Monday, May 30, 2011

Theatre of Aldebaran

Dear Peregrin,

I'm standing in the foyer of a large, ornate theatre lobby, smoking a cigarette. Everyone (including myself) is dressed to the nines, in tuxedos, ball gowns and the like. I ask someone what the occasion is, and they tell me that everyone takes a part in the performance wey're about to see. Even audience members. But you don't get to pick the roles: you're given them by someone on stage. Another woman asks me later what I'm going to be tonight on Aldebaran, and I tell her that I don't know. A couple of ushers ask me for my ticket (which I don't have) and I tell them I don't want to go in yet. Then they chase me down a long hallway lit only with dim candles. Suddenly I'm yanked into a room off the hallway behind a red curtain. I can't see who's in there, but I stop fighting them when I see horns on their head. The figure offers me two ancient, rusted, six shooters and I take them. I duck out of the curtained room and see everyone going into the theatre. I wait and then sneak up to the balcony where I have a better view. The lights go down and a figure comes on stage. Everyone claps and he starts pointing out people. That's when I jump and start blasting away with the pistols. The whole room goes into an uproar. I dive down to the stage, roll off of it (unhurt), and escape outside. I throw the guns into a garbage can and walk quickly away from the kitchen entrance. I light a cigarette, and feel a hand on my arm. It's furry and belongs to the figure in the curtained room who gave me the guns. He's still in the shadows so I can't see him too well. I tell him that I didn't do what they wanted me to do during the performance. I didn't play the role they wanted me to. He responds "Yes, you did." Then the dream is over.


Friday, May 27, 2011


Hi Peregrin,

I look forward to your interpretation of this dream which occurred December of last year.

Howard is a man I had dated from April to June of last year.

In my dream I lived in a converted warehouse in which about a third of the building was my flat/apartment and the other two thirds was space designated for the drama workshop. The building was similar to a dolls house in that one wall was missing and every one could look in and watch everything I did.

A female from the workshop walked up stairs to my flat and gave me three white tea shirts telling me I should bring one when I attend drama class. I did some house work and then decided to go to drama class and took one white tea shirt with me.

All the students were in a circle, playing Chinese whispers. I did not join the circle but sat on a chair behind the girl who had given me the tea shirts.

She turned around asking me if I had met Roger. In reply I told her that I had not met Roger and then curiously enquired about Roger. I was told that Roger was the guy who lived in the flat before I did and the girl giving me the information seemed a little surprised that I hand not met Roger. Two ideas came to mind Roger maybe dead or Roger is Howard.

I then went back upstairs to my flat and I did not have the tea shirt with me. I continued my house work then Howard visited me. I had not seen him for quite some time and I was pleased to see him. We chatted for a while and then he left. A few hours later Howard returned which seemed strange to me. We were chatting in the kitchen and then I led him into the sitting room offering him a large comfy cream leather armchair. As he sat down I knelt beside him and told him that I do not want this. In my dream I was telling him I do not want this type of relationship. I woke up with the words repeating in my mind "I do not want this. I do not want this. I do not want this!"

Thanking you for your time and attention

Sweet Dreams


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tiger in the Forest

Dear Peregrin,

It start out on an island with forest instead of jungle. I am wearing ankle boots, shorts, and a T-shirt not really what one goes out into a forest in. I get into the forest and enter a clearing, there are 3 men discussing about kills and fur of the local animals. I introduce myself and enter the conversation. Soon I am told to find water and is pointed in a direction. I soon wander through the forest and find a lake then fill the bucket they gave me. It is a wooden bucket if that means any thing. After filling the bucket I turn around and see a humanoid form. Half Tiger half Human. It stands in a loin cloth with a spear. I noitice his claws (thinking on a human level since he wasn't wearing a shirt and looked robust). I begin to back up into the water. I don't fell afraid I feel as if something is about to happen. The Tigerguy rushes at me with his spear and i remeber dodgeing and grabbing it then jerking it from his grasp. The expression on his face is suprise. He leaps at me feeling his claws tear into my chest. One of the hunters shoots him on me and rolls him off. I feel sorry for the Tigerguy and sit there cradleing his head in my lap. I then yell "You Beast!!" at the man and grab the spear. I shove the spear into the guys chest and flip him into the water The Tigerguy is not dead but wounded. I feel a sense of panic then usually anoter dream starts after a cloud of mist surrounds me.

