Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I have had recently 2 or 3 dreams on different nights. Each one there is a bobcat trying to attack me. One in my home and the other on a trip with friends. Each time I get away but it is very difficult. This last dream I was being chased then I got caught and was being dragged then I woke up and changed the dream while I was just laying there with my eyes closed. This time I overcame the bobcat while my friends got the car. I used skills I learned by watching crocodile hunter! I was still scratched but made it safely into the car.

If you have any ideas I would love to hear them. I am not very concerned but would like to sleep through the night without waking up feeling afraid and then having to fall back asleep.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Buggy Living Room

Hi, I had a dream last night that we are in our current home and the living room roof is full of spider webs and there are tons of dead and alive bugs/creatures in this room. It looked like an old deserted castle or something. On other days also I am having dreams where the places I am in are totally destroyed or dirty....Believe me I keep my house pretty clean :))... Does this mean anything???



Friday, March 25, 2011

Nursing Test

Hi there,

My name is Moya from Corl Ireland and I am a a nurse. Graduating my refresher course and taking the boards in the summer. My dream was a teacher was giving me back a test her name is Brenda. It seemed like a good feeling i remember laughing and being in good spirits. We took a mock nclex on the 17th april. What could this mean?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Losing Teeth and Back in School

Dear Ms. Walker,

Right now, I am trying to obtain a full time job as a teacher.

Many times I have dreasm that revolve around 2 themes - either all my teeth slowly fall out or this type of dream.

I am at school. It is usually grade school or high school. I am supposed to go to my last class but I can't remember which one it is or the room to go to. I try to go to my locker, but I can't remember which one is my locker. If I do find my locker, I can't remember the combination of the lock.

What do these re-occuring themes mean?



Monday, March 21, 2011

The Road Not Taken


My mother recently had a dream ... and I chose to send it to you for interpretation, She dreamt of a man that had asked her hand in marriage over 40 years ago...I asked her if she ever thinks about him... She said absolutely I'm wondering what this could mean...I would appreciate your interpretation...


Friday, March 18, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I enter the room of a doctor and see, that my ex-girl-friend is lying there on a table. The doctor takes her heart out of her body and put it away. Then he says, that I can take her home. I ask him, when he will put her heart in her body again and he says "never". I say "But without her heart she cannot live" and become very angry. I attack the doctor and beat him. Then I throw him out of the window. I take the girl and go out with her. Suddenly I remember, that I have forgotten to take her heart with me. I say "Wait for me here, I go back and fetch your heart". As soon as I have arrived in the doctors room I search for the heart. Though I know, where it is, I do not look at the right place. I search in the cabinets and in the shelves, but I do not find the heart. After a time I become panic and I search and search. "Without her heart she will die, I have to find her heart" I say to myself, but I cannot find it. Then I break down and cry. I cry so much, that I wake up with tears in my eyes........


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Broken Heart

Dear Peregrin,

Hello, I had this strange dream yesterday. I dreamt of my exgirlfriend (went out for a year then broke up 3 months ago). I dreamt I kept seeing her everywhere I went. but everytime I saw her my heart was hurting. I could actually feel being heart broken. The whole dream was about seeing her at different places, sometimes she was with another guy and sometimes just with friends. She was always wearing the same pink shirt that she wore often when we went out. The thing about this dream is that the feeling of being heart broken was so strong that when I woke up I actually felt like the hurt was real, like I was actually sad. now we have been broken up for a few months and we have both moved on, and this is the first time this happens. Let me know what you think. Thank you


Monday, March 14, 2011

Spiders Attack

Dear Peregrin,

For the last couple of nights I have had the same themed dream. In the first dream I was sitting in my garage with my husband and dog. My husband pointed out that there was a huge black spider on the floor, and that it was some species that I don't recall right now. It didn't look like a spider, It looked like a type of flower. I also thought that the spider was dead. But, in the next scene it was running and my dog was very curious running after it. I was yelling at her to come back to me, but my husband was watching it going after her.

The next dream was about a white spider that was not in a cage or anything, it was on a table in my driveway. Again, the spider starting running after my dog, and again my husband didn't think there was any danger. This time the spider bit my dog. The next scene was me walking through or into what seemed to be a very large opening that appeared to be almost tropical, and although I didn't actually see any spiders I knew that they were there.


Friday, March 11, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I have few dreams that are practical or "everyday," and this one isn't either.

