Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School Day

It was a normal day at school then it came to french and me and my friends decided not to go to english next lesson but to stay in that classroom and do coursework but one of the teachers came and told us to get out and go to our normal class. On the way to this class I saw the boy that I really like and we said hello and exchanged smiles. After that lesson me and four of my mates went out onto the field where we met up with my crush. Me and my crush had a really long and nice conversation about coursework and how we didn't want to leave school. My dream ended with us saying goodbye and me running off to my classroom in a realy happy mood!


Good morning, Lauren.

I see a desire for your current life to remain as it is in this dream, and at the same time a recognition that things must inevitably change. The class you are trying to avoid is English, a communication art. Your teacher forces you to go to it anyway. However, it is only after this point that you get together with your crush - the dream is saying, talk to the boy - you'll be glad you did.

Pleasant dreams,


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