Pretty wierd...I can feel a sense of love toward the Tigerguy when I first see him...


Monday, May 23, 2011

Wrong Book

Dear Peregrin,

I had a weird dream the other day. I dreamt that I was sitting in a college lecture class with my sister. Then I was on line in class and I left the line to pick up my textbook which was at my seat but I picked up the wrong book which belonged to somebody else. So I walked over to get my real book and then I forgot where to put the textbook which wasn't mine so I left it on an empty seat. Then I walked out of the classroom and felt someone following me which was Garrett. Garrett was somebody I knew in high school who I liked and who I never got to know well. Then the dream ended.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Has the Journey Started?

Hi Peregrin,

This is a dream I dreamed over two years ago, much has changed in my life since. Perhaps your interpretation will help me choose choices I am now at liberty to choose.

The ship is moored at port as I boarded a cruise liner with my two sons. The weather was cold and there was snow on the ground. The three of us walked onto the open deck of the ship still moored to the wharf. We noticed a beautiful woman preparing to sit down across the aisle. We all sit down on lounge chairs. My youngest son was so enamoured by the grace of the woman that he walked up to her and told her she is beautiful.

Just then the man I love kisses me full on the lips before I had a chance to identify him, but I knew it was him.

I saw my lover looking at the beautiful woman and then he told me he will not be long. He walked over to the woman and she gave him a bunch of keys. He returned to me and told me he would explain all soon and I trust him completely to do so. I felt a little cold and told my love so. He called for a steward. After some time without a response he explained to me, "No one is available to supply a blanket for extra warmth." He added, "You realise we are 3 days too early." He paused slightly then informed me "I have to go and I will explain things to you when I get back."

After he left I decide to explore the ship a little and walked down a few steps to a lower inside deck. I stopped at one of the portholes and peered out of the partially frosted glass. As I looked out of the window I managed to see foot prints appearing in the snow at the wharfs edge. This was strange to me because there was not a person in sight who could have produced these snow prints. I banged very hard with the heel of my palm on the glass before me. A red vision started to appear on the wharf a few feet above the indentations marking the snow. I felt the red apparition was my love, and as the red form drew nearer to the porthole I stepped back, a little afraid and quickly walked back up the stairs to the open deck.

I reached the open deck as all the passengers were being herded off the ship without any explanation. I looked over at the beautiful lady and noticed her feet were bare. She was not wearing any shoes. I also noticed that I too did not have any shoes on my feet which I thought strange because my feet were not cold. We walked along the gang plank onto the wharf and as directed entered a large barn like structure with all of the other passengers. An unknown woman walked up to me and asked me to follow her to an anti room. While she talked to me she addressed me as master. This irritated me a little and I told her, "I am not a master so stop calling me that". She was very respectful as she ignored my request completely. I asked her, 'Why do you call me master?'. She then replied, 'You see that which most people do not see.'

Both of us entered the annex and there was a large green table not unlike a snooker table in the middle of the small room. The table was heavy and solid. I then noticed another woman in the room. I think we were standing in equilateral triangle formation around the table.

Although I have this feeling that more happened on the table, this is all I remember of this dream at this time.

Love, truth and joy


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Long Hair and Spiders


Do you have an interpretation on dreaming of spiders???

I have scary dreams about them. They look at me in a menacing way and also TALK!!!

Also, do you have any idea of what it means to dream about having a fabulous long, soft, lustrous hair?

This last dream gives me a lot of pleasure.

