Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Batch

Hi Peregrin,

I recently had 3 different dreams in one night, but they seemed to come one after the other. I'll try to explain them the best I can: -

#1: I was in a garden, standing next to a barbeque. I was just about to light the coal, when suddenly, loads of thumb-sized black spider-like bugs appeared on the coal, moving about. I lit my match, put it to one of the bugs, and they quickly turned to ash and disappeared. END OF DREAM 1.

#2: I was with a friend (I didn't recognize him, but I felt he was someone I knew) outside next to some houses. We found a bag, opened it, and inside were bundles of cash. We both started to count it, then I said, "We need to find the owner of this." My friend said, "No, let's just run!" We saw an old woman walking near by, and I decided to take the bag over to here, and ask if it was hers. My friend was pulling me backing saying, "No, come on lets go!!". END OF DREAM 2.

#3: My friends (both male) and I were riding our bikes near a supermarket (this time I recognized the faces. One of them was someone who I use to go to school with, and hadn't seen for about 1 year. The other was another school friend, but I hadn't seen him for about 8 or 9 years). We got off our bikes, walked into the supermarket and went to buy some sandwiches. This supermarket is the same one I work at. As I was getting my food, I saw one of my work friends (female), and hid from them (maybe because I was shy, or I just didn't want them to see me, I don't know). END OF DREAM 3.

Now these dreams were very weird...not much sound in them.

A little bit about what's going on in my life: -
I am a 21 year old male, I'm in my last year at university, living in London with my Mum and Sister. My Dad passed away suddenly last September. My Sister recently got engaged, but the wedding was called off. Also my Grandma (my Dads Mum) passed away in June this year.

I hope this is decent enough information!

From Arvind

Good morning, Arvind.

The meaning of the charcoal spiders depends partly upon your emotional reaction to them, just prior to all of them turning to ash. They seem (to me) to represent a minor panic situation, a problem which you solve rather easily.

Your second dream looks like a fairly straightforward conflict between your own conscience and peer pressure. You have a strong desire to do the right thing despite all detractors.

The third dream speaks of a wish to keep your past hidden. You hide from your coworker but don't know why - I conjecture that it is because you are there with old school friends - elements of your past.

If these dreams tie in together, I don't see how. None of it seems to have any bearing upon the parts of your life that you described.

Pleasant dreams,


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