Monday, August 30, 2010

The Office Key

Dear Peregrin,

I have been having dreams about the same person since June 2002. I am female and married to a Mexicano. We have problems and are seeing someone. He is very nice and trying to do right, but I still feel very unhappy. I am tired. 10 years have been added on to my life. We have two kids and I stay home all day with them. When not at work he is with his mom. I am in my early 20's. I have been told that I have the ability to have premonitions. For example; i may tell my husband please do not drive at night this week. And one day he is driving and almost hits a car or a deer. this has actually happened. At age 15 1/2 I met the most beautiful Mexicano. We talked on and off for two years. He seemed to only want one thing. He was a college boy, and I was in high school. Nothing ever blossomed. Sometimes we would coincidentally see each other around town. Once he made a comment that if it was meant to be our paths would meet again. I have never dreamed of people in my dreams. I don't dream of an aunt, brother, partner, etc. Since June I have been having dreams that include this same person I met at 15. The first dream felt like a premonition when I awoke. I understand that dreams are a way to work out conflict etc. and I have plenty. But, I always have gone with my gut. Also, forgot to mention that he worked with my relative once upon a time. 6 years after leaving home I had the following dream. Key symbol: are keys. I know that keys mean something in dreams. I am passed that. I want to know if my dreams can be premonitions, are they trying to tell me something. Could we be trying to tell each other something. the dream.Meaning can people telepathically send messages to each other dreams.

A woman is sitting behind a long office desk and there are keys on the desk. A relative of mine is laughing at something. Her body language says she is somehat showing off. She is standing in the doorway of the office throwing her hair back. Then she steps in. I am in the dream, but jsut a spirit in the room. then the man I met at 15 enters the room and grabs the key. His face is can not be seen.

The feeling after dream is that he will soon be working with the realtive. He grabbed the key to open an office in the building. Everytime the realtive calls me I want to ask if there is something she needs to tell me.

I have been having premonitions for a long time. Didn't know how to quite define the gut feelings until recently.

Thank you


Friday, August 27, 2010

Costume Party

Dear Peregrin,

A few nights ago I had a Dream about me, It started as me trying to get out of this hotel and there was this guy who didnt want me to leave and was trying to keep me there so I had to sneek out and after I did that I came back in in costume with a bunch of my friends for a contest and we walked into stalls to switch costumes with each other and the contest had started and a bunch of kids came walking by, then they anounced the winner, who happened to be two twins they caleed Febuary, they were standing on an old rickity stage, they looked dead, and they had a little guy with them, he looked like and elf sorta, and he was naked, and i tured to look at my friend and i looked back and he had pooped out magots and was lying on his side, his back toward me, his back was open hels together with staples and the magots were crawling back into him and he was screaming out in pain, and then I woke up. Another thing is that i always wake up from dreams like these at 3 in the morning, I dont know if that is anything or not, but still. I want to know what this means, if anything.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Sanctuary

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt:

I was walking along a road in a built up area. I was going somewhere with some friends, one from work.

I had this feeling something terrible was about to happen. I told my friend and she said she had the same feeling.

We increased our walking speed to get to where we were going, which turned out to be a church.

I am not religous.

Another person that was there opened the door and we got in quickly.

Just as she closed the door a large lion dived at the door, it's front leg came through the side of the door and it's paw caught my hand, I did not bleed but I felt the sharpness of its claw.

Also its roar was extremely loud, it's presence was felt.

The door was stopping the lion getting in but I felt it might not hold. I was through another door and I felt this might not hold if the lion got throught he first door.

I knew this was a dream but was so terrified I woke myself up.

What does it all mean.

I rarely get dreams that are as powerful as this which induce strong feelings like this.

Thank you


Monday, August 23, 2010

Wheat Field Rave

Dear Peregrin,

The other night i had a dream that my dad and sister dropped me off at this sort of rave thing at a weat field... every one there was smoking something...(a regular cig... i'm not sure?) but they were smoking...

Any way... so then theres this gust of wind or something happened and every one was buried in the weat... i got up and started walking towards some people and this huge skull is eating through the weat and it says something to me but i can't figure it out... then i ask some random person if i can use their cell phone... and i call my house & my sister picks up (or at least it sounded like my sister it could of been my mom cause they sound alike)

so then i see my sister come out from being buried in the weat... and i don't remember much after that...

Can you please help me determine what my subconcious was pointing out...



Friday, August 20, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

Hello! After ending 12 years of marriage, I have been dreaming a lot (mostly sexually) about my ex-husband. When I was with him, I probably only had a few dreams of him. He was not a good husband, partying and cheating on me, then telling me our marriage was a lie. I still have some feelings for him. he keeps showing up in my dreams. He was my first and only sexual partner during our marriage so it has been hard to let go.

