Monday, August 22, 2011

Calendar and Clocks


I had this very interesting dream. Firstly since i just begun my fishtank my neighboor invite me to go in her place. She is an animal lover. Her and her husband are gone so i am alone in the house. I am left to stare at the clock on the wall and just beside the clock there is a calendar. It's one of those clock with a pendul. Then i deceide to go back to my place but then i find myself nude with only my underwear on. So i must run to my place like that. There is so car who pass in the street and laugh but nothing much. Then once in my place we take a convertible car to go to the novena. There is 3 people on the back seat with me and there is no belt for me. So i am left to hold on after the trunk. The novena is the place where two girl have begun to show their interest and felling for me last year. Then in the dream i am given the ingredient to do an incense to use in my magick spells. I don't remember all the ingredients but it was made basicly of trees smell such as pine,fir,birch. It was written with a blue bic pen in a sort of bible. Then i find myself near a store waiting to go in the car with my father. It seems that i picked up a pack of incense. On the back of the back it has a warning "with indulgence come problems". I know what that means. It means that when you use magick to attract things to you once they are there you have new responsability. In other words now that you have what you want you will have to deal with it. After that i find myself in a house where a blonde girl put my back of incense in a grand-father clock (sp?)

Yes this summer is out to be different for me. I am trying to be friend with the girls who smiled at me last year and in fact making friend with a couple of other girls from my village. Also i am trying to break into the entertainment industry and i have been given the address to send my demo tape to Lisa Lloyd the mother of Jake Lloyd and madison Lloyd from star wars episode 1. Could all these clocks and calendar means that it's just a matter of time now ? According to recent events in my life i really think that this dream was a way of telling me this summer is the good one. The one that everything will fall in place and starts to happen.


Good morning, Sebastien.

Dreams in which we find ourselves nude indicate a fear of exposure; of having out innermost secrets revealed. This happens to you in a neighbor's house. Could your interest in your neighbor be more than a shared interest in fish?

There's no room for you in the car and you're forced to hold on to the trunk. This suggests a feeling of being left out of things, being a hanger-on.

You don't mention what type of magic you intend to perform, but from the context I get the impression that it's a love magic. If this is the case, then the warning is very apropos: be sure you are aware of the consequences of attempting to impose your will upon others.

I believe your assessment of the meaning of the clocks is mostly on-target. Hoever, things may take more time to come together than you expect. Grandfather clocks and other old-fashioned types of clocks are prevalent, which may indicate events to occur later in the year. The presence of the calendar tends to reinforce that idea.

Pleasant dreams,


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