Friday, June 29, 2012

Adult Knick-Knack Store

Dear Peregrin,

Let me start this letter by saying, I think you have an awesome name :) I am hoping that you might have some insight into this beyond insane dream that I had!

I must apologize in advance because some of the details seem hazy or disjointed, but I will tell it to you as it appeared to me. I was in a store which was supposed to be an "adult" store, but nothing in the place seemed to be of that nature. In fact most of the merchandise was a random collection of knick-knacks, everything from chop sticks to baby items. I was in this store shopping for something for an evening with my boyfriend (in real life I am not seeing anyone), whose name was Steve. I somehow got the impression that my family did not approve of Steve so I was trying to keep my plans for the evening low key.

At some point I ran into Steve and we were walking around this same store and basically goofing around, I was pushing him around on something that looked like a cart for moving around large boxes, when I spotted someone from my family. I quickly tried to think of a way out of the impending argument, so I dressed Steve up in the uniform of my uncle Al, a dead baseball player, and tried to pass him off as my uncle. And it worked on some people. In fact it seemed the majority of the family believed it and wanted to bring "Al" over to my father. I tried to stop them, but they wouldn't listen to me.

The rest of the dream I experienced from the point of view of Steve/Al. I was introduced to my father, who knew this was a farce and we were talking and he was telling me about the real Al and how sad he was that he had died. I became so emotional I said that I wished I could go back in time and die in his place. I was crying in the dream and woke up crying.

What in the heck is this all about?

Oh, two important notes. I do have a dead uncle Al, who I never met, but he was not a baseball player and he was not my father's brother. And my father in the dream, was not my father in real life, and he seemed much older than my real father. In fact, none of the family members in the dream were actually members of my family.

If you can make heads or tails of this I would be eternally grateful!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sharp Shell Lobster

Dear Peregrin,

I had a weird dream last night.

I dreamt that there was a lobster (crayfish) in my bed and I could feel it underneath the sheets, knew what it was by its outline, but could not actually see it.

I was not worried about its claws but rather its sharp shell.

I was pressing down on it so it would not come any closer and I felt the shell cut my finger and blood was drawn.

I woke up and hopped straight out of bed.

Can you tell me what this means?



Monday, June 25, 2012

Don't Kill Me

Dear Peregrin,

Okay, this guy came to the screen door at my house and I was about 5 metres away in the kitchen and he was pointing a gun at me through the door yelling at me, and I remember that I was begging him not to kill me because I didn't want to die, then he just ran off

Thank you,


Friday, June 22, 2012


Dear Peregrin,

I had this dream that I was walking down this busy street, with about 20 colourful balloons with strings. The end of the street was empty and at the end of the street was my friend's house. I haven't seen her in about 17 yrs.

What's going on in my Life? My daughter just did an audition to go to L A. She didn't get picked. We have been for the last three weeks running to Toronto for photos shots, graduation for modelling and so on. I have so many medical tests going on too.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New School

I've just remembered parts of this one.

I am at a school which is situated on the side of a hill. I have my badges from the school I completed Senior at. I am registering myself or something and this girl stands beside me. I am wearing my old Senior uniform. I look at the girl beside me and say "Wow! Linda ! I haven't seen you since Senior!". I finish what I had to do at the window which looked into an office. Like admin. And I went off to get my new school uniform which was of a blue check/tartan. The surroundings remind me of the trees found in the Colorado National Park. But I am not 100% sure if it was USA.

I am wondering whether my Guide is trying to tell me that I need to move back to the States (even though I am not a citizen), or there is a place in the country I am from that I am supposed to move to.

Peace to all.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Little Brother Driving


I was wondering if you could help me figure out this dream that I had the other night. Actually, I'm really interested in this, 'cause this is a topic that I myself am trying to tackle in a school experiment. How dreams are linked to personality, that is.

Anyway, I tried to figure it out myself, but I'm not very skilled in the subject and I wasn't really able to understand much.

Alright, here it goes.

In my dream, it started off by me driving in a big, silver truck with my little brother. It was a sunny day outside, and we were driving on a new-looking road, with green grass next to us and a metal bar surrounding the whole place. All of a sudden, my brother, who is only 11, took the wheel and I was yelling at him to stop it. The sky got gray and it began to rain. I remember being really scared, but my brother was laughing. I climbed out of my window and sat on top of the car. My brother was driving crazily. The car was curving and spinning out of control. Then, kind of in slow motion, the car hit the metal pole and we went flying downwards, off the edge of a cliff. We landed in an ocean, and I expected to drown because of the hard impact, but instead I came up from the surface to find my brother swimming behind me, still laughing. I was mad at him as we continued to make our way back to the shore. It was still raining out, and it seemed to get much darker. There were a lot of other people on the beach. They all looked rather sad. There was this 1 boy with silver hair who came up to us. Then I started laughing. And then me and my brother climbed back up the side of the cliff. I woke up after that.

I'd appreciate if you could help. Thanks a lot!!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Bologna in Milk

Hi there,

I dreamt with my deceased fiancee bout a week ago. In the dream, he is giving me something to drink. He gives me milk, but in the milk, there was a piece of cold cut, bologna I believe.