What do my dreams mean? Do they mean I want him back or is he trying to come back to me?

Thank you for your time.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

My boyfriend and I are recently in a long distant relationship. My boyfriend use to call me everyday but recently he has stopped calling me at all. I'm really am confused on what is going on... Everytime I call his house his parents or brother tells me he's not home...he's out. This has started about a week ago. I have been so depressed and confused that I have started to have nightmares where I'm trying to find my boyfriend and no matter where I go I cant seem to find him at the end I still cant find him. I had this kind of dream when my boyfriend use to call me so I just ignored it. Last night I had a dream where I was bitten by a bee on my chest the side where my heart is. Maybe that represents that my heart is hurting so much like a sting. I dont know...But I would really appreciate if you can help me figure out what my dreams are telling me. I can't find my boyfriend and bee bite.

Thank you so much


Monday, August 16, 2010



Can you help me interpret this dream? Thanks so much!

It starts off when I am in this desert-like, empty land (almost like one you'd be exhiled to) and I meet up with this guy I really like behind a big boulder. We walk around a bit then find this car. We drive around for hours just trying to find civilization, but we never find any. So Nick (the guy) reclines the back seat and says we can sleep here. I go back there willingly and lay down next to him and everything feels good. Then there's a knock on the door, we look and it's one of Nick's friends, a guy who I used to like and I am not sure if i still do [he always makes me laugh] then he comes in and I lay down in between them. What does this mean?

thanks again


Friday, August 13, 2010

Lingering Thoughts

Dear Peregrin,

Before I say my dream the guy in my dream (Morry) was the only boyfriend I've had real feelings for. We went out two years ago for about a year and ever since we broke up things have gone downhill for us both. It was a normal school day. I was walking through the halls and going out for lunch with my friends. You know, just a normal school day. But it seemed everywhere I went I saw Morry. We would just stare at each other with empty eyes as we past each other and every time I saw him I sorta froze inside. The next thing I knew I was line dancing in the gym and was having so much fun. Until I turned my head towards the door and saw Morry walking straight towards me. I thought for sure he was going to go beside his friend who was behind me but no, he stood beside me and I noticed he was closer to me than everyone else was to each other. And again he looked over at me but this time he didn't walk away. I felt scared and confused. HELP ME!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rainbow Fish

Dear Peregrin,

I'm laying on a slender table in a laboratory. There are lots of workers in green suits with green auras. The air is so cold I can see it, but I feel warm. A man in a white suit with a violet aura comes in and explains to me the procedure that will be done. He shows me a small slender fish...about 5 inches long...that has 7 bands of color that go from violet to red...through the spectrum...from head to tail. It is explained that the rainbow fish is going to be implanted in my arm - three bands of color above the implant line and four bands of color below the implant line. It is unspoken, but understood that the bands will correspond with my chakras. I am content that this procedure will be beneficial and go to sleep.

Zen Dreamer

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Comet

Dear Peregrin,

It was an end of the world type dream. A comet was obliterating the earth. It was very vivid. I could see geographical features of the comet as it was approaching. I was in my aunt's house with my mother, my grandmother, and my boyfriend's daughter. As the comet hit, I could feel myself dying. It was like waves of black nothingness washing over me. I could hear people next to me screaming, but the blackness kept me from moving towards them. I woke up terrified. I usually wake up just before I die in those kind of dreams.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Scary Hallway

Dear Peregrin,

I've had this dream every Halloween. Each year, there's more to it. I'm running down a school hallway. I don't know what I'm running from but I'm scared to death. As I said, each year I get farther!!(down the hall) I'm afraid of what's at the end of the hall and of what's chasing me.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just a Friend

Dear Peregrin,

I keep having this dream about this guy (he is white and I am black). I like him as a friend but he keeps occurring in my dreams. Nothing romantic or anything - just showing up. May be at family functions or parties. He is always there. What does that mean?


Monday, August 2, 2010

The Stage

Dear Peregrin,

I walked down the aisle, reciting my lines. I got to where Aggie was standing and gave her my lines. Pure agony swept over her face, as she looked at me and blinked. Instead of giving me my cue, she went on to say "So what did you do today? I got my nails done for the play, you like them?" She showed me her nails. This set me off, and instead of reciting the play we just went on. The director then started yelling at us in front of the whole audience, and made us do it all over. We started the play fine, again, but this time the whole cast, lost their places and the play was a flop. But instead of the audience, hating it, they loved it. The play was a smash. (One problem the play was 3 months ago)