Monday, December 19, 2011


I was standing near a bridge and it was quite a way up. I saw my cat over the other side & she jumped and hurt her leg. I then looked to my left and an old man in a blue coat was coming towards me, I thought he was a normal person but when he got nearer he started to shout things at me. I ran off but I couldn't run fast enough and he started to chase me. I saw an old lady with her grandson and went up to them & told them I was being followed by the man behind me. She grabbed my hand & we ran. We then came across a mechanic place, that fixed cars. I went up to the lady in there & said I was being followed and she said we could stay here until he had gone. Then my karate instructor came in and said, "You couldnt do it then, I saw you, I was over the other side of the bridge. You can do it next time." I then gave the woman in the mechanic place 3.50 for her trouble.


Good morning, Laura.

As we've also seen in previous dreams, you place a great deal of importance in your ability to handle difficult situations, yet still do not feel confident enough. Your fear tends to overcome so powerfully that it interferes with your priorities - you cannot help your cat because you cannot face your fear of the old man.

In a previous dream, you learned to accept help when it is needed (though you still feel obligated toward those who help you, as seen in the money given to the woman at the garage). This dream is telling you that you need to be able to forgive yourself when you fail. But both still carry the message that your fear is your greatest obstacle.

Pleasant dreams,


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