Friday, December 9, 2011

Delivering a Baby

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream a couple weeks ago that was so vivid that I woke up believing I Had a was very real to me! I gave birth to a little boy with bright blue eyes and light brown hair. He looked to have been around 7lbs

I was in labor in our living room. I couldnt get to the phone to call my husband, and I started delivering him by myself. I felt the pain of labor went through everything I wasnt scared but very relieved and happy to hold him.

The dream also went in sequence, although the rest is a little fuzzy. People were giviing us gifts and I also went shopping with him. I just kept looking at him admiring how beautiful he was.

When I woke up the baby was crying in the dream, so I woke up searching for him in the bed, but realized that the phone was ringing and there was no baby. It took me a good 5mintues to realize I did not have a child.

Was curious what this dream meant?



Good morning, Alice.

A dream like this can come from a strong desire to have a child, but that's not the only possibility. Babies represent new responsibilities, and fresh starts, of all types. A new job comes to mind as a fresh start. It is something in your life which is just about to begin, and about which you are very excited.

Your husband cannot be reached, meaning that this particular endeavor is one that you must accomplish on your own. You are capable of rising to the challenge, however. In fact, you seem to be looking forward to this change in your life.

Pleasant dreams,


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