Monday, December 31, 2012

Another year over

Good morning, dreamers.

I have been rather lazy about new dream requests this year.  I'll try to take up the slack in 2013.

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!

Pleasant dreams,

Friday, December 28, 2012

Tiger, Decapitation, Car

I was in a car with my mother and sister. The car was stopped and the windows were open. We were waiting for a tiger to cross the road when all of a sudden the tiger jumps in through the driver's window and into the back seat and bites my head. my head was in its mouth and it went completely dark. I woke up kicking my feet cause I thought I was dead because I woke up in complete darkness under all of my blankets. I don't know if this means anything?

odd one out

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yellow Raincoat

When I was about 8 or 9 I had a dream that reoccurred every night for 3 weeks. It became so bad that I would become terrified at bedtime and would try to keep myself awake by force.

I lived in an apartment at the time.

Well every night when I fell to sleep I would see a man in a yellow raincoat in my basement. He had holes dug up all around the basement floor. He would just walk outside and bring bodies into the basement and cover them with an orange tarp.

It had me so frightened even though that is all he would do. I'm much older now, but have wondered for so long why I was having such a dream.



Monday, December 24, 2012

Urine and Acupuncture

To begin with, I neglected to thank you for the last dream you interpreted. (It was about a Divine voice telling me to 'be there in Dec.' in regard to meeting a man with whom I could have a meaningful relationship.) I apologize for the delay. I really appreciate your time and insights. You gave me great peace of mind. :)

With that, I was wondering if you could help me with these two reoccurring dream themes I've been having lately. They don't happen every night but at least weekly. I have a feeling they're connected but I can't find the common link.

The first one-which I think I already understand-is of me urinating in public. (Which is quite embarrassing.) The circumstances are different in each dream but there's always some form of messy urination. In some I wet my self. In others, I go into a urinal that is smack in the middle of a very public place. Somehow I miss the toilet and everyone sees me dribble on the floor. (With being female, it's kind of an odd thing to miss the toilet.) And in one, I watched a dog (female) wet all over herself and I was mesmerized with the foot prints she made after walking through her urine.

So, other than I shouldn't overload on liquids before bed, :) I understood it that urine in a dreams stands for: feelings of rejection, releasing of negative emotions, lack of control, or lack of privacy. All of which, I could relate to events occurring now.

The next part is with acupuncture. I go regularly to a woman who has done wonders for me. She is very good at what she does and is very kind and compassionate.

In one dream, she pulls out this 3 foot long needle and attempts to put it in my left thigh. I start screaming and pleading with her not to do it. I grab her hand-to make her stop-but I'm not forceful about it. My touch is more of a reassuring kind. She proceeds to guide the needle in my leg, starting at my knee and threading it all the way up to my pelvis. When she's beginning, I'm screaming but as she gets it in, I calm down considerably, realizing that it didn't hurt at all.

In another, I'm at her office and I've been asked to do acupuncture on a man. As I begin, I'm working on his back. Instead of using needles though, I'm putting safety pins along his spine and one on the top of his left shoulder. I'm feeling confused because I have NO training in acupuncture so I was using intuition on where to place the pins. Another man comes in and I ask him if he can tell if I have the placement correct.

He reaches over to the man I was working on and says something along the lines of, "Lets try it on you and see." When he picked up the man, it was nothing but a hollow rubber torso. He slipped it over my head, placed in on me like a shirt, undid the safety pins, and started pinning the rubber onto me. I did nothing but sit there and wince in pain.

Do you think the two could be related? Any insights you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and wisdom.


Friday, December 21, 2012

My Horse, My Place

So, I was walking through my "place" where I often am taken in my dreams, and during meditation, and usually there is a pretty heavy mist that covers everything. It's not quite fog, but its mist enough that it could be confused as such. This time, the mist was a very thin veil between me and everything around me. It is a forest area outside, I never see the sun shine because it is almost always overcast or twilight. The forest vegetation is very thin and the grass between trees is perfectly mowed. It never seems to grow. I make a left turn where I always do to find my horse.

I've had a few dreams in the past in this exact place, and I've done some shamanic work on them. My horse is a HUGE majestic Clydesdale with a very long mane and very long tail. The mane and tail is silvery white, while the body and feathers of the horse are black. My shaman and I decided the horse symbolized my spirit, because in my first dream of this series, I walked up to it and it breathed in my face, filling me with power. My Horse's colors, we decided, symbolized the balance between male and female energy in me, the total Black body meaning my feminine outweighs my masculine...

But after this left turn, this time, instead of me walking up to my horse, my horse walks up to me. It seems to cower, and I feel taller than it although I am aware that it is about two feet taller than me. It then lowers it's head and nuzzles my arm. My arm is left with black paint on it, and I look at my horse and where there was black paint, there is now white fur. I am shocked, but my horse seems to be sorry as I pet it and more and more black paint comes off. The only places black paint doesn't come off are the legs and the breast, and a small ring around both eyes. The mane and tail stay white, but no longer silvery. Then the mist seems to thicken. I don't remember much beyond that point, but I am so curious to see what you think about it...