When I think of this dream, I think my beloved is warning me of my ex. That my ex is "feeding me Bologna" (basically "feeding me crap!"). I feel the milk represents my ex, trying to cover up his "real intentions" his "true colors." Those "true colors," which is the disguise that he "cares" when in truth, he does not. I believe my beloved was trying to tell me that. Since then, I have not had communication with him (my ex).

What do you think of the dream? I would really appreciate an interpretation. Thank you.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I keep having dreams in the last part of my sleep, about being in USA. I live elsewhere in the world, though I have previously lived in USA, where my husband comes from.

One dream I have had recently is that I am in a classroom sitting in one of those chairs with the lecture/writing board attached to them. remember the teacher saying that I was 1 of 6 international students. It looked like the students were college freshmen.

The other dream I had - just hte other day- I was driving along a major road in what I can gather was NYC but one of "The Towers" (aka WTC) was still errect and hadn't fallen down - it still had the side missing where the plane came in contact. All of the windows had been blown out. In the far distance, on the horizon behind The Tower, it was very hazy and smokey.. like bushfire smoke.. it was as though I was looking north. When I was driving I was going up the exit ramp of a Route 90??? I can remember the number 90 on one of those large traffic signs which hang above the road. I successfully dodged the on coming traffic.. and there were times were I was too invovled in looking at the scenery and found myself driving towards the left hand side of hte road where I came to the edge of the bridge, but was able to get back in the lane.. though the car kept wanting to go to the left. The scene changes I am apparently down the street or in teh 'burb near Manhatten. I see the glass looking totem pole statue thin which I have seen 'irl' in Stockholm Central Station mall. I wanted to take a photo of it, but the teenaagers.. or early 20's wanted to go inside for some reason. The place looked pretty deserted.

This is all I can remember, sorry.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Street Sniper

I don't remember much of this dream but all I do remember was that I was at my Nan's house and there was some crime going on, I cant remember what it was, but 1 person ran across the road and has he did he got shot and fell, so did another person and another. As I walked off I look at one of the people and it was a good friend of mine (who had phoned me earlier in the day in real) One of her hands was missing, her right eye was bruised & she had a large gash in her stomach. I know I can't remember much but can u help interpret this part for me?


Friday, June 8, 2012


This is an event that occurred in the middle of my dream last night. None of the events prior to or after this event seem at all relevant. Especially since I can't remember them.

Anyway, I was in this store going through this rack of jackets that had been marked for clearance. Most of them were leather, and I had been looking for a leather jacket that I LIKE for some time in a reasonable price range. So, we're scanning through when I suddenly find this plot of like leather jackets in a style I absolutely LOVE. Only problem is, across each of the jackets are a set of letters, a short word, or a part of a longer word. These letter sequences never exceeded 5 letters in length. This doesn't seem to phase me, even though the letters do mar the attractiveness of the jacket. I draw out one in particular that I like above the others in my size. The letters across it spelled out "SHELL." Despite the jacket was everything I wanted outside of the letters written across it, I was still hesitant to buy it since the price was still kind of high. I bought it anyway.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brown England

Dear Peregrin,

I had this dream, and the entire thing was in the color brown.

I dreamt that me, my dad, and my brother moved to England, and they flew back and left me there.

I woke up feeling somber and brave.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Weird Vacation

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt last night I was on a vacation with my family and we were all going to a gym to work out together (kinda weird :-} ) well the gym turned into a giant theater by the time we got inside, and we brought my dog and cat in too (unleashed). At one point my dad stayed with my little brother, sister, and our dog in the first theater room, but me, my mom, and my cat all went into the next room through some doors. Then I started to get really worried about my pets so I started to look for them.

My dream then "changed" and I was on an overnight field trip with my class. The first thing I remember is buying breakfast there, everything was really over priced and the clerk kept giving me and trying to charge me for food I didn't order. I ended up spending like $20.00 for a Krispy Kreme donut and a carton of milk.

Next we went as a class into the theater, but this time I was sitting next to this kid in my class, (To clarify I don't find him attractive, but he is funny). Well, he put his arm around my shoulder and I rested my head on his shoulder and we watched some kind of informational movie. This is the point of time in which I woke up.

Muchas Gracias!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Christmas Play

Dear Peregrin,

Last night I had this dream and in the dream I was volunteering my time at a Christmas play that my friend was in. I had to go straighten out the "snow" on the risers that the actors were standing on, but the snow was like globs of glue and I got some on my shirt. Then this guy got a wet paper towel for me to clean it off, but he acted like he was going to clean it off the front of my shirt, so I took the towel real fast. In The second part, I was walking up a long stairwell with my friend and this guy who I recognized from grade school told her to make a deal with a rival basketball team (she plays basketball, and when we got up to the top, we saw the team there selling candy bars, and she made the deal. The third part was I was in a shopping mall, in the food court, and I passed this old guy friend of mine who I always had a crush on. At first we just passed each other and then we realized who we were and we both turned around and I said "oh my God" I immediately ran over to him, but tripped and fell flat on my face. Then I got up and we hugged. The weird thing about this part is I know I've had this dream before. What does it mean when you have reoccurring dreams?