Friday, September 9, 2011

Where is my love?

Dear Peregrin,

Last night I dreamt a dream with very emotional feelings. If you could help I would appreciate it!

I'm at someones house of which I do not know of. It has stairs to get up to it. But there is a porch attached to it like ours. All my relatives are over for Easter. I don't feel like talking to anyone, I am sad and I stay out of the porch where they all hang and talk and eat. I can hear them laughing and having a good time. I miss my love throughout the entire dream. I saw people that weren't from my family. After a pretty long day in this house, it was finally time to leave. We headed out. My brother is rude to me. While we headed out to the car he spit on my sweater and my mother said shes calling the cops because that is illegal. He said fine go ahead then panicked as she headed back to the house to do so. She said Ive had enough and rushed to call the cops. My brother pleaded her but she wasn't about to stop. I waited in the house as she did so. I didn't care really, I just wanted whatever was to be done done so I could leave. I saw my neighbor sitting on the floor and a person from school which I am not friends with sitting next to him. They weren't talking or anything. My brother came over and saw the person I know from school and laughed at her shoes. (she does have torn up shoes in reality, she wears worn out osiris's). I wasn't laughing, I didn't care. In reality my brother likes to laugh at dumb things, I do too, but I didn't care in this dream. Then my neighbor said come here and for some strange reason I though it was my love so I knelt down and lifted him up a bit by his back and he kissed me 3 times on the neck and I did the same. After that I was very sad and realized that was my neighbor I had just kissed! I was extremely upset and had wished more than anything that that was my love. I went to the front room. I was waiting for my mother to finish calling the police so we could leave I didn't care much for this place. but I didn't plead my mother to leave. I knew this was Easter and a special occasion so I just waited. I saw A few guys and a few girls in the front room. Teenagers hanging out. I didn't know these people. I didn't start any conversation with them either. I was too sad to. Two girls were sitting next to each other, and another guy was on a chair and another guy was on a couch. One of the guys asked one of the girls with blonde braided hair wearing a red sweater "Jessica come sit by me". Her friend encouraged her so she did. I woke up.

My name is Jessica, but in the dream this young man wasn't talking to me. People call me Jesser anyhow.

Thank you so much. :D


Good morning, Jesser.

I'm not sure how you will take the impressions I get from this dream, so I want to warn you that I can easily be wrong. Ultimately you must judge for yourself.

There are a lot of strong emotions in this dream, but they all seem to focus upon dissatisfaction in your relationships. You feel alone in the midst of a crowd of people, left out, disrespected and at the same time over-protected.

You mistake your neighbor for your love and kiss him before you realize the mistake. This speaks of misplaced affections.

Easter is a time of rebirth.

These clues and several others make me think that you are not happy with your current relationship and desire a change.

The girl with your name, but not the one you normally use, indicates that your dissatisfaction extends to yourself, as well - you're not feeling as if you are the person you want to be, perhaps? Or is it that you would rather be in a relationship with someone new, who doesn't treat you the same as everyone else does? You don't know any of the people in the room - maybe what you want is an entire new crowd to hang with.

That's about all I can see in it. Good luck, and pleasant dreams.


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