Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I had two dreams that my ex boyfriend was confronting me about my new boyfriend. The dreams where in the same night. In the first one he called me on the phone asking me about him, he was mad. In the second dream we were face to face but I cant remember where we were.

The second night I dreamed he called me asking for me back. But I said no, because I have a new boyfriend, and he got mad.


Monday, February 27, 2012

My House Flooding

I keep having a recurring dream that the water tank in my loft keeps overflowing and water is coming through the ceilings, the walls and down the stairs. I feel panicked because I don't know how to stop it and nobody seems to want to help me. I worry that the walls will collapse if I can't stop the water. Why do I keep having this same dream? I dream about it being my house, sometimes the house I lived in with my parents and occasionally houses I don't even know.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Holy Warrior

I come home from somewhere, tired. I go to my room and sit on the bed, trying to relax. Then my mom comes in and hands me an open religious book and she tells me to read the open page. I tell her that I'm not in the mood. But then she starts reading it and then I have no way out so I go through it as well. I don't even realize what the whole article is about until I reach the last 2 lines, which I actually READ. It says that hot winds are going to come from the north (actually we do have an enemy in the north) and they will be terrible. Nothing will be able to stop them. Only one ting can. That all the young people of your religion unite and invade the enemy. Then suddenly I see myself near the corner of our 2nd most important place of worship. It is night time and the place is brightly lit (as it usually is in real life). I see a crowd gathered at that corner. There are women in it as well as men. I go u to it and everyone in the crowd is saying that we have defeated the enemy, but only this one last obstacle remain, then we've invaded the enemy. The obstacle whish they are pointing to is something like a speedbraker on the ground, but not as high as a speedbraker. It looks as if it is made of chalk. Then I see a man standing at a higher place and he's got all the material that could be used to break the thing up. They are calling that speedbraker a WALL. Then I see my father standing next to that guy and he's angrily looking at people because people are not trying to break the wall using the instruments that the man is offering. Then I see my sister go up to him and take one of those tools, which is big and long and pointed from both the sides. She tries to break the wall with it but to no avail. She returns the tool to that guy. Then I go and take the same tool from him and hit it on the wall, it only seemed to scratch, that is when I realize that the wall is strong. Then I gather my strength and pull the hammer (or whatever it's called) all the way back and hit it hard on the wall this time. This time there's a breakage in the wall, a small one, and pieces of it fall outwards. I am still in the bowing position when the crowd silences and moves away from me, forming a circle around me. I lift my head and start looking from the left side. I look at the faces and right in front of me is my father. Everyone is staring at me in amazement. Then I was just going to say something when the dream ends.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eat What You Take

Hey Peregrin,

I had the strangest dream and it seemed scary. In my dream, me and my mom were outside at some kind of gathering behind my house. All of the sudden I look up and notice a plane in the distance. Just when I figure out what the plane is about to do, the plane drops the bomb. My mom is behind me. Every time I barely escape the bomb and as I'm running and dodging I can feel the heat and flames off the bomb. Finally me and my mom get to my house (which is now my grandmother's house though) and I'm trying to rush my mom up. She keeps telling me that she has to rest and I keep pleading with her telling her they are going to capture us if we don't get out soon. Then it's my whole family and this man has a gun and wont let us out of the house.

Somehow we find a way to run and get in the car to leave when he isn't paying attention, but one of my brothers is in the house and the other one the man has hostage. I tell my mom "we have to leave, we have to leave or none of us are going to get free" but she refuses to leave without them. She runs in and grabs my youngest brother and I start trying to get my other brother free from the man. I kick him and every time after I do this, I think that it was stupid to do and that I'm going to get shot now but the man never shoots me and eventually we get free.

Then in another dream right after this I dream that me and my cousin are at my grandmothers and we are about to go home but since I'm riding with her we have to grab as much food as we can within a certain amount of time, so we will have a lot of eat (but whatever food we get we HAVE to eat) After the amount of time we have to get it, I sneak some chips out of the bag. (for some reason I really remember this part).

Next, all the sudden we are at a ceremony at my school like they have for school shootings but this is for us when we were kidnapped earlier. It was a combination of this and a trial. Two of my good friends and I knew we had to testify and we didn't want to because we didn't know what to say about it all. That was all of my dream. It seemed really strange and everything seemed very real in my dream.

Just to have some background, so you will know what's going on in my life and that might help you understand what my dream might be about. I'm 16. I've been under a lot of stress lately with school and cheerleading.

Considering I'm only 16, one of the main things happening in my life is my relationship with my new boyfriend of about two months. Things are great but I've been thinking a whole lot about how long we will last considering he's the first guy that's actually been decent. Ya know how that is. And also I'm pretty concerned with my motives in the relationship and what I feel is ok for us physically. I feel like I have nobody to talk to about it and I don't know if I will draw the line where I need to.

