Friday, August 5, 2011

Alone in the Dark

Good morning, Dreamers.

Here's another of my dreams. To try your hand at translation, click the "comments" link, or send an email, and fire away!

Pleasant dreams,


The girl wandered through the dark building alone, frightened. Her three friends were looking for something, a VHS tape. Why, she did not know, only that it must be found before morning. Then she found it -- but where, now, had her friends gone?

The power of speech eluded her; all she could manage was one word: "Port?" she called softly into the darkness.

As her desperation grew, she ventured into other parts of the building, and her cries grew louder until she was practically screaming.

Down a hall, someone opened a door. Elation: "Port!" But the face was unfamiliar, the words, though not understood, were unfriendly. Utter disappointment. With a sob, she turned and fled.
This was one of the dreams in which I was the protagonist, but did not direct the actions -- like an observer in the back of the mind.

What do you think?

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