Friday, September 2, 2011


Walking with my mum in the city saw my ex boyfriend walk past and he looked at me. I walked in to a little doorway and went up some stairs and came to a hairdresser, carried on walking up and it turned into the 1950's scenery. There was a house above the hairdressers and I wanted to look for some baby clothes for my newborn and all the clothes were recent and fashionable. I came out and my ex was standing outside the door but he had a girl with him this time. I knew I couldnt have him back.


Good morning, Laura.

It sounds as if what you are looking for is an "old-fashioned" relationship, with you as the caregiver and the guy as provider, raising a perfect little family. The bit at the end is a strong message to give up on this guy, because you won't find the relationship you desire with him. He's history, like the scenery, and you should move on to someone new, like the clothes you look at.

Pleasant dreams,


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