Friday, December 31, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

I was in TGI Fridays with my parents and Marc, a guy that I am seeing. I saw Evan, another guy that I kinda like and invited him over. He came over and my parents and he were talking about my engagement to him. Marc disappeared. Next I picked up me phone to call him and I could hear him saying to a friend "after all this time tonight I was going to ask her out for real...commitment and all but Evan (the other guy} won and I won't interfere with her happiness." I tried to talk to him and tell him no, I love him but he couldn't hear me. I screamed and shouted but my phone was broken I tried to call him on the other line but his line was busy. I looked in the phone book for his parents # but the phone book was locked.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grandmother's Pet Rats

Dear Peregrin,

My Grandmother lives in a tacky house, (old, broken windows, dirty, falling apart). I go to visit her and discover that her house is swarming with rats. They are crawling all around her house. Its a disgusting sight anyway, but made worse by the fact that some of the rats are sick and have open sores on their bodies. My grandmother is feeding these rats. When I ask her why in the world she is feeding rats, she tells me they are her 'babies'; that she is taking care of them. I am very upset with my grandmother because she is, in my opinion, doing a ridiculous thing. In the dream, my anger and frustration with her lack of awareness is intense.


Monday, December 27, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

The past 1 month occasionally and the past 4-5 days consecetively I've had these dreams. I dream that I've been putting on weight becoz I'm pregnant and there's nothing I can do about it.

The pregnancies are always unexpected and unwanted. In 1 dream I was considering an abortion...but my mom wouldn't let me.....and in all the dreams, I'm having difficulty coping with the problem....I do not know how 2 handle the situation.

What could these dreams be trying to tell me? I know there's some hidden message.....coz they have been continuously occuring.



Friday, December 24, 2010

Elephant Aquarium

Dear Peregrin,

Hi! I had a dream last night that was wacky. I remember having an aquarium and in it, it had two 'floors'; each one had a tiny, live elephant that was very healthy and happy. There was a couple fishes, but mostly live sea anemones (those animals that look like plants). On the bottom 'floor' there was a cat fish that would get in the way of things, but the elephant would successful fight it off, and on the top floor, there was a squid-like animal. You won't believe this, but the elephant was pulling candy out of the stomach of the squid, as if it was a bag. Every creature was pretty much happy, but I was concerned that there was so much in there, it would be difficult to keep it clean. Then I realized that they needed each other and even the algae to stay healthy. The only reason I was nervous was because I didn't want anything to go wrong, and it was out of my control, and what I could affect I wanted to do well.

Incidentally, the candy that was in the squid was a black, square, wrapped anise taffy that my grandmother had put there. It was old candy, but tasted really nicely. My grandmother, who is in real life very old (95) and not in good health was healthy and stood on her own and totally straight posture in my dream. She was healthy and dessed in brown fur-- from her skirt to her coat and hat. She was giving me something, along with $33,000 that she said was owed to me.

What do you think about this wacky dream?



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blurred Vision

Dear Peregrin,

I recently had a dream that has been on my mind. I dreamt that I was on a college campus and I could not see clearly. I kept stating that I could not see where I was going. Everything was a blur. Also, I went to an eye doctor and was looking for new eyeglasses. The the frames I wanted were very small. The doctor kept telling me not to choose these frames and the dream ended.

Right now, I am going through some changes in my life involving career and love. In my career, I want to find my life purpose or vocation. In my love life or lack thereof, I have been wanting to connect with someone special. This has been very important to me because I have not had a loving relationship with a guy in years. Thanks for any information about this dream.


Monday, December 20, 2010

The Tree

Dear Peregrin,

I was standing in my front yard watching two men wearing yellow hard hats (like electric co.) who were standing in the road looking at a pole (electric/telephone??) that was leaning dangerously. The ground in which the pole was standing had become infirm (soft because of saturation from too much rain, although it wasn't raining at the time) and unable to support the pole. The pole was in imminent danger of falling and upon falling, would hit an electrical wire which would cause devastation (electrocution). The men left (presumably to report it and get help). As soon as they departed, the pole fell. It missed the electrical wire, however, it fell across the roadway blocking passage. (once the pole hit the ground, it took on the appearance of a tree - no limbs, however, it was covered in bark) This was a huge tree trunk. I stood there for a second or two wondering if I should phone 911. Before I could do anything a large tractor trailer truck came and drove over the middle of the tree/pole smashing the center and making passage possible. The sides, however, were in the way and needed to be removed. I stood there looking at it wondering if I should still call 911, when a man on a yellow riding lawnmower (he was wearing a hat but I can't recall what kind - it shadowed his face making identification impossible - in fact, I did not recognize any of the individuals involved) with a blade on the front drove up and pushed the rest of the debris blocking the road away. I turned and went inside my house.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Improperly Dressed

