Monday, October 17, 2011

Nothing is Right

Dear Peregrin,

Last night I had a horrible set of dreams. I dreamt that I kept visiting this restaurant with mean people that worked there. There was a restroom located in the center of the room and it was open for all to see. I kept walking in and out of the restaurant. Then I was in my house when a woman who was my childhood babysitter came to visit. She walked in, said "hi" all cheerful, then walked right past me. The next time I saw her she was drunk. Her drunk boyfriend came over later with a bottle of alcohol and a gun. He didn't use the gun but he had it.

Can you make anything out of this mess?


Good morning, Nick.

I get a sense of deep betrayal from this dream. People who should cheerfully serve are mean. The privacy of the toilet is public. Those who should take care of you instead ignore you, and bring threats with them. There's an overall feeling of persecution in every symbol.

The feelings in a dream are what usually translate into waking life, because that's where they come from. It seems to me that you are feeling persecuted, betrayed, and threatened in some aspect of waking life, and believe that you can no longer count on people that you used to trust.
You didn't tell me what's going on in your life right now, so I can't make the connection - you'll have to do that. Often we can feel betrayed even though the offending party did not mean anything of the sort, in which case some honest communication can solve the problem. But if the betrayal - and especially the threat - is real, then you must seek confidence from a third party.

Pleasant dreams,


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