Gabriela, the DayDreamer

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rats and Mice

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamed that I was in the house where I grew up (I dream about this house a lot). I went into the kitchen. I looked at the pantry - the door was about half open. I saw a big rat just sitting in the doorway. I was startled, but not afraid or discuisted. Behind the rat was a mouse running around. It looked like a cartoon mouse (like the mouse in the movie, The Mouse and the Motercycle). I remember thinking it was funny (I'm not scared of mice; in fact I keep them as pets). I walked toward the pantry and beside it was a chair. The "garbage sack" was supposed to be on the chair. It was, but garbage had fallen out on the chair and on the floor. I opened the sack to look inside and I saw another mouse. This mouse was mostly a skeleton. I could see some skin on him, but could see through him in other spots. It scared me. The mouse was running around in the sack screaming. I closed the sack and walked away. I remembered thinking how "gross" it was. I then woke up.


Friday, May 13, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream that I proposed marriage to an unknown woman. The proposal was at the 16th St Mall in lower downtown Denver. I was very happy that I was proposing and that she accepted.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I have experianced a recurring dream for many years. I am dreaming that I am in bed asleep, and my Grandmother [who died 2 yrs before my birth] through thoughts is asking me to let her in to my soul. I reply to her though telepathy that "I love my Gramma Rosie very much and any love and guidance she could offer now would be honored. She again asks to come in . I tell her she may not cross over but I am here to communicate with any time. She again asks to come in. I tell her no [ I feel by now that this is not my Grandmother. She asks again I tell her to go away she is trying to trick me. Then I awake from my " dream in the dream to what appears to be aliens around my bed wondering if I am going to be okay and if I will remember. Through this dream, in my consious state I am trying everything I can to wake. I have a feeling of being very scared. I am trying to flee something. I have woken on one occasion with self inflicted scratch marks down my arms. These dreams occur during the happiest times of my life........I am totally confused about this. Every time I dream this dream I remember a little more.


Monday, May 9, 2011

The Monster

Dear Peregrin,

I'm in my bed and my mother is downstairs doing laundry in the garage. I get up to try and find my mother for something when I hear a noise. So I go downstairs to see what it is. I hear it again, and it sounds like someone is knocking on the door. The curtains are closed so I can't see who it is. I walk over and look behind the cutains and this very enormous guy is standing there, and he is saying, "Let me in." I remember that he had extremely huge fingers and especially his fingernails. He had red, crazy hair and large pointed teeth. I was terrified beyond belief. So I called my mother for help. She hears me and comes over to see what is wrong. But for some reason she doesn't see this hidous guy wanting to come in. I cry and cry but she just walks away like nothing is happening. Then I look over and there he is still wanting to get inside. After awhile I start to open the door. All I can focus on is this guy's fingers becuase they are so big. As I am opening the door his mouth waters and that is when I wake up.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Inner Child

Dear Peregrin,

In the past few years I have become aware of a number of inner personalities. One of them, I call Janny, started out being a "bully". Slowly, as I got to know him, he changed into a very lonely little boy, who may have been sexually molested between ages 4 and 6 (there is no real proof of this event/s.) He seems to respond to cuddling and hugging a great deal. I had a dream last week in which I was holding and massaging him. Slowly his genitalia became a woman's. I have no idea what to make of this, for him or me.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rolling Backwards

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamed that I ran out of a party with a steak knife in my hand and jumped into the back seat of my car. I was alone in the car. The car began to roll backwards down the hill, picking up speed. When the road ended the car continued to careen backwards down a steep ravine with shrubs and trees and boulders pressing in on the sides of the car until there was very little space left inside. It suddenly came to a stop, and I jumped out thinking I was lucky to get out before I was completely crushed.

Suzie Q

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bad Eggs

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream that this coworker was at my house. He asked me to make him some food. I asked him if english muffins and eggs were okay. He said yes. So when I cracked the egg to cook up a spider and a huge bug with big green wings came out. I told him to look and he told me to just cook up something else and throw that egg away. That's it.