Anything that you could tell me about this dream would be greatly appreciated.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Death and Discount Basketball Tickets

I had died, by something like a mosquito something, or a little tiny plane or something, it wasn't very clear in the dream. So I had died, and was walking around. Nobody could see me. Then I saw my dad and my mom and my young brother all in some place with lots of people around. They were watching home videos of me.

Then I saw my Dad and Mom and young brother in an auditorium with lots of people. I felt that my dying would be very bad, because older had died just a little while ago [my older brother died about 10 months ago]. But I was okay and I wanted to let them know that. I go to my young brother first and start tickling him to let him know I was there. I thought this would work because my young brother once got tickled by older brother on the way to his plot in the cemetery. My young brother understands that I am with him and instructs me to tickle 2 more girls who knew me. I tickle them, too.

Then I am wondering what to do for my dad and mom. It seems like I can touch people if I can't talk to them. I consider massaging Mom's back. The next scene mom and dad are in some place with a big ceiling. I call to Dad [my dad is very interested in spirtual matters and reincarnation and stuff, while my mom is not]. My dad can hear me! I tell my dad that I love him, and he says that he knows. Mom can not hear me.

Dad and mom get in an elevator so that they could come to the floor that I am on. I then see my deceased older brother coming down the hallway. Only then, I am doubting whether it really is him, because he is very tall and looks like a basketball player. He says that yes, it is him. He is in a crowd of people. He then changes. Now he is blond with a beard and blue eyes. There are lots of people around him. Apparently he is a celebrity of some type. He says there is a discount for dad and mom, but wonders how we can get it to them if we are both dead? I say I can get it through.

The next scene, I see dad and mom in a room with another lady. Is it counseling, maybe? I talk to dad so he can hear that I am with him. The lady is asking mom if she believes in the afterlife. Mom is unsure. The counselor says that she, the counselor, maybe believes in the afterlife, or she considers it a possibility or something like that. I want to tell my Dad (since he can hear me) something to say to my mom that will make Mom understand that I am okay and that I am with her. Dad asks me to talk about her pocketbooks [my mom has a lot and adores them] but I can't remember anything significant about them. The dream ends there.

I wake up and I am surprised that it was all just a dream. Somewhere during the dream, I forget where, I think about how a palm reader said I might die early [this is true, a palm reader did tell me this] and about how I did die early.

What's going on in my life: I was upset with dad for getting wrapped up in the details of life and forgetting the big things. i am in school, but I'm going to be going home soon for fall break. I dropped one of my courses a little time ago. nothing else is really going on.



Friday, February 17, 2012



I've had several dreams in the past days of men that seem to like me. I don't see in the dream what I feel for them

In my life currently I like someone that once liked me a lot but now seems uninterested.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012



I'm hoping you can help me- for the past three nights I've dreamt of my son's father (ex-boyfriend). We've been separated for many years now (7 years to be exact) and I have not been in contact with him for over 4 years, which is why these dreams are extremely puzzling to me. If I do dream about him, it's the normal dream of him taking my son away from me (my fear).

The first dream I had about him - he had gotten me pregnant again and the babies (twins) were due in April, April 22nd. I could feel them moving. I was excited to be pregnant again- just not excited with the person whom I happen to be pregnant by. He'd forced me to marry him. I saw the dress, the wedding cake along with other food that was in the reception hall. The wedding gown was actually quite beautiful. His mother and sister stood around me getting me ready- then I woke.

Anyway the next night, I had another dream I had about him. This time it wasn't so dramatic. I dreamt that his mother contacted me and ask if they could see my son. I didn't mind since I told them both (his mother and he) that this past summer I tried to find him because my son wanted to know him. We all (My son's donor/father, His mother and his sister) had a conversation about my son- and then I woke.

Last night, I dreamt we were in this boat and we started talking and next thing I know we were naked and he pulled me on top on him. I was like "what the heck" since I'm not getting any now anyway- what harm could it do? And just in the midst of the act, his girlfriend surprises us. I began laughing because I found it funny because I no longer had those kinds of feelings for him, in truth I just wanted to have sex. Anyway, she makes him choose between her and I. And to my surprise, literally SHOCK! he chooses me. I'm sitting there with an orange sheet wrapped around me stunned- then I woke.

I wouldn't think anything of these dreams except for the fact that they were in consecutive order and all about him. Can you please help me? Do these dreams mean anything? I noticed that when I dream of him like this something always happens. He either shows up or starts calling. Now, I'm wondering if he's tracked me down or if I'm just being paranoid?