Dear Peregrin,

I have an administrative position for a large medical group. In this dream I am at one of our health centers. It is large, there are many floor levels, many people. I'm not dressed properly, I'm wearing an old T-shirt and shorts and no bra. I'm embarrassed about my looks, hoping no one will notice. A bus of new patients arrives. I go outside to greet them. I direct them inside, leading them to where they need to go. I'm still embarrassed about my appearance, but make up for it by being exceptionally accommodating and treating them well. I seat them and ask what kind of magazine they would like while they wait. I find just the right kind for them. An observing doctor is pleased at my actions, not seeming to notice my appearance. A final image is one of papers being stapled along the edges with many staples.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lots of Twisters

Dear Peregrin,

I have had two dreams about tornado. One involved my father and grand father in a car running from a tornado. We drove to a house and my father and I made it inside my grandfather did not. That is all I can remember about that dream. The other happened last night and I remember even less - the only thing that stands out in my mind was that I saw a tornado. I know their has been a lot of hoop-la over the movie Twister, but I think their is more to it than just that. Thanks for your help.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Talking With Joel

Dear Peregrin,

I am a teacher about to begin my third year. It was the summer after my first year that I had this particular dream. It was probably one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. It occurred in July of 1995, and I still remember it clearly. Here is my journal entry from the next morning: As I went to bed last night, I was overcome with pain and sorrow over my parents and the idea/realization that they would die and leave me. My concept of death is irregular because of the suddenness of those I've experienced lately. I felt like I was cowering in a deep corner of my soul where no on (not even my husband) could reach me. I felt totally alone. I got up and went into the living room to cry. I prayed to God for peace. I flipped on the TV, and there was a show on about the Shroud of Turin. After watching it for a while, I felt better, so I went back to bed; it was time to go back. I had a hard time falling asleep, but holding on to Dean made me feel loved and safe. My sleeping was fitful; I kept waking up. But I eventually fell into a deep sleep. I dreamed that it was the first day of school, but I wasn't in the town I teach in. I was in a school that looked like my old high school. The classroom was packed; there were way more than 30 kids. I make a mental note to ask about the class size thing: was it necessary? I felt a little out of control, not like I was used to, and it seemed like the kids knew it, too. Things weren't going the way I had planned; there were behavior problems, interruptions, groups of four trouping up to the pencil sharpener...I new I had to get a hold of things. Also, Joel was there (our social teacher who had died unexpectantly in April). He was sitting in a desk in the far middle of the room, observing and listening. He was wearing a sea green shaker sweater and khaki pants and had his "old-lady" glasses (drug-store glasses that helped him read better) nestled in his wavy, silvery hair. I made a few mistakes ("Turn around and face the front or you'll all get detention!!"), yet when half the class turned around, many looked confused. I hadn't noticed they were facing the wrong way. Two feisty students from the year before, twins named Juan and Juan, were there. Some of them were my students, and some of them were students of the other English teacher. One of them said to another, "Yea, some of the things she does are just so she can keep a hold over you." I chose to confront this in a constructive way rather than let it wear me down. I chose not to let it bother me. Even though I intended to go over the class guidelines, we ended up going over an orange worksheet on oxymorons, an assignment they somehow had done before the first day. Also, before that, I shared with them pictures of Dean and told them all about him and his job. That seemed to draw them to me. And the oxymoron discussion was lively; they were engage4d and my old teaching ability flowed into me, filling every corner of me, right down to the tips of my fingers. I felt totally alive. It was good. During all this, Joel sat quietly and listened and watched and observed. At one point he asked to leave temporarily and said he'd be back. I said, "sure, come back whenever." and he went out the door and I went back to what I was doing. Later, his head was peaking in the window of the door (he had to stoop because he was so tall) and a kid let him in. He lumbered/loped down the aisle. As we were engaged in discussion, Joel got up and said he had to go, but he asked me when I went to school. I said I was done with college. He seemed surprised. He turned to the class and told them they were lucky to have a fine teacher like me; that I'd do well and we'd be all right. The funny thing is, I knew or sensed that he was dead, but the kids didn't. I felt tears forming in my eyes. He had to go, but I asked him if I could ask him something. He said, "sure," so I asked the class to visit quietly in their desks while I stepped outside. Joel was very attentive. I started to weep. I said, "I know this is an unusual request, but I need to know something. We walked along the hallway. I said, "Have you seen people?" he smiled and said, "Yes, at all levels." I said, "I have this brother..." we reached the end of the hallway and I got the sense that I couldn't go any farther with him and had to get back to my kids. He was about to go up the stairs to the teacher's lounge. Somehow Joel turned into one of my college professors-turned friend, Karla. I kept talking. "He committed suicide, and I want to know if he's okay." She said, "Hmmmm. Suicide. I wonder what they'll do with him," as she looked thoughtfully at the floor. I said, "Well, I wonder if he's 'halfway,' as in 'in-between'." She smiled warmly and said, as if she had gotten a message, "What does it matter, all of the trivial things?" And I said I just needed to know he was okay. I got the feeling from her that he was, but I never really heard the words. But somehow I knew. I knew class was going to be over soon, the bell would ring, and then the alarm clock went off. I woke up with a terrible migraine, but had to write it all down. I wonder...was this the peace I prayed for? Is the mentoring I receive from others a little connection to Cedric, my older brother who died when I was 15? I heard Joel's sweet, warm voice in my dream - it sounded so real. One thing that bugs me is that I can't remember the voice of my brother.


