Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prom Fire

Dear Peregrin,

My high school was on fire, and every room was ablaze apart form the dining room, which was last. It was prom time, all my friends and I were wearing prom dresses and suits. I jumped into the sea as our school was floating on it & as I did so, I held my mobile phone above my head making sure it did not get wet. I then saw a floating restaurant and we all climbed on that. As I was sitting there, I was writing a letter to my ex- boyfriend.


Good morning, Woody.

Proms are generally held at the end of the school year, as a celebration of same. This dream signifies endings with this symbol, and with the school burning - similar to burning bridges, indicating being cut off from the past - or that which is soon to be past.

The remainder of your dream has to do with keeping in touch with people. The floating restaurant - keeping relationships afloat. The cell phone must remain dry, so that you can remain in communication. Writing a letter to your ex - perhaps wishing to re-establish old ties.

In this dream, you recognize that things are coming to an end, and are making plans to retain your relationships in spite of this.

Pleasant dreams,


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