Monday, August 1, 2011

Old Friend?

Dear Peregrin,

One of my closest friends and I have grown apart. It was mostly my fault because I told her she was trying to act like someone else, and now we don't talk much. When we do, its usually a fight. Well, last night I had a dream about her. In the dream, she was graduating from high school and I was watching. She was standing at a podium and she started smoking a cigarette. This is a girl who won't even go near a cigarette by the way.. So I run up to the podium and pull the cigarette from her hand. She has the cigarettes and a lighter in her hand so lights another one. I take it and throw it, hug her, and start crying about lung cancer and that I'll never talk to her again and she can forget me if she just stops smoking. I found it weird knowing that we don't talk much anymore.. and I still really care about her.


Good morning, Kasey.

I've translated ten dreams this week. Yours is the last and probably the least weird of all. It tells me that your concern for your friend is genuine, and your words which caused the rift came out of that concern. The dream is a replay of those circumstances - smoking is out of character for her, and you try to prevent that - just as you tried to prevent her from acting like someone else. You place her well-being above the friendship.

This dream only offers one clue as to how to patch the friendship - tell her how you feel.

Pleasant dreams,


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