Monday, November 28, 2011


Me and my family had rented out this massive house and all I remember was looking around and seeing all the rooms, the corridors, thinking it was fantastic! When we went outside the woman came & said we couldn't rent it after all and there were lots of people outside.

We went to the car but it wasn't where we left it, I ran over to someone and said "Have you seen a dark blue Audi at all?" They said "Yes it went that way," pointing to a hill. We started to walk up a hill and as we did so these four Japanese men started following my mum, trying to steal her handbag. As I do martial arts I wasn't afraid to confront them. I punched one in the face but it didn't seem to take effect and I became aggressive as I really want to do well at martial arts but my punches were weak, so my dad came to help me & they became stronger.

All together we manage to beat them and left them lying on the floor in agony. We still couldn't find our car at the end of the dream, so we continued walking.


Good morning, Laura.

There's a strong sense of frustration in this dream. You don't seem to be able to do anything you're wanting to do - rent the house, find the car, fight the men. When your dad helps you fight, then you win, but you're not able to do it on your own. Even then, you don't get your car back.
This probably comes from feeling as if you're too dependent upon others, and wanting to be more independent.

Pleasant dreams,


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