It starts out that I am flying in an alien space fighter jet, over a grid system which seems to have yellow wiring and you can see impulses travel along them then all of a sudden, the setting changes and I'm on rooftops and there are giants all around. I start fighting the giants....I have a crystal which I break chunks of of it and throw it at the hits them and blows up and kills them.....then I pushed one off the side of the building (it seemed like he was peeing off the side when I pushed him), and I keep fighting others.

There is one giant that I cant kill w/ the crystal chunks so I run up and stab him w/ the crystal spike, and he dies.

Then myself, a red archer, and another man all arrive together and put our hands in the air and touch hands (I imagine signifying an alliance) then the setting changes and I'm at a church altar, but I turn and run down the aisle and out the door. There I find the red archer on a white horse and I try to knock him off, but I can't so he shoots me in the back with an arrow.

Then I'm being chased by someone(most likely the archer) and I end up being stopped at my grandma's house by some bushes.

I turn to face my attacker and he pulls out a spoon and starts sharpening the spoon....I won't let him kill me w/ a spoon so I walk up to him, turn around, and he breaks my neck....and as he does this, I can see an image of a skeleton doing what mine would have in sort of an x-ray vision scene.

Then it ends.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Best Ex's Wedding

Dear Peregrin,

I am in my navy blue Honda accord (a car I don't own in waking life) and I am pulling into a Ralph's supermarket parking lot. It's nighttime, and I am picking up my 12-year old daughter, Abby from her weekend visit with her dad. Its raining, and as I pass by my daughter and her father in his car, I wave at my ex and he waves back, so I felt that even though we were divorced, we still were really good friends. Then, Abby, gets into my car, and tells me that her father is getting remarried and that I am invited to his wedding and that she is going to be a bridesmaid.

So, I end up going to this wedding. I am wearing a ivory pantsuit and a large hat, and I am with my date, Rupert Everett (he's the gay buddy in 'My best friend's wedding'). I am watching my daughter walk up the aisle, and then, Rupert turns to me and whispers, "This marriage won't last long." and I say, "Why?" and Rupert replies, "Because, the groom has had his eye on you since you walked in."


Just a small FYI ~ My daughter doesn't have any contact with her biological father whatsoever.


Monday, March 7, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I am married to my now current boyfriend and we live in a two story white house overlooking the ocean. I am very pregnant in this dream, and we are having friends over for a b-b-q. We are standing there talking, and from around the corner, comes a little girl (who I am assuming is my daughter Abby) and her friend, and they are chasing our family dog.

Can you figure out this dream w/o a plot? Normally, my dreams have some sort of plot. This one, is almost like a moment in time.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Dont Want to be a Lesbian

Dear Peregrin,

Today, I was dreaming about this millionarie who was holding these two women captive. I felt like myself in the dream when I went to rescue them. We escaped from his house and hitched a ride w/ an international spy called Dan. The three of us were sitting in the backseat when I had the sudden urge to have sex. I turned to the brunette and was pleased (of all things) to see that she was ready to have sex with me. I immediately responded to her invitation and had her sit on my penis. The problem is: I don't have a penis! I'm female and also pregnant! The dream got rather graphic after this and I awoke in a light sweat. I've never had the urge to have sex w/ that of the same sex and find this highly disturbing.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stealing in the Gym

Dear Peregrin,

Hi, I had this weird dream last night and I am hoping you'll help me figure out what it means.

It starts off when I am in this weightroom/gym and I am trying out this new exercise machine (where you're in this harness swinging back and forth and you have to pick up all the coins on the floor) The trainer says that I did bad because it took me a long time and I had bad form. Next I try another exercise, this time it looks really easy to do, (It had 2 large "rubberbands" and you just pulled them to your chest one at a time) I did it okay a couple of times then I slipped and fell and everyone saw and laughed at me. Afterwards I go to the locker room but my locker is in a different place than usual (it's right next to this guy's named A- [they're Co-Ed changing rooms). A- has the kind of sense of humor that is very childish (fake farting noises, burps etc.) He really annoys me. He then goes on to say that he would have chosen a different locker if he had known it was right next to mine. After a while almost everyone leaves and it's just me and a small group of people behind me. from inside the group I hear N- (this guy I like) talking about how he was really upset because he lost a ring he was going to give to 'her' (I assumed 'her' was his girlfriend which I didn't know about so I get upset). He said the ring was really expensive ($23.00)and he even called her parents to see if they saw it. Then the room clears out and as I am leaving I find this bag with several gold necklaces in it, and I figure it must have been what N- was looking for, then I put it in my purse with the intention of keeping it.

I thought the beginning of this dream was really kind of wierd since I don't work out or anything, what do you think it could mean?