Friday, December 10, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

Hey, for the past week or so I have been have 2 dreams that keep happening within different situations, I thought they were just weird dreams at first, but then I saw a pattern.

The first dream was:

I was my age now and with my friend I went to visit my old neighborhood. A kid approached me and called out my name, I asked him who he was and he told me he used to play by the tennis courts while i played "over there" and he pointed to the steps. So then I crossed the street with my friend and we went up a hill, once we got up the hill the young kid who spoke to me earlier go transformed into a 30 year old and he had 4 friends with him. They started to rob me and my friends, at first they went for my necklace and I begged for them not to take it because it wouldnt have been worth anything, just sentimental value, and they took it anyway. Then they took something from my friend and they wer going to take my ring that my ex boyrfirend gave me and I told them to hold on a second. I walked 5 steps backwards and right there, around the corner was a group of reporters. I said help help as the robbers came around the corner and one of the reporters took out a gun. He started shooting and killed the reporter while me and my friend escaped. We ran and the scenery changed we went into some really white appartement building and we ran to the top in order to get to the roof but there were no doors. We started going down the stairs and the robbers were going up...We were approx. 1 floor away from each other and I started panicking, then I decided I'd just try random doors, and on the 3rd try the door opened. I ran into the apartment and there was a man sitting on the couch while his wife was in the middle of the living room talking on the phone. We told them the story and they let us stay.

The next day we decided to go out, and this 5 story building turned into 137 story building. we went up and at every story that we stopped at we thought the robbers were there so we kept pressing buttons in the elevator.

We finally got to the roof and started walking, suddenly one of the robbers said "Stop right there" and instead of stopping my friend and I started running, he shot his gun and hit my friend in her behind. Then someone near by called the cops and they got there immediatly. they arrested the robbers, out of which one of the was Vin Diesel..he was laughing and said to one of his friend something like "I shot her in the ass...hahahaha!" then I turned to him and said "Soon you will be getting it in the ass" and then I woke up half chuckling.

LAST NIGHT I had a dream about someone stealing my watch and my rings, basically robbing me again...

Another dream I had was of my off and on boyfriend. I keep having dreams of him and other girls, especially girls online. Like he talks to them and sends them pictures of his naked self. I am in these dreams too and I tell him that it bothers me, so he tries to hide it from me, and I still discover it somehow. Then a few times in different dreams I walked in on him cheating on me, and instead of doing anything I made sure that he saw my face as I walked out...

Now I never really remember my dreams, but for the past week I keep remembering these...



