said to me why not eat your dog I will kill it. I said to him I cannot eat this pet I loved for so many years. He said you will eat the other dog but how can you not eat your own. And then I woke up. Tell me what this dream means.

Thank You.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy New Year, Helen


I had a dream last night about Helen Hunt and I want to know what it could mean. I don't know Helen Hunt at all. She's just a character on a show and in some movies I've seen...anyway...we were standing outside a building and we were both leaving. I gave Helen a romantic kiss and whispered Happy New Year in her ear. It was a nice dream, but what could it mean?!

Thanks, Jessica

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mall and Spirit


I'd like to begin by saying that I really appreciate the dream interpretation that you did for me a week or so ago. It actually seemed right on target for my situation.

Anyway, getting down to business.

In the dream I had last night, I was staying in this hotel with a number friends on what I think was a 'band' trip (I'm in a marching band, and we frequently travel across states to get to competitions and whatnot). At some point after we were supposed to be asleep, we discovered this strange little tunnel in the wall that somehow led down into the local mall. We of course couldn't pass up an opportunity like that, so we ran around in this mall together for awhile. After some time, we decided we were hungry.. But the only place that was open to eat was McDonald's. I personally am not a huge fan of McDonald's, but ordered food nonetheless. My total rang up as 7.11$. Now, I don't know if this is your area of expertise, but the numbers '7' and '11' combined bear some significance to me. For about the last month, I have been seeing "7:11" on my clock every day, and every night. Anything you could tell me about that, if anything, would be appreciated. Anyway, after I ordered this food at McDonald's, I just left.. And went back to the hotel room to sleep.

I'm not for certain how, but the next day I was in England with my family. We were staying in some sort of condo looking place, and had invited 3 people to spend the evening with us. I didn't know them, and they didn't appear to be significant. The evening was boring for the most part.. To me, anyway. I really felt no calling to be involved in any of their jokes or discussions.. So I just sat, and waited for it to end.

Toward the end of the visit, we all started to hear this weird high pitches sound coming from upstairs. I immediately turned to my mother, and asked her what it was. She said that it must be a spirit of some kind, and I was gripped instantly with the raw terror that consumes me any time I am confronted with even the thought of such a thing. My mother was made up to go upstairs and ask this spirit or whatever to leave. She went upstairs, and after some time the noise stopped. She came back downstairs, and reinitiated a discussion with the guests. after about ten minutes, the noise started again, but this time it was in the hallway. The noise traveled up the hallway and into the kitchen where we were. An invisible force then opened the door, and I suppose stepped outside. We stared after it for a moment and then resumed conversation as if nothing had happened. Around 5-10 minutes later, the door opened again, and the invisible force stepped back into the room. After seeing this, I turned to my mother and asked her if she knew why it was here, or what it wanted. She refused to answer me.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trance State

Dear Peregrin,

What is the trance-like state in which a subject responds readily to suggestion?


Monday, July 2, 2012

Class Advocate

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream last nite that the man I'm in love with, David, was a college professor of mine. We were in class one day and he was asking questions to the class to prepare for an upcoming test. In the description of a job (custodial), *shrugs* David left out one key characteristic during the lecture and expected us (the class) to know it for the test saying that it was our responsibility as students to get the right information for the test.

Well, that's when I kicked in as class advocate and gave him a piece of my mind, telling him that it wasn't fair that we should be responsible for something we knew absolutely nothing about. I kept saying that it wasn't fair. The debate seemed to go on for awhile. But he gave in to my point of view. I spoke with him last nite on the phone. We weren't in disagreement about anything.

Oh, the description of the room. Well, the classroom was set up in an auditorium type place, dimly lit and he was in the front of the class behind a lectern. Behind him was a large greenish blackboard. I don't remember how we were dressed.

Please tell me what this means?