Monday, August 29, 2011

Witch's Exorcism

Dear Peregrin,

I was in a school setting (probably a witch school), and all of us were in some kind of uniform - black bottoms and deep blue tops.

We were all getting ready for some kind of audition or interview, and I remember sharing my hair brush with the girls so they could straighten their hair.

I was doing my hair, (it's almost black, superlong with blonde streaks), and I noticed i had grey spots (not streaks) at the crown. I had one of the other girls look to confirm, and she said there were grey spots, like i went grey for a couple months, and then got my color back.

So I asked one of the more experienced witches at my school, and she asked me to come into a back room with her alone. She lit some incense and said it was Black Cherry. She told me to sit in a chair and meditate, so I did, and when the incense was almost burnt up, an incredible black smoke came from it like a bonfire and shot into the ceiling (kinda like the scene in the first poltergeist movie when the spirits came out of the tv and went into the house).

I started getting scared as she backed away to watch the smoke, and she dropped the incense on accident. The incense stick started to spin on the floor and spark. I started feeling like I was going to explode, and then the chair I was sitting on was starting to jump and slide. I was begging the lady witch to please come and hold my hand, and when she finally did, she pulled me out of the chair, and the chair also shot up to (and almost through) the acoustic ceiling.

I felt better, and she asked me what happened to me 6 months prior to my "exorcism", and I had no clue. She asked me if I had asked for any spells to be done that would make something/someone want to invade me like that, and I just didn't know.

We began to leave the school, and she was telling me things to do to protect myself, and we were walking outside (I'm assuming to the parking lot where her car was), and I saw what was invading me.


I saw it there on the side of the school building, in shadow form (looked like it was wearing a cloak). It appeared to stand about 15 feet tall, extra broad shoulders, and a tiny head. It growled when it saw me, and I started to run. I asked the lady witch to hold my hand again, but when she saw it, she ran much faster than I and just left me. I couldn't get away from it, and it subdued me again, and I felt it enter my body.


Good morning, Jacie.

The references to time in your dream grab my attention. The witch performing the exorcism asks about what you were doing six months ago, and your hair looks as if it has turned gray for a couple of months then changed back.

In your position, I would want to examine waking life from six months ago, looking for some stressful condition which perisisted for about two months. As in the dream, it would not be a condition which you caused; you are the victim here and should not let yourself feel guilty for whatever has happened to you.

This is important because there is the feeling that the problem will re-occur, and this is what is frightening you. I find a few sexual innuendos in this particular dream, indicating that the problem is sexual in nature. If this is the case, then please do not feel too ashamed to seek help.

Pleasant dreams,


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