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Week

Dear Peregrin,

Tuesdays Dream:

I was in a swimming pool with all my friends and this girl who I don't really like came up to me and started to drown me. I got up and started to drown her back. She ran out of the pool and so did i and her dad just appeared (i have never seen her dad before though) and he came up to me and said you dare f*** touch my daughter again and i will kill you. So i started to run to my mum's house and when i opened the door they were both sitting there in my lounge! I got really scared so I started to run but they locked the doors. Something happened (i cant remember) and I got out. I went to my mum's friend house (down the road) and she hid me. They knew what house i was in got me and it ended..

Wednesdays Dream:

I was at school and saw three people (as I'm 14 they were 14 as well) whom I have not seen for ages because they left school. One boy shouted Hey Stef! and i just ignored him. I gave the girl a hug.

Thursdays dream:

I saw a bird in the window. It had a long blue beak. It pecked at the window and smashed the window. It scratched me and it started to laugh. I turned into a bird just like it. He told me to fly with him and I did. He told me that i would have to scratch people and make them into birds. I started to cry and wanted to be a human again. He said I would be a bird forever.

Fridays Dream:

All I can remember was i was in my room and I found a draw sting bag which had keys of different shapes and sizes. Some were rusty and old and some were brand new!


Monday, December 6, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

This dream which i call my Burglar dream is a reocurring dream that i have at least once a year.

In the dream it's like I'm having an out of body experience. I'm floating above everyone and I can see what's going on. My body is in bed asleep. My parents and my little 3 year old half sister are asleep. Then suddenly 3 or 4 (the number differs) men dressed in all black break into the house and come up the steps. My bedroom is at the very top of the steps and in my dream I get so scared because I know these people know that we're all in the house and we're asleep and they want to kill us so they can rob us. But they can't decide on who to kill first. That's usually when I wake up. It scares me half to death! Please help me!


Friday, December 3, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

When I was a child, I was able have "lucid dreams" quite freely. Quite a few years ago, I had a dream where I was trapped within the jaws of an alligator. During this dream, I literally felt the pain as the alligator's jaws were crushing me. This theme of "feeling" physical pain during dreaming recurred throughout the years (though the alligator was more or less a one time occurrence). Whenever this occurs (quite frequently), I enter a state of sleep paralysis in which I am aware (lucid) to the fact that I am in a dream and I know that the only way to stop the "pain" is to wake up. The paralysis keeps me from being able to "jerk" my body out of sleep. Inevitably, I awaken a few times "within the dream" before I can truly wake myself up. After years of trying to cope and understand these recurring nightmares, I made a remarkable discovery. I realized that everytime this "phenomenon" occurs, it is preceded by the same event (in the dream) each time which seemingly triggers this state. The event is that I become fully aware that I am in a dream and have control (full lucidity) of my surroundings. However, this control ends abruptly as the pain and "paralysis" immediately kick in. I wish to regain the control that I once had in my wonderful "lucid dreams" but this block prevents me. Interestingly, one might think that having realized this cause for this state I could simply keep it from happening, but it has not helped me. I tell myself "this is a dream, the pain is not real, I have control" but it does not help. I cannot regain control and (as I have said) even awakening is even difficult. Please help! Thanx.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Race

Dear Peregrin,

I have a friend named Amy whom I've known since kindergarten. I generally think of her as a better person morally than I. Keep in mind she is not athletic. In the dream, I'm watching a race being run. Amy is participating. It looks to me like it's going to be a really long race. The gun goes off. The runners start. In a short time Amy pulls into second position; which is good, because the race is over almost as soon as it began. A coach begins giving Amy advice, obviously favoring her over his other runners. The race is about to begin again. Only this time, I'm in it, too. Once again I feel it's going to be a long race. The gun goes off. Amy begins weaving through the other runners. I follow in the path she's creating. I'm not trying my hardest because I think it's a long distance race. Amy takes first place. I don't know what place I came in; it wasn't relevant. The cones are cleared off the road while Amy is again being instructed by the coach. I'm watching from a distance. I hear a car on the road behind me and turn to see it. When I turn back around, everyone's gone. I'm sad for a minute, then begin walking home. Does this mean I feel I should follow Amy's example in life even though it never appealed, or even occurred to me before?