Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Too Heavy

Once again, thank you for your time and insights. If you were interested, I think things are beginning to come together.

I've been under major spiritual reconstruction for a few years. It's been interesting but a challenge too. Your words made me think about things differently and helped me to have a dream that further explained what's going on.

In my dream, I ran into this man that I had a very brief relationship with three years ago. (In real life, I felt a deep connection with him that I've never felt with anyone else. He didn't feel the same so it ended. He was kind about the breakup but it hurt all the same. I haven't dated since.) This time though, he was about 100 lbs. heavier and he was completely in love with me. I was a little put off by his weight and I did NOT trust him at all. He was very affectionate and tried to hug me and hold my hand but I was embarrassed by his weight and afraid he'd leave me again so I was real stand offish towards him. (I don't understand why I had an issue with his weight. I tend to like my men on the burly side so it was an odd reaction for me.)

He didn't care. He knew exactly what I was feeling and gently persuaded me to walk arm and arm with him. I did but I wasn't about to let myself feel the same way about him that I did before. I stayed cold and unpersonable towards him.

After a time, he looked deeply at me, smiled, held my hands to his heart and said something along the lines of, "I'm ready for you. I'm just waiting for you to be open to having me." I stood there feeling ashamed for my behavior-being so closed off to someone who has so much love for me. Then, I woke up.

So, the lesson is: I need to learn to open up to people. (Friends, family, potential partners, etc.) I also need to continue letting go of all my negative and shame filled emotions. Which could easily require the assistance of my acupuncturist...and a good dream interpreter. :)

Thanks again!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Fire in the House

This dream was very realistic to me and frightened me quite a bit as the place where the dream takes place is my house in which I have always felt very safe.

The dream started with me in my room with a few friends having a sleepover type thing. My mum came in and said to me that our house was to go up in flames in an hour. It was strange as the whole dream, we knew that our house was going up in flames. My mates wrote me 'goodbye' letters and put them in an envelope ( I thought this might be to do with the fact I am leaving school in a month). I kept telling them they should come with me, because they would die if not, but they just would not budge and they went to sleep in my bed. I kept running down and putting things in the car and going back up to ask them if they wanted to come but they still wouldn't. I grabbed a box I have containing my diary, photos, things I want to keep and I grabbed the box of photos my parents have, I also grabbed the envelope. As soon as my family and I closed the front door the whole house burst into flames and I cried so hard. We drove off to where my dog was and I asked my mum if we had grabbed my dog's toys, which she had. We drove to my auntie's house to find my dog and her dog (which is dead in real life), playing together. We took my dog and drove back to the house to find fire engines etc. They told me that the only room that was not damaged was the study, which contained 2 computers and all my school work.

This dream freaked me out a bit because I knew the house was to go up, id lost two of my friends but my school work had not been damaged. I'd really like to know what this was all about.



Friday, January 4, 2013

Playing Dead

Hi Peregrin!

My dream last night felt really unusual to me. It just gave me an uncomfortable feeling when I woke up.

I was in some sort of class but it had a very casual feel to it. There were tons of people there. I could not even begin to count how many. We had to line up next to a cliff and were all holding hands. I was holding an old friend's, Ben, hand and some girl I cannot recall on the other side. Then someone pushed me and I fell from the cliff. I was pretty scared and I just kept falling and then this big strong man caught me at the bottom of the cliff. It was really weird because then the teacher was down there and she was says to me, "oh we're playing a trick on the class. They all think you're dead but you're not. Let's keep it going as long as possible and try to shock them as much as possible."

So I was supposed to wait until the opportune moment to come back and trick the whole class. So then I had to go into my room to wait. It was just I and someone else in this tiny room. This room actually was my childhood playroom that used to be at my old house. Then my little sister ran in and "found" me and I tried to catch her before she could run up the stairs and tell everyone I was still alive but I could not catch her. So I chased her up the stairs but it was too late. Everyone knew I was alive by then. But when I went up the stairs it wasn't at the school or cliff anymore, it was my old house. My mom had painted everything differently and she was cooking dinner and on the phone. She saw me and was like ohh hi you're here.

And that's it. It just felt like a really weird dream. Anywho that is all I think.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meeting the Family

Thank you for taking the time to help me interpret my dream... I had had it several times and in color.

I am walking through what looks to be a "Little House on the Prairie" scene, but rather in modern times with paved roads... Kinda like the old country you would see in the text books, like Europe or something. I go through the door with my friend Vincent and to my left there is a room with 2 barrels of hay and to my right is a room with green sofas. We both walk through the hallway together to find a long table with lots of people being happy and cheerful and eating Italian food. They act like they know Vincent and are happy to have me along. (Note: I have never even met Vincent's family in real life) He sits at the end of the table and I shyly sit to the left of him and someone serves me and him a plate of spaghetti with meatballs. He sits there and looks into my eyes and it is as if there is no body else in the room but me and him and he is trying to make me laugh and I am trying to be polite and trying NOT to laugh coz I am eating with a bunch of people I don't know, and he just continues to look into my eyes and in my dream it feels like time is standing still, and he just continues to sit there and smile at me. After leaving the table, we walk through the hall way and find our way to a room on the right with a blue blanket on the bed where we lay down. He begins kissing my forehead and we end up falling asleep in each other's arms. THEN I WAKE UP...

..And every time I have had this dream it feels so real and when I wake up I find myself looking for Vincent, like a dork.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks so much