Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Do All These Ants Want?

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt it was the first day of school, but I ditched school and stayed home. Ants were in my entire house and all over everything. I would try to move something to get it away from the ants and realized they were in the space I had moved it to so it did no use.

My brother had a friend over so I went into his room and talked to the two of them and his friend was staring at my lip piercings. So I left his room and went into the living room and saw someone I knew very well, he used to be my step brother. Except he was like 4 feet tall in the dream, in reality he is a lot taller than me. He was gawking at me because he was so small and he said "wow you got so big."

So I left there and got medicine from the doctor. He told me to take it correctly and if I dont its not his fault. I went to go take the medicine and realized I had taken it incorrectly and started spitting in the sink and washing my mouth out. I have no idea what the medicine was for.

This is really baffling to me, I would like any thoughts on it

Thank you again


Good morning, Jesser.

It's possible that you're "bugged" that you have to go back to school, or it could be that you're "antsy" about it - this one could go either way.

Being so much larger than your step-brother - he's not a big part of your life anymore. You've out-grown your relationship with him.

Taking your medecine - you're resisting doing something that you know you have to do.
Staring at your pierced lip - IRL, you don't have the piercing yet, right? It could be that this is what is bothering you, still - having attention drawn to the fact that you don't yet have that done.

Pleasant dreams,


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