Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Hair Day

I dreamt that we were all back at school and I hadn't done my coursework and we had to go to Mrs. Sides classroom to get our planners for the new year. While I was standing in the que Troy brushed past me, my crush, and sat down next to the table Mrs. Sides (our teacher) was at.

It was my turn to get my planner and I found myself trying to get my hair all neat and tidy although my hair had other plans it ended up all over the place. I turned to round to look at my crush and he was lookng at me my hair suddenly went into a ponytail all nice and tidy without me doing anything.

Everything went into slow motion after that, I picked up my planner and as I walked away Troy grabbed my arm and we walked out of the classroom together. All my coursework worries were out the window, it was like when I was with him everything didn't matter anymore. it then ended with us walking into the school office.


Good morning, Lauren.

This dream seems to be saying that you're not ready for something, even though you're making plans for it. It might be helpful to know what subject Mrs. Sides teaches, but it's likely that what you're not ready for is to approach the guy you have a crush on.

I think this because of the way your hair behaves. You're trying to make yourself presentable, because you want to give the best possible impression. It seems like a lost cause to you - your hair won't behave - you think you'll never be able to talk to the guy.

What you're overlooking, and this is what your subconscious is trying to tell you, is that your appearance is not as important as you think. If he likes you, then you already look perfect to him - hence, your hair is perfect when he looks at you.

The rest of the dream seems to be pretty standard wish-fulfillment. This is what you're working and hoping for, so this is what happens. The important thing is, it cannot possibly happen if you spend all your time planning and do nothing - so the coursework is forgotten.

Pleasant dreams,


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