Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Could you please tell me about a letter I wrote to a TV minister on 7-10-02 ?

Now, let me tell you an unusual and true story involving the minister & this letter. Last year, I wrote a TV minister a letter on 7-10-02. It wasn't a love letter, though--- just plain fan mail.. After writing that letter, I often had several non-sexual/non-romantic dreams about him that either involved me meeting him, seeing him on TV, or just seeing his picture. One of the dreams involved him reading my letter in the prescence of me and my mom. This year, I still dream about him.

Could you tell me what does these dreams mean and whether the dreams and letter has something to do with my life?

Thank you,


Good morning, Shannon.

Your dreams have more to do with your state of mind, than with the letter that you wrote. You are a self-described fan, which means that your interest with this particular person borders upon obsession - it's natural that this is going to affect your dreams.

Truly, the most that I can tell from this is that you really want to meet him.

Pleasant dreams,


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