Thanks so much,


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Outrageous Sex

Ok, this is real. I have a girlfriend whom I have had for at least 2 years or so. I keep having this dream that there is this other girl that is a lot hotter than her with me and that we are always having hot passionate sex. I can't get enough of this girl. I actually spend time in my day just thinking of this girl and how good the "sex" is. I feel as if I don't love my girlfriend as much as I used to because I know that there is something better out there. In my dreams we do the craziest things. It feels as if I can go for hours with this girl. I have at least 10 orgasms and she can keep up with me easily. I have even masturbated during the day to this girl. I feel as if I should just end it with my girlfriend and seek out this wonder girl in my dreams. Maybe she is an actual person out there. What does this all mean?


Monday, December 17, 2012

Rock Star Change

I went to visit a friend called Wesley (people don't expect us to be friends as he is into rock music etc & I am not), who in the dream, lived in a small terrace house in the city. I knocked on his door & he let me in. His family was not too pleased that he had visitors but he let me in. We then went into the sunlounge, which reminded me of my friends house. We ended up kissing & he all of a sudden turned into a famous singer but I didn't seem to notice. His house then turned into mine although in the dream I didn't live there & his family were anxious of my being there.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Unseen Force


I've been having these dreams for about 2 years now, on a pretty regular basis. At least once a month, sometimes more. I'm in bed, awake or so I think, but I find I can't move and something will try to drag me out of bed. I usually wake up to be in the same position. Sometimes I really wake up, but sometimes it just happens again, over and over in one night. Just two nights ago was the most violent attack, I actually got out of the paralysis and was fighting an unseen force. I finally woke when I heard the "thing" scream. It was awful and terribly frightening. What does this dream mean and why is it both more vivid and scary to me than other nightmares I've had? Ok, that's it. I hope you can shed some light on this for me.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hot Chick

A woman is running, smoldering, someone runs after, but cannot quite catch up. The woman (in black top/white skirt) explodes into flames. Others are drawn into the growing fire. I am watching from a distance, and in between sheep are grazing unconcerned.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Games in the Hayloft

Hi, I had a dream last night. Can you possibly help me to understand what it means? Ok, here goes...

It starts off when I am in some room (I have a feeling of being high up, like in a loft of some sort) and I am playing a "guess the state" game with this guy from my school (I've always thought this guy was cool, but I'm not sure if I really "like" him or not) but anyway the game had all these flashing lights and you had to guess the name of a state in the US that started with each letter it gave you. I got the letter "O" and all I could think of was Orlando, so I didn't get a point, then he went and got a point, then I went again, but did not get a point that time either. The next thing I remember was we heard people coming and we decided to hide. Then all these little kids came and they wanted to play hide and go seek- I got down right away and said something like "ok, we'll get out of your way" then I looked up and he was coming out-- but now he was wearing a scuba diving outfit with flippers and everything, and I suddenly got the feeling we were on the beach.

I don't remember any other parts of the dream. But hopefully, you can find a meaning in what I could remember.

Thanks so much,


Friday, December 7, 2012

Chased but not Caught

Dear Peregrin,

Well... I've never given much thought about dreams until recently...probably at the beginning of last year till now... because I realized a pattern in my dreams. Either that or I suddenly become sooo conscience of it.

I mean my dreams are mostly meaningless... they jump from one place to another, no connection whatever so ever. I meet people I've never met before etc that's why I never paid any attention to them.

However recently since last year, I realized that most of my dreams revolve around me being chased by some unknown vile, malevolent force. Either that or I'm just running away from something. Sometimes I don't know who I'm running away from though most of the time I never really get to face them at all, though I'm aware of who they are etc. Like I know its some gang who is after me, like I know it's a gang a bit of info about them etc but I SELDOM ever face them.

Sometimes I do get to see who is chasing after me though I'm not clear who they are... its very very absurd and vague. Mostly its either I know who they are but never get to face them or see them but don't know who they are. But I'm always being chased and always running away from them...knowing that my life will be harmed in some form ... but the problem is... I'm always close to being caught or halfway through my running, I ALWAYS get to wake up from it.

That means that I NEVER get caught or get harmed at all. I'm pretty disturbed by these dreams because its been occurring far too often which has never happened before. And my dreams are very real... they are in colors and I dream of people I know, though I don't actually get to see their faces but I just KNOW its them. And so... I usually wake up (sometimes in shock) before I ever get harmed but its sooo real, it's scary.

Sometimes I'm running away alone though hardly, usually I'm with someone else. And when I'm nearly caught, there usually is someone else to save me or assist me (most of the time) but I never ever get harmed or caught because I always wake up before that happens...

I can't really think of anything much that is happening in my life...maybe because I'm stressed out... I dunno...

Sorry if this is long. Can u help me understand my dreams a bit better?




Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not a Psychic

Dear Peregrin,

Can a dream tell me if somebody I know will contact me or that I'll see him again? What are the signs to look for in the dream?


Monday, December 3, 2012

School Singers

Dear Peregrin,

I always seem to have dreams about school.

Last night I dreamt that I was at school in my classroom and I was with a bunch of my friends and my best mate. I didn't have my proper school uniform on and my teacher kept telling me to put it on but I kept saying no. Then the two guys I like came into the room and started singing. My best friends walked up to me and said 'oh that's troy he's a great singer'. they just kept on singing. Another teacher walked in with a lot of paints and said that we had to create a master piece we all ended up having a paint fight and having a lot of fun. by this point the two guys had stopped singing and were joining in.

This was a short dream but very weird