Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Can't We Live in Our House?

Dear Peregrin,

My husband and I live in a contemporary house that we built out in the woods. We have lived here now for about 8 years. My husband went through a divorce 12 years ago and to put things back together financially we moved in with his parents for a year to put money away to build the house.

Last year I began to have a dream with a recurring theme. In this dream my husband and I or sometimes just I am living in an apartment or with other people. Sometimes it is his parents but always a place that is too bleak and cramped. I slowly remember that we have a nice bright contemporary house and I wonder why we are not living there. When I ask my husband he tells me that we can't afford it or that it is too far out or the taxes are too high. Something. It never makes sense to me because we are paying for it - we are just not living in it. I long to return to the house and live there and I am frustrated by not being able to for reasons that make no sense.

I have no idea why I continue to have this dream. Thank you for any insight you may have.


Good morning, Nancy.

Your house probably represents something else that you have but can't use, and you are lately questioning the reasons for that. It may be some skill that you honed while younger that you wish to use again. It could be money socked away into a savings account, while there is something that you want to buy. Whatever it is, it's most likely something that you have been doing without for a while, thinking that you had no choice - now you are beginning to see that you may have choices after all.

Pleasant dreams,


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