Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stranded at the Rest Stop

Dear Peregrin,

I am not to sure where to start but I feel that I should give you a little background of what else is happening with me currently because I believe that it may have a lot to do with this dream.

I am currently engaged and to be married on July 12. My fiancee recently have talked about calling off the wedding and have temporarily separated. This happened on Sunday and last night I decided to come back and stay at the house because I had nowhere else to go. She was ok with me being there and said that she would be getting home later than me.

She did not show up before I got home and I could not get a hold of her so I went ahead and went to sleep. She was supposed to be home around midnight or a little later. She said she was going to take a friend to the hospital but I don't believe that's what she did.

While I was sleeping I had a dream that I was driving home from a bar (I think) and I was following a friend of mine back to the town we live in. It was mid afternoon. When we got outside of a larger city close to ours, (we could have went around the city {a bypass} or straight through it) I chose to go around and he continued through the city. While I continued driving I decided that I needed to stop and stopped at a rest area, that doesn't exist on that road. I walked up to this white building that reminded me of a turret or an old army arsenal. (round with a pointy roof and round wood things protruding through the walls out of the building near the roof)

I don't remember what I did inside of the building or going to the second floor. but I remember going down a flight of stairs that circled the outer walls of the building. When I came close to the bottom floor I could see the door and I noticed that it was already open and that the sun was shining in through it and that there were two beer cans at the bottom of the steps, one upright and on the last step and half full and the other on the landing empty and laying on its side.

I walked past them and went outside there was a police officer standing outside the door and he asked me if the beers were mine and I said no, but for some reason I knew they were mine. he let me go. When I turned around and started walking towards my car I realized that my car was blocked into its parking space by a big red truck and I couldn't leave the rest area and I remember being upset because I couldn't leave and I just sat there in my car.

That's when I woke up. I never wake up out of a sound sleep like that and rarely remember my dreams. That's why I believe that it is significant in meaning.

When I woke up I knew that she still hadn't come home and it was about 5-6 hours after she said she was going to the hospital and I was right in knowing she still wasn't there. She hadn't come home. She did get home a little later because I called her but I know that she was probably being dishonest with me about where she had been.

Hope that you might be able to help sort this out for me.


Good morning, Kevin.

Thank you for providing a bit of background. The reason I ask for this is because dreams often reflect, in some way, what's currently on our minds.

In your dream, you drive around the city that's in your path, rather than go through it. Certainly this makes sense during actual travel, when the city is not your destination. But in a dream it can represent an attempt to avoid a problem - "bypass" it - instead of dealing with it directly.

The avoidance continues when you are asked about the beers. Rather than admit that they are yours, you lie to the officer - just to avoid trouble.

It's intriguing that the rest area reminds of of weapons of war. It seems to fit your life, though, because of being at odds with your fiancee. This rest area, then, seems to be your current position - an interruption in your journey, plans on hold. And now you're stuck there, just as you are stuck in waking life. A big red truck seems very similar to an emergency vehicle - you must take care of this problem before you can continue.

I can't help but think that your friend in this dream is representing your fiancee. I say this because marriage is a journey best undertaken with a good friend.

And here's where we get to the heart of the matter. I think that you honestly want to go through with your marriage - in your dream you are very upset that you cannot continue on your journey.

Your dream is also saying that you put yourself in this situation. Did your fiancee lie about where she had been? Maybe so. But there is a problem in your relationship that you have been avoiding, even lying to keep from having to deal with it. However, you cannot continue until you do so.

I do hope that his has been some help to you. Good luck, and pleasant dreams.


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