Monday, February 13, 2012

Shot Girl

I was walking with people I know for a long time and I was complaining about wearing the wrong shoes that if I had known I would have wore my tennis shoes. We were walking to the store. When I got to the store there were people everywhere but I noticed this white girl with dark hair pulled back in a ponytail wearing a blue jacket was bleeding. She was on her knees. Her eyes were closed. Then all of a sudden another girl stood up and pointed a gun at that girl and shot her in the head. Everybody was screaming and running and I was trying to blend in with the background. The shot girl fell backwards. I woke up scared.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Must You Tell My Mother?

Dear Peregrin,

I had such a funky dream last night!

I dreamt that my teacher in my art class taught all of my classes at school. I don't think much of him. It was PE and we were playing some game with eggs and a measuring cup. I said out loud "how do we play" and a girl said throw it at someone's back. So I threw it at someone I knew, Vincent, in the back, (he's not a close friend), and it stabbed him in the neck and he bled. He started wincing and whining and I sat in the corner and watched but wasn't disappointed in myself and wasn't crying either, I didn't care.

So then I ask my teacher to take me to get my tongue and lip each pierced twice. We go, and then my friend Diana's mom takes me to the mall to get smaller rings. Diana brought her cat with her in the car (she doesn't have a cat in reality) and when we got to the mall her mom held it. Somehow I ended up with my art teacher there and Diana and her mom got out of the picture. I wasn't sure where to go to buy what I wanted because I do not like the mall. We went in and after a few minutes I realized we were back at the entrance and I said to my teacher "wait I wanted to buy something" and he said, "oh, right, leaving after only 7 minutes would be pointless."

So we went inside and I found some smaller lip rings but I got in trouble somehow and I can't recall how but it was really bad. He said we should leave and "figure this out" with my mom. I didn't care really. I was just annoyed he was going to bring it to my mom. So we got to my house, and he waited for my mom to get home from work, and I sat in my room and talked to my brother on the Internet. The next thing I know my mom walks in my room. She says did your teacher leave? And I thought "wow how did she know he was here" and I said he usually leaves before you come home (which is funny because he only came to my house to tell my mother I made trouble) So she said "oh."

Then I realized my teacher is standing at the doorway at the corner of my eye and he walks in and says "I would like to discuss something with you" to my mom. So they leave my room smiling and laughing and went off to discuss it. Then I realize my brother is in my room sitting on my bed. I said to him "mom is a cunt face," and he agreed with me.

I left my room to see where my mom and my teacher went and in the room next to me they were in bed together!! My teacher was lying down and my mother was with him giving him very sexual looks. I turned around immediately and was disgusted and when I got back to my room I said ray come here and go down the hallway. So he did and he saw them and was disgusted too. The dream ends with me and my brother in my room sitting around thinking bad of our mom and my art teacher.

That's all of it. thanks for helping me through these trying times with awkward dreams.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boat Bus

My boyfriend told me that he would not drive his car because it was too troublesome to drive. Instead, we took buses to go to a play. On the first bus, he ran into his friends whom he has not seen for a long time. He sat by the right window with one of the friends. I sat on the left aisle seat with one of his friends by the left window. Although I did not know them, and I had never heard that my boyfriend mentioned about them, we all had a good time talking on the bus.

My boyfriend told me that we would get off the bus at the stop right before the bridge (in reality, the bus stop and the bridge actually exist in my home town) because we needed to make a transfer to another bus. We got off the bus, but he realized that it was not the correct stop to transfer to another bus. We took a bus which had the similar route to the one we were supposed to take. The bus driver's wife was standing behind the driver helping passengers if they had questions. We told them that we wanted to go to the theater place. They were nice and told us that they would try to take us to the place although they were not sure the exact location. The driver stopped at a stop, and partially the bus quickly became a big boat. Only did the pointed front boat touch the ground (in reality, I just had a boat ride two weeks ago with my family). We got off the bus/boat. Since the driver was not sure if it was the right place, he got off the bus/boat too. He took the staircase where lead to a stage right in front of the bus stop. He went to the very top and asked the performer on the stage if it was the theater place we were looking for. It was the place.

My boyfriend and I were exchanging sweet smiles. His hands wrapped my waist.

P.S. In reality, my boyfriend and I love each other very much, and we are always very happy being together. However, we cannot freely be together as we wish sometimes. He is in the tough situation which he is not brave enough to take a control over it. He always lets things and others take the lead.

Thank you for your help


Monday, February 6, 2012

That's My Name!

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt I bought a cat and on the cat's tag it said "Jesser" and I called the company I got it from and was really mad because that was my name and its special to me and no one else should have that and I was yelling at them. Then later on I realized whenever you buy something from that company it comes with your name on it.