Friday, August 26, 2011

Till the Cow Comes Home

Dear Peregrin,

I have a cat missing. her name is Cow. she weighs 14 pounds....hence the name.

I just moved from all the way on the west boarder of indiana to the east boarder of ohio. Things were not as I was told they would be when I was asked to move here. It has been rough. but that is the past and things are getting better. On the day before I moved out of the house I moved to in Ohio, one of my cats went missing. I got up in the morning. She was there sitting in the window sill. I went to work and came home for lunch. She was gone. I have looked everywhere. Offered a reward. Told all the kids in the neighborhood. One kid has called me twice but it wasn't my cat. I moved to a different house in the same town as where the cat went missing, about 5 blocks away.

The other night I had a dream that I had met a man for the first time. We went out and then went to a house. In the dream it FELT like my house but I never actually saw it. I did see one of the cats I left back in Indiana. (at my mom's farm.....I didn't abandon them). He was born with one ear missing. He was in the sphinx position but has his front paws crossed, like he always did. In the dream I thought, "Wow this cat came 400 miles to me and Cow can't even come 5 blocks."

What do you think.....maybe a sign she will show up.....she's trying?


Good morning, Barb.

I understand your concern over the missing cat. I lost one several years ago, probably to old age, but the fact that she just never came home one day still occasionally haunts me.

I doubt that this dream is a sign that your Cow will come home. I believe that this dream speaks of "moving on" where this issue is concerned. There are others in your life who care about you and need your love in return.

Pleasant dreams,


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