Monday, October 3, 2011

Maintenance Man


This may be an odd dream. My dream started with me walking down the sidewalk with my parents on move in day back to college (I'm going into my junior year). So we're walking to where I need to register (get my new dorm key, financial aid stuff) and a maintenance man who works there is walking right behind me. I sense his presence but don't turn around. He somehow gets ahead of my family and I in order to hold the door even though his hands are full with a box of some type. He manages to hold the door even though I tell him it's not necessary and I will hold the door. My impression in the dream was that he was trying to impress my parents.

In life right now, I am friends with this maintenance man (I met him the first day of school in freshmen year) and over time, I developed feelings for him. I think he has feelings for me but is afraid to act on them.



Good morning, Denise.

Your subconscious seems to agree with you assessment of the situation. And, if he is afraid to act on his feelings for you, he may have good reason - it's not only teachers who can lose their jobs over affairs with students.

It's also possible that he is painfully aware of the difference in social positions (a maintenance man is not likely to have a college education) and may consider you unattainable. More likely, however, you may be concerned that your parents would harbor such thoughts. Your dream seems to suggest that, if your parents were impressed with him - could see what a gentleman he his - then none of that would matter.

I find this a positive sentiment on your part, and if you feel that this man is a true friend, one can hardly ask for more from a long-term relationship.

Good luck, and pleasant dreams,


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  1. wow-i think you understood exactly what's going on.i do often like i have to always take actions into my own hands(with my boyfriend)and it makes me feel like i am all alone.....however i DO THINK you were right about the landlord"s going overboard being a sign of maybe being abusive or hot-headed....i did see him before just flying off the handle with yes,i think he is more agressive than my boyfriend-but he might also be aggressive with me one day...