Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Romance Novel


Your answers make sense to me so I just had another dream and thought about asking you about it.

I shyly asked a psychic about the dreams and guess what she said that "he is seeking you too". What the heck does that mean? I asked her and she the psychic did not answer me back. What do you think seeking you too means.

How funny. First I have dreams about my grandparents passing over and now some stranger. All started in the last 6 months. Before that I was NORMAL.

In the dream the time period was before 80s and after 60s. We were both in the police corps. I was his head. I saw him wearing blue type of uniform. Though I was always in normal clothing.

We hit it off instantly. I tried to ignore him because I was married with 2 kids. He lived in a beautiful home on the Alps as I kept seeing mountains covered with snow. Once due to the heavy weather we could not go on an assignment and had to take shelter in his home.

He was the only person there. He lived with his mother but she was visiting someone and was not there.

His home was beautiful. Before I just kept seeing his bedroom. Then I saw like a virtual tour in the dream of his home. His bedroom was well furnished. Then there was the living room and right behind it was the kitchen with stools right behind the living room sofas. Right in front of the sofas was an open space about 2 rooms worth of space just open where you could see the greenery and the apls. On the left side was the dining room.

Anyway, he tired very much to get my attention but I would not scum to his pressure but at the end I did and we made love numerous times. Twice in his house and once in my office at different occasions.

Then when I realized that I already had a husband (who never came into the picture) but the two children did, I told him that it could not go on and it had to end. At the same time his mom introduced him to a beautiful girl. He rejected her and I could see both of them in his home and her saying do you know who I am. You can't reject me no one does. But he did and his mom also did not like this.

Then at this point I realized that I can't live without him and got a divorced. The only sad part of the dream was at the end when I had to leave my previous 2 children for him to make a new family as he did not let me have them.

From him I had 3 children. The last scene was the whole new family happy but me a little sad as I was wondering to myself that many years had gone by and how my other children would be doing. I saw all of us near a snow lift waiting for a ride.

Though when I woke up from the dream I was very happy.

Thanks once again.

Here is what i got of him: He had an occupation that required him to wear a uniform.

He was strong willed, orderly, passionate, intelligent and action-minded. Easily distracted. Possibly law enforcement or trained in the military.


Good morning, MJ.

Your dream shows you a possible future, but also outlines the cost. Apparently, you can have what you desire, but you must consider what you will give up to get it. It may not actually be a personal relationship. We can generalize it to include any desire which can be had, but at a price.

I really have no idea what the psychic meant by her words, but my best guess is something like this: We tend to find what we're looking for, especially if the subject of our search is actively seeking us as well. The only question that remains is who "he" is. It could be a lover, if that is what you are hoping for. But it could also be something else, such as a promotion at work (I think of this because you were the boss in this relationship). Or it could be that what you want is not a new man in your life, but a change in your role in your current relationship - perhaps you want to be "in charge" without making your man feel threatened.

It's rather difficult to tell, and so I have to leave that part up to you.

Pleasant dreams,


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