Monday, September 26, 2011

Still no trust

Ok,I met this guy back in Feb. and he told me he was single. We talked, and started seeing each other in early April. I went to his house unexpectedly and caught his ex there. He lives w/ his ex. So he calls me every now and then (about a week,no longer than a week and a half)and we talk for like 3 min. His ex,somehow,ended up living back w/ him again. He pretty much still has feelings for him and swears up and down he has feelings for me. Anyways,I just wanted to give u a bit of info. as to the reality situation that's going on.


I had a dream a couple weeks ago that I was outside in a car(it was my car,but not really my car)and I was sitting outside of what seem to be a university(white) Well, Jay comes down the steps from the university and tells me that I can come and visit him today if I wanted to. It was daytime but it seem a bit whitish-black daylight. Later on in my dream, I finally decide to go to his room. I open the door, he's on top of some other guy..humping him..(having intercourse,btw the guy isn't his ex, or didn't look like him)so the guy get's up and grabs his clothes and Jay tries to explain to me what happens. Then I'm awoke. Can you help me w/this dream?


Good morning, Cedric.

Your dream shows that you still don't trust Jay. He has already shown distinct signs of an inability to commit to just one person - if he weren't cheating with his ex, then it would be someone else.

This is not the first dream that I've translated for you with the same general message - if you're looking for an exclusive commitment, then this is not your guy.

Pleasant dreams,


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