Friday, December 2, 2011

Mysterious Woman

Its hard to convey what exactly happened in this dream, but I will try.

It began with myself as a point of view in a low lit room looking at an old wooden desk with a VERY attractive young Asian woman standing over it (She may have been wearing white).

I could see on this desk that there where maybe five antique figurines of various height and color. I couldn't make out what these figurines where but I could tell that they where of high importance to myself somehow.

Looking from over her shoulder I could see her rearranging them into order Smallest(On far left) to largest(Far Right).

The scene quickly changed and I was now looking at an electrical outlet. Somehow this woman created, psychokinetically, some kind of shield (Dark Blue) around all the electrical outlets in the room.

I felt like this woman is an important part of me, but I've never seen her.

I remember thinking that this woman was an absolute genius after she had created the shields.

Its also important to note that it was if the woman acted like I wasn't there, but knew I was.

Mr. Isabella

Good morning, Mr. Isabella.

The woman may be your anima - a female side of the male self who represents the man's point of view of all things feminine. She can be mother, or lover, or goddess - sometimes sister or daughter.

The antique statues might represent your own past, arranged as they are from smallest to largest, and the shielding of the outlets is likely meant to protect you from harm. It's interesting that you need shielding from power sources - do you perhaps not trust yourself with too much authority, feeling it necessary to temper ambition with compassion?

Pleasant dreams,


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