Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Angels Talking To Me?

I have a question in regards to dreams I keep having. perhaps you can help:

I have been involved with a gentleman off and on for a few years. because of issues in his life he is having to deal with, we cannot be together the way we would like to be, and sometimes it is weeks before we can even talk. The dreams I have are in relation to him, and this situation. But mostly it is like I feel he is there in my dreams, talking to me, telling me not to give up on him, or us. Sometimes, it is like he is really there, with me, in bed.

I have been told in the past that my dreams are telling me something, about us, that it is my angels talking to me, trying to give me strength.

I know this man loves me with all his heart--I have not doubts there. But what i am curious too is it really my dreams trying to tell me something, or is it wishful thinking, on my part. And is it possible Randy, this gentleman, is really there, talking to me.



Good morning, Janis.

Although I am fascinated by the idea of dream telepathy, I have no direct experience with it. I can say this: You would only be having dreams like this about someone with whom you feel very close, whether you are actually communicating with that person or not. They may only reflect the strength of your own feelings toward him, but those emotions are strong indeed.

Pleasant dreams,


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