Monday, November 7, 2011

Depp Reality TV

Hello, Peregrin.

I have had 2 dreams back to back in one night. I guess first of all i should tell u that i am in love with David, but I don't think the lady who he has feelings for is me. :( We are very good friends tho. Anyway, here's the first dream.

David and I are looking at this old style house circa early 1900's. We walk into the living room of this house with a male real estate agent. We were dressed in clothes from the 1940's tho. anyway, the room was very spacious, mahogany floors, a high ceiling, and gleaming white walls. There was also a fireplace in the front of the room and an unusually large paned window. A few minutes later, David and I were on the floor making love on this white bear skinned rug under the large window and it was raining outside. I guess we bought the house. *shrugs*

Here's the second dream:
I was on a reality tv show that was untelevised but had a live studio audience. there were 5 or 6 women on stage including myself waiting for the announcer to come on stage. We were given a drink something like wine and a wooden flat box to hold(each side was 36 inches) and told to drink the wine. In a matter of minutes the box became Johnny Depp, who I adore. All of the women were trying to get Johnny's attention, to get him to court attention to only one. the audience was laughing because some of the women were using all kind of tactics to get his attention, myself included. I was a little embarrassed about it after I sobered up.

I know these two dreams are related, i just don't know how. Anything you can tell me will be helpful. thank you.


Good morning, Nneka.

Your first dream setting reminds me of romantic movies from the forties, the time period you seem to be set in. It seems to correlate with your situation quite well - it expresses a desire for an old-fashioned, monogamous relationship with the man you love.

At the same time, you believe that this is impossible and that you're just making a fool of yourself - just as is outlined in the second dream.

I don't get a clue from either one how things are likely to turn out, but I will keep you and David in mind during future translations.

Pleasant dreams,


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