Friday, October 7, 2011


I had a rather disturbing dream last night. I was in my apartment, although it wasn't my real apartment. It was at night and my blinds were drawn up, two guys walked by, one looked at me, but they kept walking.

Later I found myself crouching behind a countertop while one of the guys was peering through the window on my door while jiggling the handle trying to get in. In my dream I went to sleep and woke up and found that my window had been opened, but no one was in my apartment. I went to a neighbors, who actually happens to be a real neighbor of mine, and we called the police. When the police showed up they didn't seem to care that someone tried to / achieved their goal of breaking in and the police drove off. I was sitting in my neighbors apartment when he asked me if the two guys were short, at that point.. a chubby little boy burst into his apartment. His mother was behind him and apologized. I was freaked out at what had happened and had yelled at the mother, she reached over as to slap me or something and I woke up out of the dream. I was quite shaken and was worried that someone might break in. I slept with the lights on and would drift off, but would re-wake up thinking someone was in the room with me.

I interned in a Criminal Defense office this summer, so maybe I'm reacting to "defending" criminals who do this sort of thing.. but I've had dreams before about people trying to break into my apartment before I started my internship, which luckily ended today.

Any help would be greatily appreciated.


Good morning, Jen.

Any living space in your dreams is likely to represent yourself - much more close to home than an actual house or apartment. With that in mind, your break-in dream takes on a slightly different meaning. It isn't your home which you fear being invaded - it is rather an encroachment upon yourself - your private space, or your emotions. There are people who want to be a part of your life, and you want to keep them out.

From the sound of this dream, you are justified in not wanting to share you life with this person/people, but be careful to not overreact - if they offend, it may be out of ignorance.

Pleasant dreams,


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