Monday, August 8, 2011

Crushed Skull


I had a crazy dream last night that has been bothering me. I dreamt of murder, two bodies..myself and my daughter. Our skulls were being crushed. I could feel my head being bashed in and i could hear my skull cracking. I got shot in my upper chest near my shoulder first. The people who did it were unclear and it felt like there was more then one person doing it. At the very end of the dream i saw a closeup of a skeletal face that still had flesh on it and
they kept repeating over and over again 'decipher' .. and thats how the dream ended =(

Can you please help me because the dream was so horrible.

thank you


Good morning, Eloise.

A dream of death signifies endings and change. A murder would mean that those changes are beyond your control. The specific injuries you describe, however, I find interesting. Was it your left or right shoulder which was shot? Did you feel pain in this dream?

The skeletal face still has some flesh on - possibly meaning that the change is not, perhaps, inevitable, if you can figure out what it is. Obviously, a change that affects both you and your daughter, though not necessarily death, it is likely an unpleasant change nonetheless.

In what tone did it repeat the word "decipher?" In what rhythm? It could simply be a command to decipher the dream, or it could contain a different message. I would be glad to follow up on this with you, if you can answer the questions I have here.

Pleasant dreams,


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